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Alta Lake Sports Club Newsletters

Four Alta Lake Sports Club newsletters from the winters of 1978 and 1979 sent to the Alpine Club of Canada Vancouver Section. The issues were read and used by the Section executive of the Club and were previously part of the Section archive.

The newsletters broach subjects including regarding the Fisher Ski Cup Race event cancellation and rescheduling due to weather, the date and time of the Labatts Tour/Race on the Lost Lake course, the Cariboo Marathon 50km Race from Lac La Hache to 100 Mile House, welcoming new club members, alpine downhill club member Raymond Massey, track preparation and preservation, requests for Lost Lake to be declared a municipal park, revised tour/race schedules, Alta Lake Sports Club membership application, a Labbatts Citizens Ski Tour/Race application form, a re-cap of the Labbatts Tour/Race including weather events and winners, blizzards, snow management, congratulations to a Vancouver Island Nordic Club member, Williams Lake High School Cross Country Championships, Alta Lake Sports Club ski shirts, a plea for the return of lost skis, a help wanted post for the Fisher Ski Races, request for membership dues , thank-yous to supporters of the Alta Lake Sports Club, a re-cap of the Molsons Tour-Race including racers and results, Vancouver and District High School Meet, successes of junior club members, the Vancouver International Marathon, the Bonnie Bell 10 km Woman's Only Race, limericks, BC Winter Games Times Trials, race categories, Mayor Pat Carlton's agreement to stop vehicles from driving on the Lost Lake course, and a suggested by-law, created by the Alta Lake Sports Club, for the preservation of the Lost Lake area.

Benjamin McEnroe Fonds

  • WA_2016_015
  • Fonds
  • 2015-2017

Items include Harmony Hut logbooks for the 2015/2016 and 2016/2017 seasons, which Benjamin and his coworkers used to document daily sales and summaries while working at the Harmony Huts on Whistler Mountain.

Dave Murray Summer Ski Camp Skits 1991

Video contains footage of two skits put on by staff members of the Dave Murray Summer Ski Camp in 1991: "Bad Cats" and "The Return of Serge." Both skits feature Alex 'Axel' Douglas.

Errol's 50th Birthday

Photographs of a man named 'Errol's 50th birthday party. It appears to be held in a large ballroom, with many tables of people and a dance floor for ballroom dancing. There are also some photographs of men dressed as servers mooning the crowd with letters painted on, likely a 50th birthday prank.

Harmony Top Hut Handover Book

Harmony Hut's daily logbook for the 2015/2016 winter season. The entries are often humorous and/or graphic, sometimes including drawings. At the bottom of each entry, the daily sales are stated along with the dollar amount over or short for the day. The entries are written by the Harmony Hut staff.

Note: some of the entries contain racist, homophobic, sexist, and otherwise offensive remarks. The Whistler Museum and Archives does not endorse these sentiments.

Harmony Top Hut Logbook 2016/2017

Daily logbook for Harmony Hut staff use on Whistler Mountain for the winter season of 2016/2017. In each entry the staff were meant to write the daily sales and any notes pertinent for the next day. However, many entries only have one of these two, and most of the book is empty, save for the first six pages.

Whistler Summer Ski Camp 1988 skits only

Video contains footage of skits put on by campers and staff members of the 1988 Dave Murray Summer Ski Camp: "The Lighter Side of Coaching," "Coach's Corner," "Dave Murray Land," "Timmy's Dream," "Serg," and "Keeping the Legend Alive."

Whistler Summer Ski Camps 1988 Talent Night

Video contains footage of skits put on by campers and staff members of the 1988 Dave Murray Summer Ski Camp: "Room Check 420," "Serg Pt. 1," "Keeping the Legend Alive" + outtakes, "Serg Pt. 2," "Timmy's Dream" + outtakes, "Dave Murray Land," "Coach's Corner," "Serg Pt. 3," and "The Lighter Side of Coaching."

Whistler Summer Ski Camps 1988/89

Video contains footage of the 1988 and 1989 Dave Murray Summer Ski Camps with (and sometimes without) background music. This includes footage of campers skiing, riding the t-bars and gondola, biking, eating meals at the lake, playing sports and games, and crossing a river in a suspended basket.

There are also skits from Talent Night: "Keeping the Legend Alive," "Keeping the Legend Alive Part II: The Final Expansion," "Pee Wee's Playhouse: Camp Safety," "Timmy's Dream," and "Timmy's Dream II."