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Alex Philip with a pheasant

Photograph of Alex Philip carrying a pistol and a shot phesant. His dog, Kihi, is also in the picture.

Bob Jardine with his kill

Two identical copies of the same photograph of Robert Jardine crouched with a deer that he has presumably shot. He is holding a rifle. The annotation on the verso of the first (a) photograph reads: "19th Oct '43, Bob Jardine, Robert L.&q...


Woman with ducks and a camouflaged boat at Alta Lake.

Family Videos #2

VHS tape labeled "Special Memories 2 of 2", containing Franz Wilhelmsen's home videos, featuring water skiing, swimming in an indoor pool, Franz building with two boys, canoeing, hunting, fishing, skiing at various mountains, family...

Family Videos #3

VHS tapes labeled "Tape 2 Reels 5-8" containing Franz Wilhelmsen's home videos, featuring skiing at various mountains, family vacations, hunting, horseback riding, Vancouver shipyards, sailing near the Gulf Islands, family events, a...

Myrtle and KiHi

Myrtle Philip with Ki the dog. Inscriptions on reverse read "KiHi and I in my hunting suit, with a gun." and "1911 Vanc."

Myrtle hunting at Mahood Lake

Myrtle Philip in a forest, wearing fringed vest with stag on back. Inscription on verso reads "Myrtle Philip and gun hiking Mahood Lake"

Sewall Tapley and others sitting on the steps of a cabin

Sewall Tapley sitting on the steps of a cabin with Myrtle Philip, another unidentified man, and two dogs. An unidentified woman is standing holding a rifle and two birds that she has presumably shot. The photograph has been made as a postcard.

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