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Photographs of mountain views, skiing and snowboarding on Whistler Mountain and Blackcomb Mountain, sunrises, Whistler Village, the Coast Range, Mt. Weart, Wedge Mountain, Black Tusk, Snowcat groomers, Fitzsimmons Creek, chairlifts, gondolas, Village Run, ice fishing, frozen lakes, avalanche control, avalanches, the Whistler backcountry, geese on the lake, Andy Munster and Bonnie Munster's squat cabin near Fitzsimmons Creek, construction of Whistler Village, T-bars, Pika's Restaurant and Roundhouse Lodge, Rendezvous Lodge, apres ski, Whistler Terrain Park, Whiskey Jack Run on Whistler Mountain, Glacier Bowl, Tantalus Lodge, Telemark Place, Whistler Conference Centre construction, chairlift installation on Whistler Mountain, the Mouton Cadet 10th Anniversary Spring Festival, costumes, group portraits, freestyle skiing and snowboarding, Whistler Peak, Christmas decorations and parties, Village North, Upper Village, cross-country skiing, the Saudan Couloir Ski Race Extreme, the Torchlight Parade, fireworks, Gondola Barn and Creekside, paragliding, Cheakamus Lake, Chez Joel, Tapley's Neighbourhood Pub, aerial photography, Kids Kamp, Ski Scamps, marmots, Willie Whistler, retail, ski equipment, firefighters and firetrucks combating the Keg fire, Stoney's, windsurfing, the Lil'wat Nation performing in Village Square, the Great Snow Earth Water Race, a cycling race in Whistler Village, canoeing, a swimsuit fashion show, the swimming pool at Mountainside Lodge, heli-skiing, Mountain Hosts, mountain staff, picnics on the mountain, ski racing, adaptive skiing, beach volleyball at Rainbow Park, weighlifting in Whistler Village, barbecues on the mountain, Squamish Days Logger Sports Festival, Molson Molstar ski races, Molson World Cup Downhill races and awards, Whistler Golf Course and driving range, hot air balloons, children with balloons and clowns, the Fire Hall, the Jazz Festival, water skiing, a carnival at Base II, snowmen, Longhorn Saloon & Grill, sunbathing, a car show, choir, glaciers, Glacier Drive, the Labatts World Cup Freestyle Championship, Whisky jack birds eating food, mini putt, fisheye photography, the Vale Inn, Village Gate, meadows of flowers, a barn in Pemberton, swans, the Husky gas station on Highway 99, Brandywine Falls, soccer at Myrtle Philip School, Blackcomb Daylodge, Arnold Palmer at Whistler Golf Course, and the opening ski convoy for Nancy Greene Olympic Lodge (now Crystal Lodge).

Newspaper, Magazine, and Ad Clippings

Newspapers and magazines that contain photographs and other material by Greg Griffith, including:

  • 001: Whistler - The Magazine Summer/Fall 1999 issue (in full)
  • 002: Clippings containing Whistler photographer profiles (including Greg Griffith) from an unknown magazine
  • 003: Ski Canada Magazine Media Kit folder featuring an image by Greg Griffith
  • 004: Motorland Magazine November/December 1982 cover clipping featuring a Greg Griffith photograph, accompanied by a letter from John Holgren (Motorland Magazine) to Greg Griffith regarding payment for use of the image
  • 005: Powder Magazine, February 1982 featuring Whistler resort and Blackcomb Skiing Enterprises advertisements using Greg Griffith's photos
  • 006: Advertisements from an unidentified magazine using Greg Griffith's photos, including Jim McConkey Ski Shop, Tourism BC, Apex Alpine, and Whistler resort
  • 007: Ski Canada magazine cover, November 1981 and Canada Ski Directory cover, 1981/1982 featuring cover photos by Greg Griffith
  • 008: TV Week article on Whistler [1980s], The Globehopper magazine cover, January 1982, and Ski BC magazine cover, October 1981, featuring photos by Greg Griffith
  • 009: Western Living Magazine, November 1981, cover and articles featuring Greg Griffith's photos
  • 010: Article by Greg Griffith titled "Skiing Canada's Great Unexplored" from an Australian magazine [1980s?]
  • 011: Whistler Magazine (full copy with back cover cut out), Winter 1980
  • 012: Ski Canada, Spring 1991 article and a Skier (Chinese version) magazine article featuring Greg Griffith's photos
  • 013: Western Living magazine article on heli-skiing featuring Greg Griffith's photos
  • 014: Western Living magazine article on skiing in BC, November 1981, featuring Greg Griffith's photos
  • 015: Ski Canada Freestyle magazine, 1980/1981, articles featuring Greg Griffith's photos
  • 016: Ski Canada magazine article [1980s] featuring Greg Griffith's photos
  • 017: Whistler Answer Vol. 2 No. 10, Whistler Winter News (Whistler Question) October/November 1978, The Royal Hudson Dispatch, Whistler Answer Vol. 3 No. 13, Whistler Answer Vol. 3 No. 24, and Whistler Answer Vol. 2 No. 9 front covers featuring Greg Griffith's photos
  • 018: Whistler Magazine, Winter 1982, articles and Whistler Creek Lodge advertisement featuring Greg Griffith's photos
  • 019: Whistler Inn Resort & Club and Blackcomb Lodge advertisements featuring Greg Griffith's photos
  • 020: Twin Lakes Village advertising article featuring Greg Griffith's photos
  • 021: Twin Lakes Village and Blackcomb Skiing Enterprises advertisements featuring Greg Griffith's photos
  • 022: German/Swedish Ski Tours magazine cover, Winter 1977/1978, featuring a photo by Greg Griffith
  • 023: Dynastar skis advertisement featuring a Greg Griffith photo of Stephanie Sloan skiing, and a Swedish article featuring a photo by Greg Griffith
  • 024: Powder Magazine, December 1977, article by Greg Griffith
  • 025: Powder Magazine, November and December 1978, featuring photos by Greg Griffith
  • 026: Molson World Cup Downhill 1979 Official Publication featuring photos by Greg Griffth
  • 027: Westworld (Molson) magazine, Spring 1979, cover featuring photo by Greg Griffith
  • 028: Powder Hound magazine, Spring 1979, articles featuring Greg Griffith's photos
  • 029: Ski People profile on Greg Griffith [misspelled as Griffin]
  • 030: Kuoni Winter Holidays advertising magazine, 1980-1981, featuring photos by Greg Griffith
  • 031: CP Air advertising magazine featuring photos of Whistler destinations by Greg Griffith
  • 032: Super Natural BC, Canada (Tourism BC) magazine articles and Snow (Westworld supplement) magazine article featuring Greg Griffith's photos of skiing
  • 033: Magazine article by Greg Griffith titled "Heli-ski: A History of Guiding from Goats to Powder Cowboys"
  • 034: Snow Magazine, November/December 1979, article and photographs by Greg Griffith on heli-skiing
  • 035: Magazine article on skiing featuring photographs taken by Greg Griffith
  • 036: Vancouver Magazine (Vancouver Today), November 1981, article on skiing featuring photographs taken by Greg Griffith
  • 037: Western Living Magazine, November 1980, skiing article featuring photographs taken by Greg Griffith
  • 038: Vancouver Magazine (Vancouver Today), November 1981, article on skiing featuring photographs taken by Greg Griffith
  • 039: The Globehopper Magazine article on skiing in Whistler featuring photographs taken by Greg Griffith
  • 040: Canada Ski Directory, 1981/1982, featuring a photograph of a helicopter taken by Greg Griffith
  • 041: The Province newspaper, advertisement for Apex, and advertisement for MacGregor Pacific Realty featuring photographs taken by Greg Griffith
  • 042: SuperNatural BC Tourism BC advertising booklet profiling ski resorts in the province featuring photographs taken by Greg Griffith
  • 043: Smithers, BC promotional brochure featuring photographs taken by Greg Griffith
  • 044: Whistler Resort Association Rumours newspaper supplement featuring a photograph taken by Greg Griffith
  • 045: Pamphlet designs for Whistler resort and Blackcomb Lodge featuring photographs taken by Greg Griffith
  • 046: Alta Lake Estates (Adventures West) concept and promotional booklet featuring photographs taken by Greg Griffith
  • 047: Whistler Mountain full-page advertisement featuring a photograph taken by Greg Griffith
  • 048: Labatt World Cup Freestyle Championship (1980) program, Whistler resort advertisement, and Blackcomb Mountain advertisement featuring photographs taken by Greg Griffith
  • 049: Promotional brochures for Whistler Heli-Ski, Whistler Inn, The Vale, Whistler Resort & Club, and Tantalus Lodge featuring photographs taken by Greg Griffith
  • 050: WestWorld Magazine, April 1984, featuring a cover photo taken by Greg Griffith
  • 051: Promotional brochure for Garibaldi Highlander Hotel and promotional postcard for Whistler Creek Lodge featuring photos taken by Greg Griffith
  • 052: Blackcomb Mountain promotional brochures featuring photos taken by Greg Griffith
  • 053a-b: Twin Lakes Village promotional booklets featuring photos taken by Greg Griffith
  • 054: "Getaway to Whistler" Whistler resort promotional booklet featuring photos taken by Greg Griffith
  • 055: Blackcomb Mountain promotional magazine from the 1985/1986 season featuring photos by Greg Griffith
  • 056: Promotional photo booklet titled 'Whistler: Photography by Greg Griffith' with a blue cover
  • 057: Photo of Whistler Peak with ski tracks on it and a group of skiers having a picnic in the foreground
  • 058: Promotional photo booklet titled 'Whistler: Photography by Greg Griffith' with a purple cover
  • 059: 'This Month' magazine profiling Whistler and Howe Sounds featuring photographs taken by Greg Griffith featuring skiing

OUTVisions Magazine - Dean Nelson On Top of the World - Winter 2012 Edition

OUTVisions Magazine titled Dean Nelson On Top of the World released for the Winter 2012 Edition. Includes various LGBTQ+ content spanning travel, leisure, art, entertainment, and fashion, and features a biography of Dean Nelson and the history of WinterPRIDE. Also includes advertisements spaced throughout, and one of which promotes WinterPRIDE February 3-10, 2013.

Scrapbook Nov. 20/03 to Feb. 12/04

Scrapbook contains newspaper clippings, programs, and other material about artistic and cultural events in Whistler.

Topics include: the Whistler Community Arts Council, Millennium Place, Welcome Week, Whistler Children's Chorus, Festival of Lights, Whistler Singers, Whistler Forum, Whistler Museum and Archives Society, Whistler Library, Celebration 2010 Whistler Arts Showcase, comedy, theatre, music, films, community events, grants, art exhibits, religious events, concerts, memorials, musicians, fashion, photography, naturalists, and art competitions.


Photographs of various skiers on Whistler and/or Blackcomb Mountains, people of the Lil'wat Nation performing in Village Square, a group of skiers on a mountain ridge, a fashion or swimsuit show in a restaurant in Whistler Village, aerials of early Whistler Village, someone summer skiing in a bathing suit, Whistler Village in winter near Carleton Lodge with Whistler Mountain in the background, a group of diners at Stoney's in Fitzsimmons Lodge with Blackcomb Lodge in the background, a cycling contest in Whistler with large crowds of people watching near Whistler base with Mountainside Lodge in the background, and the Great Snow Earth Water Race.


Week of April 12, 1984

Photographs including but not limited to ski fashion show; balloons; bus; band playing; drinking at evening event; dancing
Appears in April 12, 1984 issue:
02-365-2. Pg. 1. Caption: Is it Zelda or is it Debbie Gerlach? A hit of both, actually. Debbie was an entrant in last Thursday's Gong Show at Dusty's and nearly made it to the end of her musical routine before unsympathetic judges struck the gong. The winner was Boy Dave, who played his part wearing just regular clothes.

Week of April 8, 1982

Photographs including but not limited to T-bars at Whistler Mountain; skiing; chairlift; Easter egg hunt on skis; children; bikini contest; ski fashion; putting on ski gear; the b-sides band playing; signs; Reckless Driver bluegrass band
Appears in April 15, 1982 issue:
02-251-73. Pg. 3. Caption: [bottom] Clean-up involved removing charred shakes from the cabin roof.
02-251-51. Pg. 5. Caption: Liam "Lightning Bolt" McCarthy, 2 1/2, was one of the many Easter Egg hunters who braved the snow to search for treasures in Myrtle Philip School yard on Sunday.
02-251-33. Pg. 6. Caption: Mr. E. Bunny gets a helping hand on his way up Skidder lift Easter Sunday.
02-251-32. Pg. 13. Caption: Hundreds of kids showed up for special treats courtesy of E. Bunny on Blackcomb Sunday, despite heavy snowfall.
02-251-64 Pg. 15. Caption: Yummy in the tummy! Alyssa Wilson, 3, enjoys Easter treats the bunny brought to the schoolyard Easter morning.
02-251-47. Pg. 16. Caption: [top] Tom Sutherland, the Whistler Question's new Advertising Manager.
02-251-101. Pg. 16. Caption: [middle] Craig Spence, a new reporter at the Whistler Question.
02-251-53. Pg. 19. Caption: Not even a blizzard on Easter Sunday kept kids from using the new Adventures Playground, recently completed at a total cost of $3,624.11.
Appears in April 8, 1982 issue:
02-251-88. Pg. 1. Caption:
02-251-205. Pg. 3. Caption: [top]
02-251-229. Pg. 3. Caption: [bottom]
02-251-176. Pg. 5. Caption:
02-251-167. Pg. 6. Caption: [left]
02-251-166. Pg. 6. Caption: [right]
02-251-206. Pg. 8. Caption: [top left]
02-251-235. Pg. 8. Caption: [top right]
02-251-199. Pg. 8. Caption: [bottom left]
02-251-242. Pg. 8. Caption: [bottom middle]
02-251-238. Pg. 8. Caption: [bottom right]
02-251-214. Pg. 10. Caption:
02-251-227. Pg. 11. Caption:
02-251-177. Pg. 12. Caption:
02-251-111. Pg. 17. Caption: [left]
02-251-119. Pg. 17. Caption: [right]
02-251-190. Pg. 21. Caption:
02-251-174. Pg .24. Caption:
02-251-161. Pg. 25. Caption:
02-251-179. Pg. 26. Caption:

Week of December 13, 1984

Photographs including but not limited to picnic on a snowmobile; Whistler Village; glamour shots; dog; opening presents; town planning; portraits; dancing; nativity play; advent dinner; bar; West Coast Sports and Ski Swap; cars; Chamber of Commerce Citizen of the Year awards; Whistler Snowmobile Services; Squamish Youth Chorale performing Dawn of a Promise ; West Coast Sports Mountain Shadow Saturday fashion show; VOX Humana Ensemble of Vancouver
Appears in December 13, 1984 issue:
02-386-118. Pg. 1. Caption: [bottom] Molly Boyd receives the plaque honouring her as the Chamber of Commerce Citizen of the Year Saturday. Brian Walholvd, last year's winner, announced to the crowd that Boyd was the 1984 winner for her involvement and extra commitment to the community. More pictures follow on page 16.
02-386-57. Pg. 3. Caption: [top] The Squamish Youth Chorale performed Dawn of Promise, a Christmas musical written by Walt Harrah, Saturday evening in Myrtle Philip School before an audience of 150. The chorale, composed of more than 60 members, also has six Whistler members and is lead by musical directors Norah Teel and Dave Conrad. (Top) The full chorale gathered for the grand finale.
02-386-32. Pg. 3. Caption: [left] Bob Flitton, new deputy minister of lands, parks and housing.
02-386-132. Pg. 9. Caption: Club 10 was the host to West Coast Sports Mountain Shadows Saturday night, a fashion show featuring more than 29 different outfits all available at the ski outlet; All the models got together for one final display wearing moon boots by Diadora.
02-386-99. Pg. 13. Caption: Poet and translator Wayne Holder gave a reading of his own poetry and his translations of Estonian poet Marie Under at Germaine's Licks Sunday evening. Holder, who has travelled extensively in Estonia, is one of few translators of Estonian literature. Under, a member of PEN International has twice been nominated for the Nobel Prize for Literature.
02-386-63. Pg. 16. Caption: [left] Herb Capozzi, left, was the keynote speaker at Saturday's 18th Annual Chamber of Commerce dinner dance held this year in Dusty's He kept the audience laughing with an extended series of one-liners and jokes before he reached the main point of his speech: that only constant is change in the world and appalling to it.
02-386-57. Pg. 16. Caption: [right] The Chamber also announced its new slate of executives for 1985 which includes from left to right, Roger Stacey and Nancy Trieber as vice-presidents and Dave Kirk as president. Mayor Terry Rodgers inducted the new executive which resulted in laughter among the crowd when the three members attempted to read their chamber pledge in unison.
02-386-94. Pg. 17. Caption: [top] Pierre Couture opens a bottle of O'Keefe High Test in the Brass Rail, which boasts the most brass of any bar in Whistler.
02-386-112. Pg. 17. Caption: [middle] Bartender Michael Branlon pours another pint of draft in the Longhorn, which has recently undergone substantial renovations.
02-386-97. Pg. 17. Caption: [bottom] Club 10 has always been one of the hot spots and occasional DJ Rod Pencil, known as The Rapper, sets up another record.
02-386-19. Pg. 18. Caption: [bottom] Whistler Snowmobile Services gave a party on the way to Meager Creek Saturday.
02-386-16. Pg. 20. Caption: Mike Young really flipped last Saturday during Whistler Snowmobile Services attempt to reach Meager Creek.
02-386-42. Pg. 22. Caption: [top] Mischa Redmond shows some of the money he's collected on his door-to-door African famine relief campaign.
02-386-125. Pg. 26. Caption: Two people received minor injuries in a collision at the Village Gate Boulevard and Highway 99 intersection. The Volkswagon (background) was turning left onto the boulevard when the second car, unable to stop because of heavy snow, slammed into it. About $2,100 worth of damage was done to the two vehicles. The VW driver was charged with making an improper left-hand turn.

Week of February 28, 1979

Ski clothes; Whistler Mountain Alpine; Skiing; Lodge; chairlift line-ups; dinner event; town planning
02-20-53 on pg. 1. Caption: Betty Shore talks about Slim Fougberg while George Henry and Margaret Fougberg listen attentively.
02-20-05 on pg. 3. Caption: The Molson World Cup course workers enjoy a little R&R courtesy of Molson's after a hard day's work on the course on February 22.
02-20-22 on pg. 8 [top]: Caption: A portion of the head table. From the left, Shirley Henry, George Henry, Margaret Fougberg, Mrs. Campbell and Pi Campbell.
02-20-42 on pg. 8 [bottom]: Caption: Pi Campbell tries out the stocks!
02-20-45 on pg. 9 [top] Caption: (Above) Alex Marshall narrates during the School Board skit. Richard Scott photo.
02-20-35 on pg. 9 [bottom] Caption: (Below) Mike Dennison reads out the letter from Myrtle Philip.
02-20-18 on pg. 10. Caption: A sign of things to come! Skiers enjoy the powder on February 22 above the upper terminal of Lift #4 on Blackcomb Mountain.
02-20-56 on pg. 13. Caption: The new Whistler Village model on display at the Village display suite adjacent to the Municipal Hall.
02-20-34 on pg. 14. Caption: Co-winner of the Labatt"s X-Country Cup, Sue Holloway of the Skiers Club proudly displays the trophy.
02-20-57 on pg. 15. Caption: Another view of the new Whistler Town Centre summer model.
02-20-08 on pg. [16] or back cover. Caption: The site of the avalanche above Flute Creek in which a skier lost his life on Tuesday, February 20. Note how the sliding snow has uncovered bare ground.
02-20-52 appears in the March 7, 1979 issue on pg. 5. Caption: The School Board skit at the Slim Fougberg night at Pemberton -- Betty "Beach", Margaret "Merchant", Freda Mitchell, "The chief", Harry "Port-Cullis", Paul "Digs" and "Slim" MacDonald.
02-20-20 appears in March 7, 1979 issue on pg. 14. Caption: Diane Eby & Paul Burrows beside the weather station on Blackcomb Mountain.
02-20-06 appears in March 7 1979 issue on pg. 14. Caption: View of the top of the Whistler ski area from the helicopter.
02-20-21 appears in March 7, 1979 issue on pg. 15. Caption: Whistler as seen from the upper restaurant site on Blackcomb Mountain. The Roundhouse is in the centre of the picture.

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