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Photographs of various people skiing and snowboarding on Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains, cross-country skiing, aerial shots of the mountains and Whistler Village, early construction of Whistler Village, Creekside Gondola, the Squamish Days Logger Sports Festival, mountain views, Arnold Palmer golfing at Whistler Golf Course, the Delta Mountain Inn, ski racing at the Molson World Cup Downhill and Hochtaler Cup, canoeing, chairifts, the water slide at the Springs, hang gliding, hockey on a frozen lake, tennis, events on the mountain, Ski Scamps, RCMP, Willie Whistler, Christine's Restaurant at Rendezvous Lodge, snow bikes, sledding, catskiing, heli-skiing, snowboarding, fishing, alpenglow, deer, a gambling event at Whistler Conference Centre, Alta Lake, Whistler Cay, Andy and Bonnie Munster's cabin, Lyall Featherstone's cabin, Green Lake, the rescue cable car over the Cheakamus River in Cheakamus Crossing, a helicopter evacuating someone, Roundhouse Lodge, a helicopter at the microwave tower, alpenglow on Mt. Weart and Wedge Mountain, adaptive ski racing, fireworks, trampolining at the Highland Lodge, an event in the Myrtle Philip School gym, a car show in Village Square, Skier's Chapel, Nasty Jack's, Longhorn Saloon & Grill, Dos Senoritas Restaurant, the Jazz Festival on the mountain, Cheakamus Lake, aerobics, choir, sunsets, swimming pools, hotels, a Labatt's hot air balloon, Whistler Resort & Club at Nita Lake, freestyle skiing and snowboarding, ski ballet, Fitzsimmons Creek, Vale Inn, backcountry skiing, condominiums in the Benchlands, Secret Bowl, the Saudan Couloir, Black Tusk, Excalibur Gondola, Harmony Bowl, Symphony Bowl, Christmas lights, Whistler Peak, Village North, and Birkenhead Peak in Pemberton.


Photographs of golfing, fishing, windsurfing, aerial shots of the Whistler Valley, hiking on Singing Pass Trail and Musical Bumps Trail, Brandywine Falls, 7th Heaven, a hike to Wedgemount Lake, Alta Lake, Lost Lake, Anderson Lake, mountain biking, the Garibaldi Gruel, Joffre Lakes, the Whistler Jazz Festival, Cheakamus Lake, Black Tusk, Roundhouse Lodge, Eagles, Howe Sound, swimming, inukshuks, golf courses, and the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon.


  • GRI-01-55-010
  • File
  • January 1980 - December 1986
  • Part of Greg Griffith

Photographs of skiers at a mountain top including a skier wearing a 'Blind Skier' bib, a small creek with a building and mountains in the background, a snow-covered mountaintop, various 2-person chairs on Whistler and/or Blackcomb Mountains with some including alpenglow on the mountains in the background, a man fishing on a dock, a deer in a forest, a helicopter landing on a mountain for heli-skiers, a small waterfall as seen from the top with a rainbow, Alta Lake in summer with Wedge Mountain and Mount Weart in the background, people catskiing having unloaded from a Snowcat, and people dressed in costume about to sled down Blackcomb Mountain.


Photographs of people golfing, mountain biking in summer on Blackcomb Mountain, hiking in summer on Whistler Mountain, Alta Lake, Furry Creek Golf Course in Squamish B.C., an aerial shot of Blackcomb mountain and Whistler Village, the start of the Garibaldi Gruel, and a photo of two bucks in a meadow.

005: "Summer Whistler Alta Lake"
006: "Furry Creek Golf Course Squamish B.C."
010, 012, 013, 016, 017: "Summer/Blackcomb Mountain Biking on Blackcomb Mountain"
011: "Whistler-Summer Hiking on Whistler Mt. B.C."
014: "Mtn. Biking Whistler B.C."
015: "Blackcomb-Summer Mountain Biking"
018: "Whistler Summer Hiking on Whistler"
019: "Garibaldi Gruel Whistler, B.C. Competitor: START"


Photographs taken by Clifford Fenner from his work in Garibaldi Provincial Park and his travels in British Columbia, the United States, and Colombia.

Slides 28 - Animals

Photographs of deer, mountain goats, a giraffe, polar bears, a squirrel, seagulls, cows feeding, penguins, cats, and a sunset.

Original housing of slides was labelled "animals".

FEN_02_02_028_019 coded with MIN 46 that corresponds with written documents (FEN_04_03_02).

Slides 35

Photographs of various trees, flowers, gardens, flickers, deer, and [mountain goats?].

FEN_02_02_035_001 labelled: "Chamaecyparis Pisifera Plumosa (jaf) | BHP | SARAWA PLUME | False Cypress"
FEN_02_02_035_003 labelled: "C. A. FENNER 860 Evelyn Dr West Vancouver B.C."
FEN_02_02_035_004 labelled: "apr 1/67 | PICEA ALBERTINA CONICA | [Spencer] Castle"
FEN_02_02_035_005 labelled: "ROWAN"
FEN_02_02_035_006-007 labelled: "Red Shafted Flicker"
FEN_02_02_035_011 labelled: "apr 1/67 | SEQUOIA GIGANTEA PENDULA | [Spencer] Castle"
FEN_02_02_035_012 labelled: "WESTERN GROMWELL LITHOSPERMUM PILOSUM | 'PUCCOON' local name"
FEN_02_02_035_013 labelled: "apr 1/67 | [?] [Oakes] | [Spencer] Castle"
FEN_02_02_035_020 labelled: "Colieus"

2 slides are labelled with code MINF and respective numbers that correspond with written documents (FEN_04_03_03).

Slides 38

Photographs of a cat hanging from a curtain, a woman holding a cat, ski touring at Mt Baker, Oregon Coast, sunsets, and animals that include deer, racoons, giraffe, marmots, cows, a seal, and a seagull.

19 slides are labelled with code MIN and respective numbers that correspond with written documents (FEN_04_03_02).

FEN_02_02_038_003 labelled "MT BAKER".
FEN_02_02_038_003 labelled "OREGON COAST".
FEN_02_02_038_009 and 011 labelled "Okanagan Game Farm".
FEN_02_02_038_012 labelled "Ferry Victoria-Van".
FEN_02_02_038_020 labelled "SEAGULL | C. A. FENNER".

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