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High Street, Kinross

Postcard labelled "High Street, Kinross" sent from Thomas Neiland, Jr. to his parents, Thomas and Lizzie Neiland, during his time with the Royal Canadian Air Force in Scotland. On the front of the card is a black and white photograph of the High Street in Kinross, with a building marked 'Post Office' and a tall clock tower in the foreground. There is also a purple oval stamp, partially faded, marked "R.C.A.F." and dated February 26, 1944. On the back of the card is a handwritten message from "Tommy" to his parents at 34 1/2 Mile. The card has no stamp. It is postmarked February 26, 1944, Field Post Office.

Jenny Bett's Writings - Memoirs

Memoirs written by Jenny Betts (nee Jardine) recounting her life, starting from her birth in 1912 and finishing with entries written in 1982 celebrating Lizzie Neiland's 100th birthday. Jenny recounts her family's many moves, the death of her father, her mother's remarriage to Thomas Neiland, the logging operation and daily life in the Whistler Valley (at Mons, Alpha Lake, 34 1/2 Mile [Function Junction area], and Nita Lake), the birth of her brothers Robert and Thomas, her Uncle Jim Laidlaw's time in the valley, meeting and marrying Wallace Betts, logging work at the Alaric operation at Parkhurst, tobogganing, raising her children, flooding in the early 1940s, her brothers' service in World War II, the family's time at Port McNeill on Vancouver Island living at a work camp Wallace was working at, her appendicitis operation and hemorrhages which required a blood transfusion from Wallace, Thomas Neiland's passing and the selling of the 34 1/2 Mile property in the 1950s.

After many blank pages, there is an entry from December 19-28, 1981 recounting a large holiday get-together with the extended Jardine family in the Lower Mainland (each couple travelling from several places in BC to join). The following page is an entry written by Jenny on February 22, 1982 describing another large family get-together with the Jardine clan at a nursing home to celebrate Lizzie Neiland's 100th birthday with some champagne.

Letter from Jenny Jardine to Echo-Marie Fawks (nee Betts) and her husband, Don - April 7, 1995

Letter from Jenny Jardine to Echo-Marie Fawks (nee Betts) and her husband, Don, written on April 7, 1995. In the letter, Jenny recounts her and her family's life living in the Whistler Valley between the 1900s and the 1940s - at Rainbow Lodge, Mons, Alpha Lake, and finally at 34 1/2 Mile [Function Junction area]. Stories she recounts include their relationship with the Philips and Harry Horstman, hikes on Sproatt Mountain and to Cheakamus Lake, mail delivery, schooling, scavenging berries along the Pacific Great Eastern Railway, and Howard Gebhart and her brothers' serving in the Royal Canadian Air Force during World War II. She finishes the letter talking about her recent trip to Northern BC, the Yukon, and Alaska. The letter was enclosed in an envelope with notes written by Louise Smith regarding the letter's custodial history. The letter was given to Louise by Echo-Marie (Louise's cousin), who lived with her husband, Don, in Whistler from c. 1990 to c. 2012.

Remembrance Day Newspapers & Press Releases

Newspaper articles and press releases written by Brian Buchholz regarding Whistler's Remembrance Day services.

Items include:

001: "Lest We Forget: 11.11.11" newspaper article by Robyn Cubie found in the November 10, 2000 issue of Pique Newsmagazine. The article speaks about the origin of the name 'Mons' in Whistler, the origin of the names 'Birken' and 'Birkenhead', quotes from Brian Buchholz about Whistler's Remembrance Day ceremonies, and the background of retired air serviceman Brian Titterton of Whistler.
002: "'Veterans Highway' idea backed" newspaper article by Jennifer Miller found in the November 15, 2007 issue of the Whistler Question. The article speaks about the support several Sea to Sky veterans gave to the idea of turning the Sea to Sky Highway into the Sea to Sky Veterans Memorial Highway. Brian Buchholz gives his support also, although West Vancouver-Garibaldi MLA Joan McIntyre admits it would be a difficult project to complete due to the commitment to the Cultural Journey Sea to Sky project that was agreed to in partnership with the Squamish Nation and Lil'wat Nation.
003: "Whistler to honour fallen heroes at local cenotaph" newspaper article by David Burke found in the November 6, 2003 issue of the Whistler Question. The article speaks about the Remembrance Day ceremony which would occur in Whistler that year. There is also a Remembrance Day poppy next to MLA Ted Nebbeling's photo, as well as the poem "In Flanders Fields".
004: "Whistler Remembrance Week" photographs in the newspaper Snapd Whistler from the December 2013 issue. The photographs document the Remembrance Day ceremonies in Whistler.
005: Press Release: "Royal Canadian Legion 'Poppy Campaign' helps us to remember while helping veterans" - November 1, 2002
006: Press Release: "Remembrance Day 2002 takes on added significance as Canadian Forces remain 'in harm's way'" - November 1, 2002
007: Press Release: "Candlelight Service added to Veteran's [sic] Week Tribute" - October 25, 2001
008: Press Release: "Poppies and Whistler Library help Whistler to remember veterans' sacrifice" - October 31, 2001
009: Press Release: "Whistler to honour Canada's fallen war heros [sic] at Remembrance Day Service" - October 25, 2001
010: Copy of Whistler Question article: "Children's poems and music highlight Candlelight Tribute" by Brian Buccholz - [2000s?]
011: Copy of newspaper article: "This November 11th - Pause and remember" - November 2010
012: Press Release: "Whistler Remembrance Day Ceremonies to reflect on war, peace, and service" - November 1, 2003

Remembrance Day Speeches & Planning

Speeches, speech drafts, and to-do lists written by Brian Buchholz for Whistler's Remembrance Day ceremonies from 1997-2017.

Items include:

001: Remembrance Day Speech Draft - Nov. 5, 2014
002: Remembrance Day Speech - 2015
003: Remembrance Day Speech Draft - Nov. 10, 2013
004: Remembrance Day Speech Draft - 2012
005: Organizing Committee To-Do List 2016
006: Act of Remembrance Speech Draft - November 10, 2016 [with handwritten notes]
007: Act of Remembrance Speech - 2003
008: Remembrance Day 2007 Welcoming Remarks - 2007
009: Organizing Committee To-Do List 2016 - [with handwritten annotations]
010: Act of Remembrance Speech Draft - November 6, 2016 [with handwritten corrections]
011: Remembrance Day Speech - [2000s?]
012: Press Release: Candlelight Service added to Veteran's Week Tribute - October 25, 2001
013: Press Release: Whistler to honour Canada's fallen war heros [sic] at Remembrance Day Service - October 25, 2001
014: Press Release: Poppies and Whistler Library help Whistler to remember veterans' sacrifice - October 31, 2001
015: Veterans' Candlelight Tribute Schedule - November 10, [2001]
016: Press Release: Whistler Remembrance Day and Veterans' Candlelight Tribute Programs provide tradition and celebration - November 5, 2001
017: Remembrance Day Speech - November 11, 2001 [with handwritten corrections]
018: Press Release: This November 11th, pause and remember - October 3, 2010
019: Act of Remembrance - 2011
020: Wreath Presenters - October 3, 2011
021: Remembrance Day Service Welcome - October 3, 2011
022: Only Two Minutes - Poem by Emily Cann - 2009
023: Remembrance Day Speech - 2008
024: Act of Remembrance Draft - November 8, 2015
025: Wreath Presentation - 2015 [with handwritten annotations]
026: Act of Remembrance Draft - November 10, 2016
027: Act of Remembrance Draft - November 8, 2015
028: The Young Community of Whistler Remembers Canada's Oldest Sacrifice
029: Welcoming Remarks - 2006
030: [Act of Remembrance] - 2002 [Laminated]
031: Act of Remembrance - 2009
032: Welcoming Remarks - 2003

WA_2007_002 - Negatives

Photograph of the Jardine-Neiland family and their property at 34 1/2 Mile [Function Junction area] between 1930 and 1943, featuring many photographs of Bob Jardine.