Whistler Mountain



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Whistler Mountain

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Whistler Mountain

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Whistler Mountain

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Photographs taken by Greg Griffith depicting windsurfing and canoeing on Alta Lake, Whistler Mountain, an unidentified mountain, and Singing Pass Trail.

Griffith, Greg


Photographs depicting Red Chair, Whistler Village signs, Stephanie Sloan, Dave Murray, aerial views of Whistler Mountain, Blackcomb Mountain, Whistler Village, and Alta Lake.


Photographs of [Alta Lake?] with people sitting on a dock, a group of people lined up in front of a food spread on Whistler Mountain in the summer [Toni Sailer Summer Ski Camp?], skiers racing in the Whistler Pro Classic, groups of people celebrating in front of a building, a group of people canoeing on [Alta Lake?], Stephanie Sloan practicing ski ballet, close-up portraits of her, and crowds of people gathered in Village Square near Blackcomb and Fitzsimmons Lodge.


  • GRI-01-49-037
  • Dossier
  • [c. 1990-2007]
  • Fait partie de Greg Griffith

Photographs of Bryce Phillips skiing Whistler Mountain with Cheakamus Lake in the background, Joe Lammers and Heather Roberts skiing Whistler Peak, Whistler Village at night at the base of Whistler Mountain (includes: Fitzsimmons Express, Excalibur Gondola, Carleton Lodge, Sundial Hotel, Pan Pacific Mountainside, and Clocktower Building), ski tracks on Flute Bowl, Bryce Phillips and Chad Hendren skiing Flute Cornice on Whistler Mountain, Saifon Woozley and Chad Hendren skiing Symphony Bowl and 7th Heaven, Sarah Spencer skiing Symphony Bowl, Cheryl and Birkin Metzler cross-country skiing in Whistler, aerial views of Whistler and Blackcomb Mountain and Whistler Village below, Bryce Phillips skiing Sun Bowl, and people heli-skiing on Powder Mountain.

001-003: "Whistler Mtn Cheakamus Lake in bg Skier:Bryce Phillips"
004: "The Peak Whistler Mtn Skier:Joe Lammers"
005: "Whistler Village at base of Whistler @ Blackcomb Mts at dusk"
006: "Tracks on Flute Whistler Mtn"
007-008: "Flute Cornice Whistler Mtn Skier: Bryce Phillips"
009: "Symphony Bowl Whistler & 7th Heaven Skiers:SaiFon Woozley Chad Hendren"
010, 012: "Flute Cornice Whistler Mtn Skier: Chad Hendren"
011, 014: "Sun Bowl Symphony Bowl Whistler Mtn Skier:Sarah Spencer"
015: "Aerial of Whistler Village w. Blackcomb @ Whistler Mts"
016: "Aerial of Whistler Village @ Blackcomb Mt"
017: "Sun Bowl Whistler Mtn Skier:Bryce Phillips"
018: "Whistler Mtn : The Peak Skeir:Heather Roberts"
019: "Heli Skiing Heli Skiing on Powder Mountain"


Photographs of backcountry skiing in freshly powdered mountains, Whistler Peak and Whistler Bowl on Whistler Mountain with Peak Chair in the foreground, and snowy landscapes that include: Alta Lake with a ski runs in the background, and snow-covered Whistler Village with Whistler Mountain in the background.


Photographs of Rendezvous Restaurant on Blackcomb Mountain with Solar Coaster Quad Chair in the foreground, Whistler Village and Blackcomb Mountain at dusk, Chateau Whistler Resort and Whistler Village at night, a snowy road in Whistler Village with a bus and Canadian flag with mountains in the background, Whistler Village and Chateau Whistler Resort in winter with Blackcomb mountain in the background, aerial view of Whistler Village and Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains, a jeep that has a few feet of snow on it from an overnight 'dump' of snow, Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains with fresh snow with views of the valley and Green Lake in the foreground, and Blackcomb Mountain in the winter with Apres ski at Merlin's Bar & Grill in the foreground.

001: "Rendezvous Rest. & Solar Coaster Quad, Blackcomb Mt"
002: "Whistler Village & Blackcomb Mt. at dusk"
003: "Whistler village at dusk"
005: "Whistler Village In Winter"
008: "Winter- Whistler Village Chateau Whistler Resort"
009: "Whistler Village In Winter With Blackcomb Mt."
010: "Winter- Whistler Village Aerial of Whistler Village with Blackcomb/Whistler Mtn"
011: "Overnight dump Whistler, B.C."
012: "Fresh snow on Blackcomb & Whistler Mtns & valley"
013, 014: Winter/Whistler Fresh snow in Whistler Village"
016: "Blackcomb Winter Apres-ski Merlins Restaurant"
017, 018: "Whistler-Winter Whistler Village & Blackcomb Mt."
019: "Whistler-WInter Condos in snow country"


  • GRI-01-30-023
  • Dossier
  • March 1979 - Aug 1987
  • Fait partie de Greg Griffith

Photographs of a film being shot near a lake in June 1980, a couple sailing a small catamaran, bears photographed on Whistler Mountain in the summer with the Delta Mountain Inn/Hilton Whistler Resort and Crystal Lodge in the background, people skating on Alta Lake in the winter, and a bird sitting on the tip of a pair of skis.

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