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Whistler Mountain

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Postcards for Whistler featuring Greg Griffith's photography, including:

001: 8 postcards featuring Greg Griffith's photos
002: 11 Traveltime postcards and 1 Snowgoose Tranportation postcard featuring Greg Griffith's photos


Photographs of various skiers on Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains, including Ziggy's Bowl, Symphony Bowl, Rendezvous restaurant with Solar Coaster quad in the foreground, Whistler Peak, Blackcomb backcountry, and the Saudan Couloir Extreme. Skiers include: Sarah Spencer, Joe Lammers, Dan Treadway, Brett Carlson, Mike Atkinson, Damian Cromwell, Nigel McKissick, Tim Rickli, and Nelson Jensen.

001: "Tree Skiing Whistler Mtn Skier:Sarah Spencer"
003: "Ziggy's Bowl Blackcomb Mtn Skiers:Joe Lammers, Dan Treadway, Brett Carlson"
004: "Skiers Symphony Bowl Whistler Mtn"
006: "Blackcomb booter Whistler in b.g. Skier:Mike Atkinson"
007: "Rendezvous Rest. & Solar Coaster Quad, Blackcomb Mt"
008: "The Peak Whistler Mtn Skier:Brett Carlson"
009: "Whistler Peak Whistler B.C. Skier:Joe Lammers"
010, 020: "Blackcomb Back Country Blackcomb Mtn Skier: Damian Cromwell"
011, 018-019: "The Peak Whistler Mtn Skier: Nigel McKissick"
012: "Couloir Extreme Blackcomb Skier: Joe Lammers"
013: "Whistler Peak Whistler, B.C. Skier:Tim Rickli"
014-016: "Blackcomb booter Whistler in b.g. Skier:Mike Atkinson"
017: "The Peak Whistler, B.C. Skier:Nelson Jensen"


Photographs of aerials of Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains with Whistler Village and Alta Lake below, a dock at Lost Lake with Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains behind, Chateau Whistler Resort as seen through the trees from Whistler Mountain, Whistler Village in summer and winter with Blackcomb Mountain in the background, Whistler Express Gondola with Whistler Village below, a group of skiers on Whistler Mountain, windsurfers in Howe Sound near Squamish, Whistler Express Gondola with Whistler Peak behind, Brett Carlson and Damian Cromwell skiing Whistler Peak, skiers on Symphony Bowl, Whistler Village in summer near Skier's Plaza, Carleton Lodge, Delta Mountain Inn/Hilton Whistler Resort, and a mountain biker in the Whistler Mountain Bike Park below Fitzsimmons Express Chair with Carleton Lodge and Skier's Plaza in the background.

003: "Lost Lake Whistler B.C. Canada"
004: "Whistler Village w Alta Lk & Blackcomb/Whistler Mtns"
005: "Chateau Whistler Resort Summer"
006-008: "Whistler Village & Blackcomb Mtn. B.C. in summer"
009: "Aerial Blackcomb & Whistler Village B.C. Canada"
010, 011: "Gondola & Whistler Village Whistler B.C. Canada"
013: "Windsurfing Squamish B.C."
014: "Gondola & Whistler Peak Whistler B.C. Canada"
015: "The Peak Whistler Mtn Skier:Brett Carlson"
016: "The Peak Whistler Mtn Skier:Damian Cromwell"
017: "Skiers on Flute Ridge Symphony Bowl Whistler Mtn"
018: "Summer:Whistler Whistler Village"
019: "Summer:Whistler Whistler Express Gondola & Whistler Village"
020: "Summer:Whistler Whistler Village"


Photographs of Howe Sound, Black Tusk, Harmony Bowl & Symphony Bowl with Piccolo and Flute Peaks on Whistler Mountain, a log house on Nicklaus North Golf Course, Stephanie Sloan skiing in winter and summer, the Orange Chair c. 1978, backcountry on Blackcomb Mountain with skier Joe Lammers, skiing in the Alpine Bowls on Blackcomb Mountain, Chad Hendren and Heather Roberts skiing Whistler Peak, a portrait of Heather Roberts, Joe Lammers skiing the Alpine bowls on Whistler Mountain, powder skiing on Whistler Mountain, Brett Carlson skiing the Sun and Symphony bowls, and Tim Rickli and Nelson Jensen skiing on Whistler Peak.

001: "Howe Sound B.C."
002: "Whistler-Winter Black Tusk"
003: "Harmony Bowl, Symphony Bowl with Piccolo & Flute Peaks Whistler Mt."
004: "Log Home Nicklaus Nth. Golf Course Whistler, B.C."
007: "ORANGE CHAIR 1978"
008: "Blackcomb Backcountry Skier: Joe Lammers"
009: "Winter/Whistler/Ski Skiing the Alpine Bowls at Blackcomb Mountain"
010-011, 016: "Whistler Mtn : The Peak Skier: Chad Hendren"
013, 017: "Whistler Mtn : The Peak Skier: Heather Roberts"
014: "Alpine Bowls Whistler Mtn Skier: Joe Lammers"
015: "Powder skiing Whistler <M.R.>"
018: "Sun Bowl Symphony Bowl Whistler Mtn Skier: Brett Carlson"
019: "Whistler Peak Whistler, B.C. Skier: Tim Rickli"
020: "The Peak Whistler, B.C. Skier: Nelson Jensen"


Photographs of skiers Mike Atkinson, Tim Rickli, Brett Carlson, and Shane Szocs skiing on Blackcomb Mountain with views of Whistler Mountain in the background, and other skiers on the alpine bowls on Whistler Mountain.

001-003, 006-016: "Blackcomb booter Whistler in b.g. Skier: Mike Atkinson"
004: "Sun Bowl Whistler Mt. Skier: Tim Rickli"
005: "The Peak Whistler Mtn Skier: Brett Carlson"
017-019: "Blackcomb booter Whistler in b.g. Skier: Shane Szocs"
020: "Winter/Whistler/Ski Skiing the Alpine Bowls at Whistler Mountain"


Photographs of skiing on Whistler Mountain and Blackcomb Mountain, hiking, Peak Chair, Franz's Chair, Big Red Express Chair, alpenglow, sunsets, the moon over Whistler Peak, Green Lake, Roundhouse Lodge, 7th Heaven Express Chair, sunrises, backcountry skiing, storms over Whistler, Symphony Bowl, Piccolo, Black Tusk, Wedge Mountain, moguls, Solar Coaster Chair, Harmony Express Chair, the Saudan Couloir Ski Race Extreme, Rendezvous Lodge, Harmony Bowl, Mt. Weart, Garibaldi Provincial Park, cross-country skiing, Whistler Express Gondola, Wizard Chair, Green Chair, Mt. Currie, Blackcomb Glacier, Horstman Hut, the Delta Mountain Inn, Blackcomb Powdercats, apres ski, a helicopter evacuating someone, dining in restaurants, Molson Canadian Masters ski racing, Stephanie Sloan's Women's Only Program on Whistler Mountain, Whistler Village views, Pika's restaurant, Tyax Lodge on Tyax Mountain, Scott Nicholson and Mike Douglas skiing glaciers, group portraits, hot tubs, retail, The Gables and Greystone condominiums, the McIntosh family skiing, drinking and picnics, Christine's Restaurant at Rendezvous Lodge, Brian Stemmle ski racing, the Labatts World Cup Freestyle Championships, Molson Wold Cup Downhill, Friday the 13th Chute, Slush Cup on Blackcomb Mountain, the Telemark World Championships, snowboarding, Sun Bowl, and people skiing in costume.


Photographs primarily of freestyle skiers and snowboarders on Whistler Mountain and Blackcomb Mountain, including mid-air shots, backcountry terrain, moguls, cornices, bowls, and chutes. Also includes photographs of glaciers, mountain views, snow sculptures, ski tracks, Ski Scamps, group portraits, Whistler Village, Green Lake, Roundhouse Lodge, heli-skiing, sunsets, alpenglow, Cheakamus Lake, Vail, telemark skiing, the Molson World Cup Downhill, Ipsoot Mountain, Powder Mountain, Pemberton Icecap, the Spearhead Range, ski touring, cross-country skiing, Slush Cup, Upper Village, Black Tusk, Excalibur Gondola, Peak Chair, hang gliding, groomed ski runs, Big Red Express Chair, Franz's Chair, and the Labatts World Cup Freestyle Championship.


Photographs of skiing on Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains, heli-skiing, carriage rides in Whistler Village, cross-cuntry skiing, fireworks and the Torchlight Parade in Creekside, apres ski, Whistler Village, Pika's Restaurant and Roundhouse Lodge, Tyax Heli-ski, mountain views in Garibaldi Provincial Park, Horstman T-bar and Glacier, Glacier Express Chair, condominiums, Alta Lake, Rendezvous Lodge, Wizard Chair and Upper Village, Village Square and Skier's Plaza, apres ski at Longhorn Saloon and Nasty Jack's, Telemark Place, Fitzsimmons Chair (Blackcomb), Fitzsimmons Express Chair, a chef cooking in Skier's Plaza, Village Gate Boulevard, golf, an ice sculpting contest, Solar Coaster, Catskinner Chair, Whistler Golf Course, Mt Weart, dogs, wildflowers in a meadow, hang gliding, whitewater rafting on the Elaho-Squamish River, Howe Sound, mountain biking, fishing on a dock on Green Lake, windsurfing Nitinat Lake on Vancouver Island, the Chateau Whistler Golf Course, Nicklaus North Golf Course, Furry Creek Golf Course, Singing Pass, fly-fishing on Anderson Lake, climbing the Tantalus Range and the Stawamus Chief, Village North, Black Tusk, the Garibaldi Gruel, sunsets, street entertainment, Garibaldi Lake, festivals, onions, a beach in Hawaii, the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon, Emerald Express Chair, hot tubs, Alpha Lake, Nita Lake, the swimming pool at Meadow Park Sports Centre, a tennis tournament at Myrtle Philip School, tennis and swimming at Whistler Resort & Club, Whistler Peak, Lost Lake, Whistler Mountain Bike Park, and snowboarding in Symphony Bowl and Bagel Bowl on Whistler Mountain.


Photographs primarily people skiing and snowboarding on Whistler Mountain and Blackcomb Mountain in various areas, also including ski racing at the Molson World Cup Downhill and Telemark World Championships, backcountry skiing, Whistler Express Gondola, glaciers, freestyle skiing, grooming, heli-skiing and boarding the Spearhead Range and Pemberton Icecap, Cheakamus Lake as seen from Whistler Mountain, Harmony Express Chair, Peak Chair, paragliding, skiers dressed as figures in the OJ Simpson trial, Labatts World Cup Freestyle Championship, cross-country skiing on the Valley Trail, Symphony Express Chair, Mt. Trorey, Whistler Village and Village North, The Gables, the covered bridge over Fitzsimmons Creek leading to Upper Village, aerial photography, fireworks, the Torchlight Parade, Wizard Chair, Solar Coaster, Whistler Golf Course and Blueberry Hill, Mt. Sproatt, Rainbow Mountain, Rendezvous Lodge, Roundhouse Lodge, Christmas lights, a bridge on Blackcomb Way, Village Stroll, Chateau Whistler Resort, Whiskey jack birds sitting on ski poles, the Marquise in Upper Village, Powder Mountain, alpenglow on Mt. Weart and Wedge Mountain, sunsets, ski runs, Lost Lake, cabins, Ski Scamps, staged group portraits of a family on Whistler Mountain, the Metzler family skiing, Eric Griffith standing next to a snowman, Ski Patrol revoking a skier's pass, paraskiing, Slush Cup on Blackcomb Mountain, an avalanche in Whistler Bowl, cougar tracks on Ipsoot Mountain, Pika's Restaurant, Green Chair, Black Tusk and Garibaldi Provincial Park, moguls on Overbite Run, and Piccolo run.


Photographs of people skiing and snowboarding on Blackcomb Mountain and Whistler Mountain, aerial and panoramic shots of Whistler Valley, alpenglow over the mountains, Rainbow Park, Whistler Village, ski in and ski out condominiums, hiking, group portraits of Mountain Hosts and Ski Patrol, gondolas, chairlifts, T-bars, freestyle skiing and snowboarding, restaurants and hotels, cabins, Slush Cup, Peak to Valley Race, Molson World Cup Downhill, ski racing, Black Tusk, Fissile Peak, heli-skiing, Franz Wilhelmsen and Bob Ainsworth on Whistler Mountain, Roundhouse Lodge, Tremor Glacier on Tremor Mountain, the Saudan Couloir Ski Race Extreme, picnics, Pemberton Icecap, Ipsoot Mountain, Burnt Stew Basin, telemark skiing, people carrying surfboards on a beach, running, Snowboard Cross, apres ski, moguls, mountaineering, Wedge Mountain, 7th Heaven, River of Golden Dreams, portraits of John "Rabbit" Hare and Greg Griffith with his photography equipment, Joffre Lakes, Elfin Lakes, Beaver Pond, Cheakamus Lake, Pemberton, Phalanx Mountain, Creekside, Inawashiro Ski Resort in Japan, sumo wrestling, avalanches, Rendezvous Lodge, Wedgemount Lake, Lost Lake, Alta Lake, Green Lake, Squamish, Nicklaus North Golf Course, Mt Weart, Rimrock Cafe, Longhorn Saloon & Grill, Anasazi Restaurant, Highway 99, Tantalus Range, windsurfing on Howe Sound, rafting, fireworks, mountain biking, Singing Pass and Musical Bumps Trail, and the Metzler family cross-country skiing.

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