Whistler Mountain



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Whistler Mountain

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Whistler Mountain

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Whistler Mountain

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Britt Janyk 007-009

Photographs of Whistler Mountain and Creekside from the West side of Alpha Lake, the Whistler Valley and Whistler Village from the Fitzsimmons chairlift, and Britt Janyk with two friends on a school bus.


Photographs taken by Clifford Fenner from his work in Garibaldi Provincial Park and his travels in British Columbia, the United States, and Colombia.

Week of September 24, 1979

Photographs including but not limited to seaplanes on Alta Lake; mountain views; drinking; sweater; signs/placards; fire in the mountainsAppears in October 3, 1979 issue:02-079-10. Pg. 13. Caption: David Fairhurst proudly shows off the first Pine ...

Negatives 1-24

Photographs of windsurfing on Alta Lake, views of the mountains, and hiking.

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