Whistler Mountain



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Whistler Mountain

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Whistler Mountain

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Whistler Mountain

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Envelope 4

26 photos of the early Whistler Village and surrounding mountains.

Textual Documents & Ephemera

Letters from Eldon Beck and Mr. Mike Vance, coordinator, planning and design of Whistler Village Land Co. Ltd. Includes various designs and sketches, as well as the initial statement of concept for Whistler Village.Whistler Village Report issues:O...

Beck, Eldon


Photographs taken by Arv Pellegrin while he worked for Whistler Real Estate Co., mostly of construction in Whistler Village, but also including other events and locations around Whistler.

Lunch on the Roundhouse Sundeck

The printed text on the front of this photograph reads:WHISTLER RESORT ASSOCIATIONA great place to meet your friends for lunch, this sundeck is located at the 6,000 foot (1,829 meter) level of Whistler Mountain. From this vantage point, just outsi...

Franz Wilhelmsen and Jack Bright by the Roundhouse

This photograph shows Franz Wilhelmsen on the left, an unidentified man in the middle, and Jack Bright at the right, looking toward Whistler Peak. The three men appear to be sitting outside the Roundhouse in an area that later became an outdoor pa...

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