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Whistler Mountain

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Whistler Mountain

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Whistler Mountain

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Promotional Material

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  • 1990s-2000s
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Promotional material related to the Whistler Adaptive Sports Program, Whistler Backroads Mountain Bike Adventures and others.

120mm Negatives and Prints

Photographs of hiking on Whistler Mountain T-Bar bowl beside large cornice chunk, Upper Franz ski run on Whistler Mountain, Red Chair, Roundhouse, Tokum Corners, Soo Valley, and the Gelandesprung ski jump contest.

May 82

Slide film hiking Little Whistler, Rainbow Lodge, Franz Wilhelmsen, spring skiing, Brian Brown (3/2/14/15), Sandy Boyd (Rob Boyd’s father), and Whistler Mountain.

Molson World Downhill 1982 Magazine

The Molson World Downhill (Whistler Mountain, February 27, 1982) magazine.
Table of Contents:
2 Canadian Alpine Ski Team
3 Premier's Message
4 Mr. Eric Molson's Message, Dr. Peter Andrew's Message
6 Acknowledgements
8 Organizing Committee, World Cup Rules, Schedule of Events
10-11 World Cup to Date
13 Competitors Picture Page
15 Ken Read Story, "This is Whistler" Section
18 The Course
20 1981 Final World Cup Standings
22 Skiing for Medals, National Team Coach John Ritchie
26 The Competitors
28 Race Results Chart
28 How to Watch the Race

Includes information on the story of the World Cup Race, the World Cup rules, the Schedule of Events, past World Cup results, the top competitors, an article on the resort town of Whistler, and article on downhill skiing by Ken Read, map of the course, an article about Molson skiing and information about how and where to watch the race.


Photographs of someone golfing on Nicklaus North Golf Course in summer with Green Lake in the background, Blackcomb Mountain in summer with Whistler Mountain behind and Whistler Village below, people hiking Symphony Lake in Garibaldi Provincial Park, someone golfing Chateau Whistler Golf Course with the Chateau Whistler Resort in the background, Chateau Whistler Resort and Blackcomb base in Upper Village in summer and winter as seen from Whistler Mountain, Whistler Golf Course in summer with Whistler Mountain in the background, Howe Sound, people riding a 4-person chairlift, and Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains with Whistler Valley and Whistler Village below.

001, 003: "Nicklaus North Golf Course Whistler B.C. (M.R.)"
002, 018: "Whistler, BC."
004: "Hiking .Symphony Lake Garibaldi Prov. Park"
005: "Chateau Whistler Golf Course Whistler B.C. (M.R.)"
007, 009-010: "Chateau Whistler Resort & Blackcomb Base-Summer"
008: "Chateau Whistler Resort Whistler"
011-013: "Whistler Golf Course Whistler Mtn. in b.g."
014, 015: "Chateau Whistler Resort & Base of Blackcomb B.C."
016, 017: "Howe Sound B.C."


Photographs of a couple posing on a cow statue in Cows Ice Cream, aerials of Whistler Valley with Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains, people canoeing on a creek or lake with Whistler Mountain in the background, a snowboarder in mid-air, Upper Village at the base of Blackcomb Mountain with the Chateau Whistler Resort and Mount Weart in the background, hikers in a meadow in the Coast Range, Village Square in summer with Fitzsimmons Lodge and Crystal Lodge, Stephanie Sloan skiing in summer, a skier in fresh powder, people golfing on Whistler Golf Course with Whistler Mountain in the background, Whistler Village in winter including Sundial Hotel, Clocktower Building, Executive Inn & Suites, Carleton Lodge, Delta Mountain Inn/Hilton Whistler Resort, Whistler Conference Centre, Tapley's Neighbourhood Pub, and Fitzsimmons Lodge; people rafting on a river, heli-skiers with a helicopter overhead, a group of skiers having a picnic on Whistler or Blackcomb Mountain, and Roundhouse Lodge on Whistler Mountain with Red Chair in the foreground.



Photographs of a group of people standing under a waterfall, Stephanie Sloan summer skiing, someone kayaking on a river, Antonin Lieutaghi heli-boarding, the top of 7th Heaven with 7th Heaven Express Chair, Horstman T-Bar, and Horstman Hut with Black Tusk in the background, hikers on Blackcomb Mountain, mountain bikers on Blackcomb Mountain, someone cross-country skiing in Whistler, a group of bagpipers, Joe Lammers skiing Whistler Peak and between trees on Whistler Mountain, skiers having a picnic on Whistler Mountain, skiers on Harmony Ridge and Symphony Bowl, a crowd watching sumo-wrestling near Glacier Creek Lodge, a paraskier near Blackcomb Glacier, a group of people in a lodge hot tub, and Dave Gauley and Mark Morrison skiing Whistler Peak.

004: "Summer/ Whistler Kyaching [sic] Cheakamus River"
005: "Whistler Heliski/T&C Rider:Antonin Lieutaghi"
006: "Ziggy's Meadows Blackcomb Rider:Oliver Roy"
007: "Summer/Blackcomb Hiking on Blackcomb Mountain"
008: "Summer/Blackcomb Mountain Biking on Blackcomb Mountain"
009: "X-C SKiing Whistler B.C. Canada"
011: "Whistler-Winter Tree skiing Whistler Skier:Joe Lammers"
012: "Winter/Whistler/Ski Trail to Burnt Stew Basin Skiers: D.Stone & K.Wright"
013: "Harmony RIdge & Symphony Bowl, Whistler Mt."
015: "Spring Festivities Blackcomb Mt."
016: "Winter/Blackcomb Paragliding in Blackcomb Glacier"
017: "Whistler, B.C. Peak. Skier:Joe Lammers"
019: "Cliffs below Friday 13th Chutes Whistler Peak Skier:Dave Gauley"
020: "Peak powder Whistler, B.C. Skier:Mark Morrison"

Note: 004 is missing the slide, however, the mount and label remain. Items 006 and 012 have labels that do not match with the subject matter.


Photographs of Dean Stone skiing Sun Bowl and Burnt Stew Basin, various skiers and snowboarders on Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains including Symphony Bowl and Whistler Peak, Linda Richards snowboarding in a slalom race, hikers along the Musical Bumps Trail in the Singing Pass, Janet Roger skiing Whistler Mountain, and people hiking on Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains with meadows and wildflowers.

001: "Winter/Whistler/Ski Sun Bowl Cornice,B.Stew Bas. Skier: Dean Stone"
002, 007: "Skiing Whistler Back Bowls <M.R.>"
003: "Skier, Symphony Bowl, MR, Whistler, BC"
004: "Powder skiing Whistler <M.R.>"
005: "Snowboarding Blackcomb M.R."
006: "Skiing the Peak, Whistler, BC"
008, 020: "Hiking Musical BumpsTrail. Singing Pass Area M.R."
009: "Alpine bowl skiing Whistler, B.C. M.R."
010: "Powder skiing Whistler Skier: Janet Rodger [sic] M.R"
011, 012: "Symphony Bowl M.R. Whistler, B.C."
013: "Winter/Whistler/Ski Back Bowls-Burnt Stew Basin Skier: Dean Stone"
014: "Snowboarding Whistler <M.R."
015: "Winter/Whistler/Ski Whistler Back Bowls Skier: Dean Stone"
016: "Rock Climbing Squamish, MR, BC"
017: "Hiking on Whistler Mt. B.C. <M.R.>"
018: "Wildflowers Blackcomb Mt Whistler Mt \ Summer"
019: "Summer/Blackcomb Hiking on Blackcomb Mountain"


Photographs of Blackcomb Mountain, Rendezvous Lodge, Whistler Village, awards, signs, portraits of Greg Griffith and John 'Rabbit' Hare, Nancy Green Raine behind the bar at a pub, construction of Whistler Village, skiing on Whistler Mountain, partying, wet T-shirt contest at the Christiana Inn, canoeing on Alta Lake, Creekside, Nita Lake, heli-skiing in the Brandywine Meadows area, hiking, cross-country skiing, shovelling after heavy snowfall, aerial shots of the Whistler Valley, skateboarding, logging trucks, dogs, the first liquor store in Whistler, Myrtle Philip School, Ipsoot Mountain heli-skiing, dining, chairlifts, Creekhouse restaurant, Roundhouse Lodge, the Gondola Barn, Creekside Gondola, fisheye photography, sunbathing, Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau and his son Alexandre 'Sacha' Trudeau skiing, freestyle skiing at the Labatts World Cup Freestyle Championships, Dave Murray Summer Ski Camp, Dave Murray, Stephanie Sloan, group portraits, the Molson Molstar ski races, Garibaldi Spring Slalom, Nigel Woods and Jo Schnetzler in the avalanche control cabin with an avalauncher, ski racing, shopping, fishing, the Snowgoose bus, parking lots, condominiums, musicians Doc Fingers and Gary Koliger, Village Chair, swimming at Mountainside Lodge's swimming pool, Ski Scamps, Willie Whistler, Whistler Golf Course, windsurfing in ski boots, telemark skiing, skiing on Gun Barrels run, Wedge Mountain, Blue Chair, Green Chair, Red Chair, Catskinner Chair, Ego Bowl, Jim McConkey skiing Symphony Bowl, Green Lake, Blackcomb Mountain's Grand Opening, and Glenn Ashton skiing moguls in Harmony Bowl.

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