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Whistler Summer Ski Camp 1988 [2]

DVD contains footage of the Dave Murray Summer Ski Camp in 1988, showing the ski hills and lifts, campers and staff members skiing and participating in summer activities (hang gliding, diving, tennis, relaxing at lake), views of Whistler Village, and ski race maps. Includes background music.

[TSSSC] Group Photo and Enqvist Ski Camp

File consists of a London Drugs Photo Station CD containing 11 digital photographs. One (001) is a Toni Sailer (or Dave Murray) Summer Ski Camp group photo from likely the 1980s or 1990s. The rest (002-011) are black-and-white photos from 1940 showing the Enqvist Ski Camp on Mount Seymour (North Vancouver). Harald Enqvist Sr. built Mount Seymour Ski Lodge in 1938, opening the mountain up for skiing. These photos can also be found online on the Mount Seymour History Project website (link in 'Sources' section below).

  • 001 - TSSSC or DMSSC group photograph on the mountainside, c. 1980s-1990s.
  • 002 - skier standing on a slope with back to camera, looking out over the landscape.
  • 003 - group of six people dressed up and standing indoors; the man in the middle holds a trophy. L to r: Myrtle Skidmore, Norm Skidmore, Muriel Currie, Tony Brown, Chuck Milstead, Irene Byers, Ken Johnstone.
  • 004 - man in overalls standing outside a log building.
  • 005 - two buildings in a snowy clearing with many stumps.
  • 006 - exterior shot of a log building.
  • 007 - man standing on some sort of machine in snow.
  • 008 - skiers in the snow outside a building with a steeply-sloped roof.
  • 009 - exterior shot of a wooden building with a steeply-sloped roof. Wood is piled up & skis are leaning beside it. Two people are in front.
  • 010 - a group of people seated around a dining table inside a log building.
  • 011 - a man and two teenaged boys standing in the snow in front of a tree.

Toni Sailer Summer Ski Camp 1979

DVD contains footage of the 1979 Toni Sailer Summer Ski Camp. This includes the drive from Vancouver up to Whistler, unloading the bus, hiking up to the glacier, riding the gondola/chairlift/t-bars, skiing, a mountaintop picnic, the construction site of Whistler Village, the Whistler mascot, and various outdoor activities such as tennis, volleyball, and trampolining. No background music.

The DVD also includes three 'music videos,' each 1 minute long.

The 8th International Toni Sailer Summer Ski Camp at Whistler Mountain for Junior Skiers

Brochure advertising the 8th International Toni Sailer Summer Ski Camp for Junior Skiers at Whistler Mountain. Includes information on dates, directors, coaches, accommodation, lectures, activities, daily schedules, prices, age limits, equipment, travel arrangements, and the four different sections of the camp (advanced racing, intermediate & novice racing, recreational, and freestyle). At the back is an application card to be filled out and mailed in.

Summer Ski Camp prints

File contains photographic prints of skiers in action; lifts, scenery and buildings on Whistler Mountain; and a TSSSC or DMSSC group photograph.

  • 001-010 - action shots of individuals skiing the glacier. (001 and 007 are duplicates of each other).
  • 011 - group photo of Summer Ski Camp staff and participants, circa 1990s.
  • 012 - glacier in summer 1979, "to the left of towers 1+2."
  • 013 - glacier in summer 1979, showing "all 4 towers."
  • 014 - glacier in summer 1979, "hiking out after a hard day."
  • 015 - two-photo panorama of the glacier t-bar in 1979, “glacier from tower 3, bump hill from tower 3.”
  • 016 - five-photo panorama of the glacier t-bar.
  • 017 - photo of the top of Red Chair in summer.
  • 018 - photo of the Whistler Mountain equipment barn.
  • 019 - photo of the Whistler Mountain Roundhouse in summer.
  • 020-021 - photos of a ski run on Whistler's glacier.

Notes made by Alex Douglas in 2020:
001: "Alex Douglas on Whistler Glacier early 1980s, Greg Griffith or Harvey Soicher photo"
002, 006-007: "Alex Douglas "Axel" Salomon boots. Ski Patrol pack on waist, Greg Griffith or Harvey Soicher photo, Whistler Glacier"
003-004: "Alex "Axel" Douglas, Whistler Glacier, maybe late 1970s or early 1980s, Greg Griffith or Harvey Soicher photo"
005: "Alex "Axel" Douglas, skiing down main summer camp slope (which was steep), rope line for lanes on right of photo"
008: "Alex "Axel" Douglas with ski patrol pack on waist. Salomon boots. RACE DAY, practicing"
009: "Race practice, Alex "Axel" Douglas, Whistler Glacier, 1978 or 1979"
010: "More DMSSC than TSSSC, mid 1980s, Alex "Axel" Douglas on Whistler Glacier"
011: "Group photo, Whistler Glacier, TSSSC Adult Camp between 1980-1983. Left side to right side [with many names missing inbetween]: Wayne Wong (white shirt), Alex Douglas (yellow shirt), Nurse Heather, Doug Matthewman (blue pants), Toni Sailer (dark blue top), Greg Lee (blue top), Stephanie Sloan (pink top), Floyd Wilkie, Linda McLennan from Seymour, Bob Dufour (standing, leaning on poles)."
014: "This is the Whistler Glacier, summer camp 1st week of August after very warm summer. I cleaned up for 3 full days. Slept on the mountain."
015: "Taken from top of T-bar. August after camp finished before T-bar dismantled (only took about 3 or 4 days)"
017: "Alex Douglas, NIssan Multi driven to top maintenance building August 1984. Red Chair and Little Red Chair"
020-021: "Very hot summer, last days of DMSSC, lots of glacier ice showing"

Summer Camp Photos

File contains five photographs showing staff, campers, and scenery from the Toni Sailer Summer Ski Camp. The people in the photographs include Wayne Booth, Roy Ferris, Floyd (Wilkie?) and Tim (Ferris?).

  • 001 - group photograph of Toni Sailer Summer Ski Camp staff seated on rocks, c. 1970s. Includes Toni Sailer, Greg Lee, Wayne Wong, Don McQuaid, Nancy Green Raine, and Floyd Wilkie.
  • 002 - photograph of five standing men, marked '7/1970' on back. (Possibly Wayne Booth at far left, Roy Ferris middle, Yves Bienvenu 2nd from right?)
  • 003 - photograph of a group of kids/teens standing around outside cabins, marked '1/74.'
  • 004 - photograph of glacier, marked '2/"74.'
  • 005 - photograph of man (Roy Ferris?) standing with boy (Roy's son Tim?) and holding ski, marked "Whistler Mt / Easter 1973."

Notes made by Alex Douglas in 2020:

001: "Taken up on Whistler Glacier during TSSSC mid 1980s - Back, left to right: Alan White, Wayne Wong, Bob Dufour, Scott Bridger. Middle, left to right: Toni Sailer, Wayne Booth, Greg Lee, Don McQuaid, Nancy Greene. Front, left to right: Bob Turgeon, Floyd Wilkie."
002: "1975 or 1973 TSSSC. Left to right: Wayne Booth, ?, Toni Sailer, ? Eve - Adventures West"
003: "On the beach at Adventures West TSSSC - full right is Floyd Wilkie"
004: "Whistler Glacier Summer Camp late 1970s-early 1980s"
005: "Roy Ferris and Tim Ferris, would have been early 1970s"


Photographs of Dan Treadway skiing Whistler Peak and Ziggy's Bowl on Blackcomb Mountain, Joe Lammers skiing Ziggy's Bowl, Whistler Mountain's alpine bowls, and Cake Hole on Whistler Mountain, Brett Carlson skiing Ziggy's Bowl and Whistler Peak, Damian Cromwell and Kelsey Nash skiing Ziggy's Bowl, various skiers on Whistler Mountain and Whistler Glacier, John Kindree skiing Sun Bowl, competitors in the Slush Cup, Harmony Bowl and Harmony Express Chair, and Vanessa Knee, Mark Morrison, and Joe Lammers skiing Blackcomb's Boundary bowl.

001: "Peak powder Whistler Skier: Dan Treadway"
002, 020: "Ziggy's Bowl Blackcomb Mtn Skiers:Joe Lammers, Dan Treadway, Brett Carlson"
003: "Ziggy's Bowl Blackcomb Mtn Skiers:Damian Cromwell & Kelsey Nash"
004: "Winter/Whistler/Ski Powder Skiing-Whistler"
005: "Alpine bowls/ Whistler Mtn. Skier:Joe Lammers"
006: "The Peak Whistler Mtn Skier:Brett Carlson"
007: "Whistler-Winter Skiers in Glacier Bowls Whistler."
008: "Sun Bowl Whistler Mt. Skier:John Kindree"
009, 010: "Slush Cup Blackcomb"
011: "Harmony Bowl & Harmony Express Quad Whistler Mt."
014: "Whistler-Winter Skiing in Glacier Bowl"
015: "Whistler, B.C. Peak. Skier:Tim Rickli"
017: "Boundary Bowl Whistler, B.C. Blackcomb In B.G. Skiers:Vanessa, Mark & Joe"
018: "Whistler-Winter The Cake-hole Whistler Skier:Joe Lammers"


Photographs of golfing at Chateau Whistler Golf Course, fishing at Lost Lake, Canada Geese at Alta Lake, mountain views, Highway 99, hiking in the alpine, mountain biking in the alpine, street entertainment, Whistler Village in summer, Whistler Express Gondola at the top of Whistler Mountain, the Whistler valley from afar, Stephanie Sloan skiing Whistler's glacier in her bathing suit, and Roundhouse on Whistler Mountain.

002: "Lost Lake Whistler Fishing"
003-004: "Canada Geese Alta Lake Whistler"
007: "HIGHWAY 99."
011: "Summer/Whistler Village Whistler Village Whistler, B.C."
014: "Whistler Village & Blackcomb Mtn with Alta Lake"


Photographs of Blackcomb backcountry, landscapes of mountain ranges with alpenglow and a rainbow, the Bagel Bowl on Whistler Mountain, the Harmony Express Quad Chair on Whistler Mountain with Harmony Bowl in the background, Whistler Mountain viewed from Blackcomb Mountain, the Alpine area at Whistler Mountain Peak with many skiers, skiing on Whistler Mountain Glacier Bowl in the winter, view of Whistler Mountain from Rendezvous Lodge on Blackcomb Mountain, 7th Heaven on Blackcomb Mountain, Harmony and Symphony Bowls with Piccolo & Flute Peaks on Whistler Mountain, and Wedge Mountain with Alpenglow.

001: "Blackcomb backcountry Blackcomb"
003, 010: "Alpenglow Coast Range Whistler, B.C."
004: "Bagel Bowl Whistler"
005, 009: "Harmony Bowl & Harmony Express Quad Whistler"
006: "Whistler Mt viewed from Blackcomb"
008: "Whistler-Winter Alpine area & the Peak"
011: "Whistler-Winter Skiing in Glacier Bowl"
013: "Whistler, B.C. Whistler Mtn from Rendezvous Rest. Blackcomb Mtn."
014: "7th Heaven Blackcomb B.C."
016: "Harmony Bowl, Symphony Bowl with Piccolo & Flute Peaks Whistler Mt."
017: "Out of bounds Blackcomb Mtn"
019: "Blackcomb Mt. Whistler, B.C."
020: "Wedge Mtn. Whistler'

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