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Whistler Glacier

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Whistler Glacier

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Whistler Glacier

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Garibaldi Climbing and Hiking School Pamphlet

A two sided pamphlet for the Garibaldi Climbing & Hiking School on Whistler Mountain. The front contains the Garibaldi Lifts Ltd. logo, a photo of a hiker in the mountains, contact information for the school and facilities such as accommodations and shops associated with the school. The back gives a short description of what the school offers and the rates for tours and climbing lessons.

Growing Up Whistler

A 5 minute film directed by Peter Harvey for the 2009 Whistler Film Festival. Growing Up Whistler tells the story of what its like to grow up in Whistler and how some young local athletes are preparing to compete at the highest levels.


Photographs of golf courses, black bears, wildflowers, lakes, hiking, mountain views, street entertainment, Whistler Village, mountain biking, the Garibaldi Gruel mountain bike race, glaciers, skiing in summer, Roundhouse, the Whistler Express Gondola, aerial shots of the Whistler Valley, rafting, kayaking, horseback riding, the Jazz Festival, and the Whistler Farmers Market.


Photographs of golfing at Chateau Whistler Golf Course, fishing at Lost Lake, Canada Geese at Alta Lake, mountain views, Highway 99, hiking in the alpine, mountain biking in the alpine, street entertainment, Whistler Village in summer, Whistler Express Gondola at the top of Whistler Mountain, the Whistler valley from afar, Stephanie Sloan skiing Whistler's glacier in her bathing suit, and Roundhouse on Whistler Mountain.

002: "Lost Lake Whistler Fishing"
003-004: "Canada Geese Alta Lake Whistler"
007: "HIGHWAY 99."
011: "Summer/Whistler Village Whistler Village Whistler, B.C."
014: "Whistler Village & Blackcomb Mtn with Alta Lake"


Photographs of the Whistler Valley from above, buildings in Whistler Village, mountain views, skiing, heli-skiing, The Gables on Blackcomb Way, buildings in Upper Village, snow-making, freestyle skiing, cross-country skiing, a festival, alpenglow, backcountry skiing on Whistler Mountain and Blackcomb Mountain back bowls, glaciers, the Spearhead Range, chairlifts, gondolas, fireworks, ski runs, Green Lake, Alta Lake, sunrises and sunsets, Ziggy's Bowl, Joe Lammers skiing, 7th Heaven, Merlin's Bar apres ski, Blueberry Hill, Whistler Cay, Rainbow Park in winter, condominiums, Nicklaus North Golf Course, a freestyle ski competition on Whistler Mountain, and the 1993 Molson World Cup Downhill.


Photographs of Blackcomb backcountry, landscapes of mountain ranges with alpenglow and a rainbow, the Bagel Bowl on Whistler Mountain, the Harmony Express Quad Chair on Whistler Mountain with Harmony Bowl in the background, Whistler Mountain viewed from Blackcomb Mountain, the Alpine area at Whistler Mountain Peak with many skiers, skiing on Whistler Mountain Glacier Bowl in the winter, view of Whistler Mountain from Rendezvous Lodge on Blackcomb Mountain, 7th Heaven on Blackcomb Mountain, Harmony and Symphony Bowls with Piccolo & Flute Peaks on Whistler Mountain, and Wedge Mountain with Alpenglow.

001: "Blackcomb backcountry Blackcomb"
003, 010: "Alpenglow Coast Range Whistler, B.C."
004: "Bagel Bowl Whistler"
005, 009: "Harmony Bowl & Harmony Express Quad Whistler"
006: "Whistler Mt viewed from Blackcomb"
008: "Whistler-Winter Alpine area & the Peak"
011: "Whistler-Winter Skiing in Glacier Bowl"
013: "Whistler, B.C. Whistler Mtn from Rendezvous Rest. Blackcomb Mtn."
014: "7th Heaven Blackcomb B.C."
016: "Harmony Bowl, Symphony Bowl with Piccolo & Flute Peaks Whistler Mt."
017: "Out of bounds Blackcomb Mtn"
019: "Blackcomb Mt. Whistler, B.C."
020: "Wedge Mtn. Whistler'


Photographs of skiers on various runs on Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains, including: the Back Bowls on Blackcomb Mountain, Symphony Bowl, Ridge Run, heli-skiing the Spearhead Range, Sun Bowl, The Peak, Ziggy's Bowl, the Cake-hole, C.C. Chutes [Chamonix Chutes?] on Blackcomb Peak, Whistler's Glacier Bowl, and an area out of bounds on Whistler Mountain. Skiers include: Dean Stone, Jacques Morel, John Kindree, Brett Carlson, Damian Cromwell, Kelsey Nash, Joe Lammers, Shawn Nesbitt, Dave Gauley, and Mark Morrison.

001: "Winter/Whistler/Ski Powder Skiing, Blackcomb SKIER: DEAN STONE"
002: "Whistler, B.C. Skier: Jacques Morel"
003: "Winter- Whistler- Ski Blackcomb Back Bowls Skier: Dean Stone"
004: "Symphony Bowl Whistler Mt. Skier: John Kindree"
006: "Whistler Mt. Ridge Run Skier: John Kindree"
007: "Heli-skiing Spearhead Range Whistler B.C."
008: "Sun Bowl Whistler Mt. Skier: John Kindree"
009: "The Peak Whistler Mtn Skier: Brett Carlson"
010: "Ziggy's Bowl Blackcomb Mtn Skiers: Damian Cromwell & Kelsey Nash"
011: "Whistler-Winter The Cake-hole Whistler Skier: Joe Lammers"
012: "Ziggy's Bowl Traverse Blackcomb"
013: "Out of bounds Whistler, B.C."
014: "The Peak Whistler, B.C. Skier: Damian Cromwell"
015: "Peak powder Whistler B.C. Skier: Shawn Nesbitt"
016: "Whistler, B.C. Peak. Skier: Joe Lammers"
017: "C.C.Chutes Blackcomb Peak Skier: Dave Gauley"
018: "Peak powder Whistler, B.C. Skier: Mark Morrison"
019: "The Peak Whistler, B.C. Skier: Joe Lammers"
020: "Whistler-Winter Skiing in Glacier Bowl"


Photographs of the 1993 Molson World Cup Downhill featuring skiers Franz (unknown first name), Lasse Arnesen, Xavier Gigandet, Urs Lehmann, Fredrik Nyberg, Hannes Trinkl, and Kjetil Andre Aamodt; skiing on Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains including skiers and snowboarders Dean Stone, Eric Berger, and John Everson, and including locations: Whistler's back bowls, Burnt Stew Basin, Blackcomb Glacier, 7th Heaven, and Saudan Couloir; a skier competing in the Labatts World Cup Freestyle Championships on Blackcomb Mountain; ski tracks on Whistler Mountain's Glacier Bowl; Whistler Village at dusk/night with Blackcomb Mountain in the background; Chateau Whistler Resort with Wizard chair in the foreground; and an aerial view of Whistler Village.


001: "Winter/Whistler/Ski World Cup Downhill 1993 Hot Air- Skier FRANZ AUS"
002: "Winter/Whistler/Ski Back Bowls-Burnt Stew Basin Skier: Dean Stone"
003: "Winter/Blackcomb/Ski Blackc. Glacier 7th Heaven Snowboarder: Eric Berger"
004: "Winter/Whistler/Ski World Cup Downhill 1993. Start- Skier: ARNESAN [sic] (NOR)"
005: "Winter/Whistler/Ski World Cup Downhill 1993. Start- Skier GIGANEDET [sic] (SUI)"
006: "Winter/Whistler/Ski World Cup Downhill 1993. Start- Skier LEHMANN SUI"
007: "Winter/Whistler/Ski World Cup Downhill 1993. Toilet Bowl - Skier NYBERG"
008: "Winter/Whistler/Ski World Cup Downhill 1993. Hot Air- Skier TRINKL [AUI?]
009: "Winter/Whistler/Ski World Cup Downhill 1993. Toilet Bowl- Skier [AMODT?]"
010: "Winter- Whistler- Ski Blackcomb Glacier Skier:"
011: "Winter- Whistler- Ski Blackcomb Skier: John Everson"
012: "Winter- Whistler- Ski World Cup Freestyle"
013: "Winter- Whistler- Ski Saudan Couloir- Blackcomb Skier: John Everson"
014: "Winter- Whistler- Ski Glacier Bowl Whistler"
018: "Winter/Whistler Village Chateau Whistler Resort Blackcomb"
019: "Winter/Whistler Village Whistler Village Whistler, B.C."


Photographs of skiing, snowboarding, backcountry skiing, Whistler Mountain, Garibaldi Provincial Park, Blackcomb Mountain, etc.

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