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Diving Tower - B[ritish] E[mpire Games] Pool U[niversity of] B[ritish] C[olumbia] - July 25 [19]54 - Supreme Norm[adol] - Sept[ember] 18 [19]54

Photograph of a man diving from the diving tower at the British Empire Games pool at the University of British Columbia on July 25, 1954. Caption reads: "Diving Tower - B[ritish] E[mpire Games] Pool U[niversity of] B[ritish] C[olumbia] - July 25 [19]54 - Supreme Norm[adol] Sept[ember] 18 [19]54". [Normadol refers to Ansco Normadol fine grain developer, used to develop the photos. The second date in the caption is likely the date the photos were developed.]

Envelope 24

Photographs of real estate developments, Vail, Colorado, a woman named 'Emma' wheelchair racing in the Rock 'n' Roll Marathon in Vancouver along with her colleagues from Whistler Real Estate Co., a weight loss bet lunch at the Trattoria di Umberto, and other Whistler Real Estate Co. staff events.

Family Videos #1

VHS tape entitled "Special Memories 1 of 2" containing Franz Wilhelmsen's home videos, featuring boating, water skiing, family vacations, falconing, the Soda Creek Ferry, Franz fishing in a river, a car gondola, the Fraser River, Alta Lake train station, Alta Lake ferry, landscaping, building a pool, commercial fishing, children playing games and races, swimming, Fort Kamloops, orca whales, and a grounded paddle wheeler called “Klondike”.

Family Videos #2

VHS tape labeled "Special Memories 2 of 2", containing Franz Wilhelmsen's home videos, featuring water skiing, swimming in an indoor pool, Franz building with two boys, canoeing, hunting, fishing, skiing at various mountains, family vacations, school sports day, a herd of rams filmed from the car, Franz putting up a sign declaring that the area was to be developed by Garibaldi Lifts Ltd. (sign gives information about share purchasing), skating at a rink, a hockey game, riding the gondola at Wildcat Mountain (possibly Franz doing research on other mountains before starting on Whistler), a boys choir singing, school gym class, a parade in Norway, and driving through the mountains.


Photographs depicting Whistler Village and Whistler Mountain at night, night skiing, people swimming, a lady in a bikini dancing on a table, the ski school staff, people in a pool, and an aerial view of Whistler Mountain.


Photographs taken by Arv Pellegrin while he worked for Whistler Real Estate Co., mostly of construction in Whistler Village, but also including other events and locations around Whistler.

Pool and Slides

Photographs taken by Greg Griffith depicting the outdoor slide and pool at the Whistler Springs Motel.

Griffith, Greg

Summer 1979 people in camp

Photographs of campers at Toni Sailer Summer Ski Camp in 1979 playing volleyball, having a BBQ beside Alta Lake, on a bus, swimming in a pool, and relaxing on Whistler Mountain in summer.

Identification according to ADOUGLAS-03-011:

  • 001 (73-14) – June 1979, “Scotty and his size 16s.”
  • 002 (75-1) – June 1979, “Children’s Camp Beach Barbecue.”
  • 003 (75-2) – June 1979, “Children’s Camp Beach Barbecue.”
  • 004 (75-4) – June 1979, “Greg (white shirt), Nick Adler background.”
  • 005 (75-5) – June 1979, “Jon [Grim?], Donny.”
  • 006 (75-8) – June 1979, “Hoggy.”
  • 007 (75-12) – June 1979, “Mini and Martha Ward, Nick and Tom back seat.”
  • 008 (75-14) – June 1979, “Jeff and Andrew, Bestsy.”
  • 009 (75-19) – June 1979, “Dana Baum.”
  • 010 (77-7) – mid-July 1979, “What’s Steve doing to Pam.”
  • 011 (77-9) – mid-July 1979, “Pam doing a flip.”
  • 012 (77-10) – mid-July 1979, “Me doing an [omobrius?] flip off diving board at Whistler Inn.”
  • 013 (77-11) – mid-July 1979, “Me doing an [omobrius?] flip off diving board at Whistler Inn.”
  • 014 (77-13) – mid-July 1979, “Tom [Chemis] and a Canadian.”
  • 015 (78-5) – July 1979, “Nini sister picking blue berries.”
  • 016 (78-21) – July 1979, “Allan White, Nole, Rocky, Bill, Steve, Chad, Nancy, Linda.”

Douglas, Alex 'Axel'

Summer Camp 1976-80

Photographs of campers enjoying Toni Sailer Summer Ski Camp in 1976-1980. Includes swimming and sailing in Alta Lake, skiers relaxing in the snow, trampolining, and people swimming in a pool.

Identification based on ADOUGLAS-03-011:

  • 001 (1-3) – mid-July 1976
  • 002 (1-2) – mid-July 1976, “note sail surfer.”
  • 003 (1-5) – mid-July 1976, “Scott from California.”
  • 004 (1-6) – mid-July 1976
  • 005 (1-7) – mid-July 1976, “Oliver, Floyd’s bird.”
  • 006 (1-9) – mid-July 1976, “Scott B’s girlfriend.”
  • 007 (2-1) – July-August 1976, “Stuart, Carol, Stella, [Bubu].”
  • 008 (2-3) – July-August 1976, “Bear at Keg.”
  • 009 (2-2) – July-August 1976, “Bear at Keg.”
  • 010 (2-4) – July-August 1976, “Bear at Keg.”
  • 011 (2-5) – July-August 1976
  • 012 (77-14) – mid-July 1979, “Allan [sic] White muscle man.”
  • 013 (98-12) – July 1980, “Rosalind, Sallyanne Johnston.”
  • 014 (98-7) – July 1980, “LeeAnne + Bob Dofour [sic].”
  • 015 (31-2) – July 1977, “Wayne Wong + Katie Brown.”
  • 016 (77-6) – mid-July 1979, “Floyd relaxing in the pool.”

Douglas, Alex 'Axel'

Week of August 7, 1980

Photographs including but not limited to skiing; doing dishes; waterfalls; Lost Lake; Construction
02-100-66. Pg. 1. Caption: A little shove is all thats needed to stop this huge concrete slab from colliding into wall as crane hoists another pre-cast portion of the Resort Centre into place. The structure is growing leaps and bounds using this giant building block concept. 02-100-63. Pg. 1. Caption: These pillars will soon hold a glass shelter to stop snow from the adjacent buildings from building up in the passage way. See story at left.02- 02-100-46. Pg. 3. Caption: Swimming lessons are much more fun when youre with a friend - and a competent instructor like this one. Lessons are on now at the Whistler Creek Lodge.
02-100-43. Pg. 4. Caption: Some of the lakes on the golf course. Tees are constructed and greens are being worked on now.
02-100-35-36. Pg. 7. Caption: Lost Lake south shore from two angles shows where a beach and picnic ground will be located.
02-100-4. Pg. 11. Caption: (top) Even in the summer a cover of clouds can cool things to the point where one has to dig out the winter gear. Hikers should be ready for any weather in Whistler`s mountains.
02-100-10. Pg. 11. Caption: (bottom) One of the girls in the group heads down the Horstman glacier. Note the soft snow that makes turning a breeze.
02-100-45. Pg. 13. Caption: The doors of the former Filling Station Restaurant will open again -- under a new name and management. No one is saying just what the new restaurant will be like at its location next to the Whistler Creek Lodge.
02-100-49. Pg. (16). Caption: Visitor to Whistler/Pemberton area points out a feature of Nairn Falls, a scenic attraction only minutes from either town that many visitors miss.
02-100-021. [Matt Rodgers]
02-100-024. [Matt Rodgers]

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