Snowcap Lake



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Snowcap Lake

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Snowcap Lake

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Snowcap Lake

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Rene and Clifford

Photograph of Clifford Fenner and Rene Widmer in front of a floatplane at Snowcap Lake.
Photograph was previously in wooden frame.

Caption on back: "Snowcap Lake, Rene + self, Sept 1999/20 [20 is scratched out] ?"

Slides 21

Photographs of Dag Aabye doing tricks, other skiers on Whistler Mountain, landscape views of Garibaldi Provincial Park, people exploring the Garibaldi area, camping on Snowcap Lake with a seaplane on the water, Garibaldi Mountain, Diamond Head, and a chalet in summer and winter.

FEN_02_02_021_006 labelled: "Skiing Whistler Mountain Garibaldi BC."
FEN_02_02_021_016 labelled: "Diamond Head and chalet Garibaldi BC, Summer."
FEN_02_02_021_017 labelled: "Diamond Head and chalet Garibaldi BC, Winter."
FEN_02_02_021_018 labelled: "Garibaldi from Diamond Head."

All slides are labelled with codes MING and MINW and respective numbers that correspond with written documents (FEN_04_03_02).


Photographs taken by Clifford Fenner from his work in Garibaldi Provincial Park and his travels in British Columbia, the United States, and Colombia.

Letters from Rene Widmer to Whistler Museum & Archives

  • WA_2019_040-01-001
  • Dossier
  • 2019
  • Fait partie de Rene Widmer

Letters from Rene Widmer to Alyssa Bruijns (Head Archivist & Collections Manager, Whistler Museum & Archives) sharing stories of his time working with Cliff Fenner in the Garibaldi Provincial Park area.

  • Letter 001: References the Whistler Museum exhibit on Cliff Fenner, and shares autobiographical details of his employment as a park ranger in Garibaldi Provincial Park, how he came to Canada, how he met Cliff, and a rough timeline of his activities and jobs in the 1960s.
  • Letter 002: Offers to sign a donation form for the Whistler Museum and to translate his diary entries from his time in the Black Tusk area from German to English.
  • Letter 003: Elucidation of more specific memories from his time as a park ranger under Cliff Fenner's mentorship, including a trip leading girl guides from Squamish into the park to camp at Taylor Meadows and lyrics to a song the girl guides created about Widmer's role leading the climbing and hiking party.
  • Letter 004: Contains explanation of enclosed translated diary entry from 1961 detailing 'The Visit of Judge Wilson' to Garibaldi Provincial Park while Rene Widmer and Dick Bond were rangers there.