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Snowcap Lake

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Letters from Rene Widmer to Whistler Museum & Archives

Letters from Rene Widmer to Alyssa Bruijns (Head Archivist & Collections Manager, Whistler Museum & Archives) sharing stories of his time working with Cliff Fenner in the Garibaldi Provincial Park area.

  • Letter 001: References the Whistler Museum exhibit on Cliff Fenner, and shares autobiographical details of his employment as a park ranger in Garibaldi Provincial Park, how he came to Canada, how he met Cliff, and a rough timeline of his activities and jobs in the 1960s.
  • Letter 002: Offers to sign a donation form for the Whistler Museum and to translate his diary entries from his time in the Black Tusk area from German to English.
  • Letter 003: Elucidation of more specific memories from his time as a park ranger under Cliff Fenner's mentorship, including a trip leading girl guides from Squamish into the park to camp at Taylor Meadows and lyrics to a song the girl guides created about Widmer's role leading the climbing and hiking party.
  • Letter 004: Contains explanation of enclosed translated diary entry from 1961 detailing 'The Visit of Judge Wilson' to Garibaldi Provincial Park while Rene Widmer and Dick Bond were rangers there.

Rene and Clifford

Photograph of Clifford Fenner and Rene Widmer in front of a floatplane at Snowcap Lake.
Photograph was previously in wooden frame.

Caption on back: "Snowcap Lake, Rene + self, Sept 1999/20 [20 is scratched out] ?"


Photographs taken by Clifford Fenner from his work in Garibaldi Provincial Park and his travels in British Columbia, the United States, and Colombia.

Slides 21

Photographs of Dag Aabye doing tricks, other skiers on Whistler Mountain, landscape views of Garibaldi Provincial Park, people exploring the Garibaldi area, camping on Snowcap Lake with a seaplane on the water, Garibaldi Mountain, Diamond Head, and a chalet in summer and winter.

FEN_02_02_021_006 labelled: "Skiing Whistler Mountain Garibaldi BC."
FEN_02_02_021_016 labelled: "Diamond Head and chalet Garibaldi BC, Summer."
FEN_02_02_021_017 labelled: "Diamond Head and chalet Garibaldi BC, Winter."
FEN_02_02_021_018 labelled: "Garibaldi from Diamond Head."

All slides are labelled with codes MING and MINW and respective numbers that correspond with written documents (FEN_04_03_02).