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Photographs of cross-country skiing, ski racing, including events such as the 1988 World Cup Downhill and 1989 World Cup Downhill. Other subjects include a couple in red attire drinking and eating in the snow, chairlifts, snowmobiles, picnics, events, skis and ski gear (including brands such as HEAD NV and Fischer Sports), Rob Boyd, Michelle Ruthven, Urs Lehmann, Ralf Socher, Ed Podivinsky, AJ Kitt, Jean-Marc Boivin, Peter Bosinger, Jan Elinar Thorsen, Pirmin Zurbriggen, Miki Ito, Mike Carney, Scott Shaver, Gary Athans, Franz Heinzer, Franck Piccard, Peter Wirnsberger, Marc Girardelli, Peter Mueller, Danilo Sbardellotto, Gerhard Pfaffenbichler, Sepp Wildgruber, Karl Alpiger, Thomas Eriksson, Philippe Verneret, Werner Perathoner, Armin Assinger, Hannes Zehenter, Martin Bell, Klaus Gattermann, Alberto Ghidoni, Jeff Olson, Don Stevens, Norm Lewis, and Alberto Tomba.

This file consists of previously labeled file "Box 3 File 4."
Originally labeled "Box 3 File 4" was accompanied by two typed and printed pieces of paper; the first and opening piece reads, "Box 3 file 1 / Cross country skiing."
The second piece is a dividing piece of paper between 01.10.33 and 01.10.34 that reads, "Box 3 file 2 / World cup (including Rob Boyd's 1989 / win)."

These accompanying pieces of paper are included in the newly organized file as to identify original context and order.


Designs for posters, t-shirts, and the Whistler Address Book; photographs of skiing, hiking, golfing, canoeing, mountain biking, the Garibaldi Gruel race, Symphony on the Mountain, and other outdoor activities in Whistler and surrounding areas.

Files 001-037 found in Box 7 labelled by creator as "Internegs".
Files 001-027 found in creator's folder labelled "T-Shirt Material".
Files 004-019 found in an envelope labelled by creator as "Posterized Internegs".
Files 004-022 found in an envelope labelled by creator as "3-Skiers".
File 028 found in creator's folder labelled "Dave & Steph Summer Camp".
Files 028-029 found in an envelope labelled by creator as "Steph".
Files 030-033 found in an envelope labelled by creator as "Dave".
Files 034-037 found in an envelope labelled by creator as "Address Book / Greg Hayes / M[oun]t[ai]n Moments Address Book / - Transp. / - Rough Layout Etc.".

Mixed Graphic Material

Photographs of skis lined up on a ski rack and silhouettes of two people skiing.


Photographs of skiing and a skier showing his Head Racing ski.

Pletsch & Dokka Ski and Sports Shop Ltd. Receipt

A receipt from Pletsch & Dokka Ski and Sport Shop Ltd. made out to Mr. Tom E. Ladner for purchases and credits in 1963 and 1964. Purchases include ski boots, gloves, slacks, skis, harnesses, t-shirts and a boot tree. Unidentified handwriting on the bottom.


  • GRI-01-10-39
  • File
  • March 1988 - February 1989
  • Part of Greg Griffith

Photographs of helicopters and skis in the snow. The skis include brands Fischer and HEAD.


  • GRI-01-31-030
  • File
  • April 1980 - April 1981
  • Part of Greg Griffith

Photographs of people skiing on various runs including moguls, a couple sitting in the snow resting on their skis, a view of an early ticket booth at the base of Whistler Mountain with the Whistler Express Gondola in the background, a view of people on a snowy ridge with a Canadian flag on the left and trees in the foreground, views of Roundhouse Lodge and large crowds surrounding it, Whistler Mountain and someone interviewing people with a cameraman, and Franz Wilhelmsen.


  • GRI-01-14-45
  • File
  • February 1982 - February 1984
  • Part of Greg Griffith

Photographs of Whistler Village, skiers, and skis resting in the snow outside a pub/restaurant.


  • GRI-01-07-52
  • File
  • August 1978 - April 1987
  • Part of Greg Griffith

Photographs of skis (Head and Dynamic), a closeup of a skier wearing an Uvex helmet, people dressed in costume, group portraits with mountains in the background, and people sunbathing.

002: "DYNAMIC [illegible]"

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