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Downhill 300 I

Photographs of the Creekside Gondola parking lot and a ski race on Whistler Mountain.


Photographs of ski jumping at the Gelandesprung contest.

Rod Wants A Print.

Photographs of T-Bar #2 after it was moved from the bottom of the mountain, Black Tusk, Red Chair, and skiing on Whistler Mountain.

LA Whist Owl F69

Photographs of Whistler Bowl, Shale slope with traverse lines, a small avalanche, Rainbow Mountain (3/2/184/46), skiing down the Sewer Run (3/2/184/48), pictures around Los Angeles, a beach, and palm trees.


Photographs of skiing and Rene Paquette.


Photographs of Brandywine Falls in winter, skiing, and a ski jump.

Loose Prints #7

Photographs of dogs running in snow and mating, and a downhill ski race on Whistler Mountain.

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