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Saudan Couloir Ski Race Extreme Posters

Posters for the Saudan Couloir Ski Race Extreme Race held on Blackcomb Mountain in 1991 (001) and 1992 (002), featuring paintings by Brent Lynch of skiers dressed as fighter pilots and a dramatized rendering of the Saudan Couloir race run.

Hong Kong Bank Whistler Ski Classic Poster - 1997

Posters advertising the 1997 Hong Kong Bank Whistler Ski Classic, featuring a large photograph of crowds in Whistler Village with a schedule of festival events and sponsors below.

1992 Ski Challenge Poster

Poster for the 1992 Todd Brooker Ski Challenge, featuring a coloured drawing of a ski racer and smaller images of festivities. Sponsors are listed on the left side.

Vachon Cup Poster

Vachon Cup poster from the [1990s?] showing a photograph of a cross-country ski race and listing all the Canada Cup stops along the bottom.

The Shell Cup Canadian Championships Poster

Posters advertising The Shell Cup Canadian Championships in Whistler and Collingwood, Ontario, featuring a ski racer and dates in both English and French.


Series consists of photographs taken by or of the Blaylock family, from the late 1960s to the 1980s or 90s, depicting locations, activities, and events in Whistler and the surrounding area.

Slide Film

Slide film including but not limited to The Zube Mushroom House, marijuana growing, the Crazy Canucks in Aspen, Franz Wilhelmsen skiing in 1982 (2/3/15), Whistler aerial photographs, windsurfing, Toad Hall, Tokum Corners; and George Benjamin with family and friends.


Slide film of Armchair glacier, repairing a tread on a Snowcat, the top of the T-Bar gun platform, John Hetherington in Ski Patrol uniform, Tokum Corners, Kayaking on Alta Lake, a Halloween Party, sailing on Alta Lake, Wayside Park, the River of Golden Dreams, a marijuana plant, Highway 99, and more.

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