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Contact Sheet 9

Contact sheet depicting the Roundhouse, Whistler Village, scenic views of Whistler Mountain, and people hiking the alpine.

Whistler's Crazy Canucks

A 5 minute film directed by Liz Thomson for the 2009 Whistler Film Festival. Whistler's Crazy Canucks tells the story of Steve Podborski, Ken Read, Dave Murray and Dave Irwin and how they became the Crazy Canucks.

International Summer Ski Camp Pamphlet

A pamphlet from the International Summer Ski Camp. The front panel shows a drawing of a man with a broken leg and a crutch saying "So then I said who needs the International Summer Ski Camp at Garibaldi's Whistler Mountain B.C. Canada wi...

Mogul Bash Registration Team 1

Mogul Bash Registration sheet for Team 1, including members Mike Young, Vic Coulombe, Doug O'Mara, and Gary Vollet.

Mogul Bash Registration Team 3

Mogul Bash Registration sheet for Team 3, including Alan Davis, John Hare, Kathie Evans, and Lee Linka.

Mogul Bash Registration Team 9

Mogul Bash Registration sheet for Team 9, including members D.J. Muzzillo, Neil Linder, and Paul Sarinnen.

Mogul Bash Registration Team 16

Mogul Bash Registration sheet for Team 16, including Nigel Woods, Diane Kees, David Feniak, and Sania Schlerd.

Mogul Bash Registration Team 20

Mogul Bash Registration sheet for Team 20, including Doug Hamilton, John S[ewest], Robin Southwell, and Bob Millar.

Dennis Therrien Fonds

  • WA_2016_044
  • Fundo
  • 1971-1972

Photographs and magazine clippings, as well as one postcard showing skiing on Whistler Mountain, including Hugh Smythe and Dennis Therrien.

Hugh Smythe skiing by the Roundhouse

A magazine clipping photo of Hugh Smythe skiing on Whistler Mountain with the Roundhouse in the background.Caption reads "Why do people think Canada means ski land? Over 50 major ski areas is one reason."

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