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Three skiers

Photograph of three skiers. Skier [possibly Dave Murray] in forefront of picture is moving fast, while the other two skiers are stopped in the background.

Skiers at St. Moritz World Cup

Photograph of skiers watching a ski racer with bib number 36 racing their first run at the St. Moritz World Cup.

Caption on verso: "St. Moritz W.C. /74, Sl. 1st run"

Ski racer

Photograph of a skier with Yamaha bib number 3 racing. Another skier is in the background.

Ski racer in Kitsbuhel

Photograph of a ski racer with number 26 bib in Kitsbuhel, Austria.

Caption on verso: "Kitsbuhel 75"
Stamp on verso reads: "FOTO KORN, 75/A252 /33 A, KITZBUHEL-KIRCHBERG."

Ski racer at the World Cup

Photograph of ski racer at the World Cup in Chamonix, France.

Caption on verso: "Chamonix France '78", "0.16 off gold", and a A.I.G.L.E.S. stamp.

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