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Week of May 2, 1979

Photographs including but not limited to Rotary Club; Whistler Construction; skiing; hummingbirds feeding; coastal views; Dancing
02-11-25 appears in the May 9, 1979 issue on pg. 15. Caption: Some of the crew head up Blackcomb Mountain in the old Tucker Snocat.
02-011-08 on pg. 3. Caption: Priest's Drugstore in Pemberton showing the foundation of the new addition which will almost double the size of the present store.
02-011-16 on pg. 4. Caption: Fire Hazard -- Slash left over from the logging that was recently done north of the White Gold Inn.
02-011-12 on pg. 4. Caption: Hummingbirds at work by the Cullen's feeder.
02-011-04 on pg. 5. Caption: Oops! Truckload of fill gets bogged down while building a new road into the Mons area.
02-011-10 on pg. 6. Caption: Bill McNeney, Ragnar Blomberg and Chris Garrett at the W.M.S.C. Norwegian party.
02-011-34; 02-011-31 on pg. 7. Captions: Rockpickers at work on the Myrtle Philip field.; The students warm up for the Dairyland 3 km. Milk Run.
02-011-06 on pg. 10. Caption: The B.C.R. locomotive that went of the tracks in Pemberton on Saturday April 28.
02-011-39 [top]; 02-011-37[bottom] on pg. 11. After 11 hours of dancing, some were light on their feet and others needed a little foot attention! [photos of the Pemberton Dance-A-Thon see story on same page].
02-011-27 on pg. 13. Caption: Bombardier Skidozer 302 ploughs its way up the Blackcomb Mountain road.
02-011-29 on pg. 15. Caption: Members of the Chicago Friars Ski Club enjoy the spring skiing scene at Whistler last week.
02-011-02 on pg. [16] or back cover. Caption: Lorne Greenaway, Progressive Conservative candidate for Cariboo-Chilcotin, addresses the Whistler Rotary Club on Friday, April 27.
02-011-19 appears in April 25, 1979 issue on pg. 5. Caption: Peder Pederson who celebrated his 97th birthday on April 22. [Story below photograph]
02-011-20 appears in April 25, 1979 issue on pg. 6. Caption: What a place to park a Lincoln Continental! -- across from the Alpine Meadows entrance.

Week of April 18, 1979

Photographs including but not limited to the Construction of the Alpine Offices at Whistler Mountain; Skiing
02-013-06 on pg. 4. Caption [T]: The new lunchroom - Bruce Watt & Radar, Franz Wilhelmsen and Dennis Beauregard enjoy a break.
02-013-10 on pg. 4. Caption [B]: Equipment storage room adjacent to the maintenance garage in the new building.
02-013-08 on pg. 5. Caption [T]: Bob Sinclair of the First Aid Ski Patrol works on the roster sheet in the new Ski Patrol room.
02-013-11 on pg. 5. Caption [M]: Mary Wilton keeps everything under control in the Alpine Communications Office.
02-013-13 on pg. 5. Caption [B]: The rescue equipment stored in the new rescue room ready for an emergency.
02-013-02 on pg. 6. Caption [R]: Not a Good Friday! This vehicle didn't quite get to where it was going in Alpine Meadows on Friday, April 13!.
02-013-19 on pg. 6. Caption [L]: The race is on! Parents and kids alike join in the race for Easter Eggs on Sunday at the school.
02-013-17 on pg. 10. Caption [R]: Soil testing rig at work in the Town Centre parking structure area with the snow covered slopes of Blackcomb behind.
02-13-04 on pg. [16] or back cover. Caption: Closed! Skiers confront the ski patrollers who are guarding the fence at the entrance to Whistler Bowl on Saturday, April 14.

Week of April 11, 1979

Photographs including but not limited to Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau's visit to Whistler Mountain; Skiing; Winter construction; freestyle skiing; Grouse Mountain Vancouver; the Posie Shoppe
02-014-33 on pg. 1. Caption: Prime Minister Trudeau a the bottom of the Olympic Run after a hard day's ski-ing on Whistler.
02-014-01 appears in April 18, 1979 issue on pg. 10 [L]: Caption: Don't look too closely! Highways crews work on a "suspended" section of the Cheakamus Canyon highway held up by logs.
02-014-26 on pg. 10. Caption: Some of the crumpled railcars and twisted track at the scene of the B.C.R. derailment.
02-014-52 on pg. 12. Caption: Champion Eaves exhibits fine form during the Labatt's World Cup Freestyle Aerials at Grouse.
02-014-10 on pg. 17. Caption: Highlands Mall and the Highlander Hotel as seen from the new Highway #99.
02-014-46 on pg. 20. Caption: The interior of the Highlands Mall showing the tropical plants in the mall itself.

Week of March 21, 1979

Photographs including but not limited to the Construction of Whistler Village; Skiing; car accident
02-017-10 on pg. 1. Caption: The Town Centre area takes shape- the snow has now been removed from the area where the underground parking structure is to be built.
02-017-06 on pg. 5. Caption: Heading Out -- Early bird powder hounds head out into the T-Bar Bowl on Friday, March 16 just after it was opened.
02-017-02 on pg. 13. Caption: Ed Friegang (BC & Yukon Trades Council), Willie Andersen (Carpenters Union #452), Cy Sloan (N.W. & Vancouver Bldg. Trades Council) & Colin Snell (Secretaryof Local #452) at the Chamber of Commerce meeting.
02-017-04 [T]; 02-017-12 [B] on pg. 14. Caption: The mud and ice of March! Mud at the City Hall parking area and a car sunning its tummy after skidding on ice last Monday. There were no injuries.

Week of March 14, 1979

Photographs including but not limited to Podborski; 1979 World Cup; Team Canada; Weasel Workers; Ted Reynolds; CBC; Dave Murray; Skiing; podium; post-race party; drinking
02-018-93 [Top] on pg. 1. Caption: The rough and the smooth-- the race course on Wednesday after the avalanche.
02-018-91 [Bottom] on pg. 1. Caption: And on Thursday before the downhill was cancelled.
02-18-56 on pg. 5. Caption: Ken Read with the trophy he won at Morzine before he presented it to Steve Podborski.
02-018-42 on pg. 7. Caption: Boy am I mad ... someone took away my skis!
02-018-15 on pg. 9. Caption: The main road to Pemberton that was flooded on March 7 after the rains.
02-018-11 on pg.9. Caption: Race Chairman Peter Andrews looks on while Dave Murray signs autographs at the reception held at the school on Tuesday.
02-018-16 on pg. 10. Caption: Steve Podborski with the gold medal and trophy presented to him from his win at the downhill at Morzine in which Read was disqualified.
02-18-138 on pg. 13. Caption: Canadian National Ski Team member Dave Murray of Whistler.
02-18-32 on pg. 13. Caption: Two outstanding competitors in their Field -- Frank Bartik of the Finlandia Ski Club who was here for the Fischer Cup...
02-18-36 on pg. 14. Caption: They are all wearing green! -- Don McLaurin, Marge Crompton, Wilma Young, Lesley Gardiner and Willy Young at the W.M.S.C. St. Patrick's party.
02-18-90; 02-18-47 on pg. 15. Caption: The flooding at Heinz Wango's house in Alpine Meadows --- Bob Cochlin surveys the damage at left while the shed which is upright in the left hand picture has its foundations eroded away and falls over at right.
02-18-21 on back cover [pg. 16] -- Caption: A happy group of racers: Eric Molson of Molson's poses with Canadian team racers Dave Irwin, Dave Murray, Steve Podborksi and Ken Read.

Week of March 7, 1979

Photographs including but not limited to Skiing; Whistler Winterhawks hockey game in Squamish
02-19-08 on pg. 1. Caption: Toni Sailer runs the Molson World Cup Downhill on Tuesday February 27.
02-19-05 on pg. 4. Caption [R]: McConkey Ski Instructor leads an intermediate class of Myrtle Philip students down the Green Chair.
02-19-52 on pg. 4. Caption [L]: Whistler Hockey Team in action around the K&M net on Wednesday night.
02-19-38 appears in March 14, 1979 issue on pg. 10. Caption: Brackendale Art Gallery owner Thor Froslev in pensive mood. Scott Alpen photo.
02-19-74 on pg. 18. Caption: One of the Tantalus seamstresses at work on a vest.
02-19-67 on pg. 18. Caption: John and Ann model some of Tantalus Creations' custom ski wear.
02-19-10 on back cover or pg. [16] Caption: Toni Sailer and Nancy Greene Raine on the World Cup Downhill course.

Week of February 14, 1979

Photographs including but not limited to Slush Cup; Skiing; grass and baskets
02-22-13 on pg. 1. Caption: The Whistler Vale complex with the Old Cheakamus Inn in front and the new units to the left and behind.
02-22-22 on pg. 4. Caption: The pump currently being used in 19 Mile Creek to augment the Alpine Meadows water supply.
02-22-01 on pg. 6 Caption: R.C.M.P. under-ice diving training school held on Alta Lake during the past week. Scott Alpen photo.
02-22-11 on pg. 8. Caption: Mike Fedoruk from Banff instructs one of the CSIA courses on the Green Chair.
02-22-19 on pg. [16] or back cover. Caption: Whistler as it should be -- Doug Read gets into it on "Upper Insanity" on Friday, February 9.

Week of January 31, 1979

Photographs including but not limited to Skiing at Whistler Mountain; outdoor ice hockey; bagpipes; costumes
02-24-27 on pg. 1. Caption [L]: Volunteer Fire Department pumper truck pumping into the Alpine Water system from 19 Mile Creek.
02-24-06 on pg. 1. Caption[R]: Pro patroller races through the Molstar race on Whistler Mountain on Thursday while 2 suspended skiers look on!
02-24-04 on pg. 3. Caption [L]: R.C.M.P. and Mountain Hostesses working at the "Ski Watch" programme during Tuesday's snowstorm.
02-24-13 on pg. 3. Caption [R]: The Spring is Sprung (in January) -- skiers sunning themselves on Thursday beside the Gondola Barn.
02-24-16 on pg. 6. Caption [L]: Elmer Hellevang plays the "pipes" as he leads the parade for the haggis.
02-24-38 on pg. 6. Caption [R]: "Fiona Heather MacVanderlee" waxes eloquent as she predicts the future.
02-24-25 on pg. 7. Caption [L]: "Son" Jim Russell, "Chieftain Jim Adamson & "Pretty"Con Vanderlee during the Pemberdoon skit at the Legion Burns' dinner.
02-24-33 on pg. 7. Caption [R]: Hatted, bearded & kilted, dancers Naylor and Burrows give it a fling! photo J. Russell.
02-24-30 on pg. 11. Caption: Alpine Meadows' water reservoir after it had been filled by the fire truck pumper on Saturday.
02-24-22 on pg. [16]. Caption: Whistler Municipal broomball team exhibits the fine form that won it the Winterfest Broomball Trophy on Sunday.

Week of February 11, 1980

Photographs including but not limited to cross-country skiing; dining; mountain views; Whistler Mountain; chairlift; downhill skiing; art
02-058-36. Pg. 1. Caption: Sunshine and good skiing -- the way it has been on the top of Whistler for the past week.
02-058-29. Pg. 4. Caption: Land Company Marketing Manager Colin Chedore shows off the town centre to the visiting travel writers.
02-058-03. Pg. 6. Caption: Nicholas Busdon heads across the finish line in the Elementary Boys race.
02-058-17. Pg. 6. Caption: Kauko Puscnius receives his first place medal from Al Fisher as Labatt's Terry Burns looks on.
02-058-49-51. Pg. 7. Caption: At Rainbow Ski Village the primary students start to learn skiing. Top to bottom: Noni Bredt, Brie Minger, Andrew Hofman.
02-058-12. Pg. 12. Caption: The new addition to the Gulf Station showing the two service boys.
02-058-23. Pg. 12. Caption: CKVU's Ralph (Raccoon) Carney interviews Tom Jarvis, Beau Jarvis and Peaches Grant at Beau's on Sunday evening.
02-058-59. Pg. 13. Caption: Bob Matheson works on the new Superior muffler pipe bending machine.
02-058-58. Pg. 13. Caption: Some of the shapes and kinks that the machine turns out.
02-058-06. Pg. [16]. Caption: None listed.

Week of January 2, 1980

Photographs including but not limited to winter on Whistler Mountain; skiing; cars
Appears in January 10, 1980 issue:
02-064-23. Pg. 2. Caption: Michael D'Artois, Laura McGuffin, Rod MacLeod, & Mark Sadler entertain at the Community Club's Childrens Christmas Party at the Keg.
02-064-31. Pg. 6. Caption: (bottom) recent photo taken from same vantage point with Town Centre at it's current stage visible below.
02-064-36. Pg. 15. Caption: Bill and Lillian VanderZalm pose at the "VanderZalm Avenue" sign posted during their recent visit to Whistler.
Appears in January 3, 1980 issue:
02-064-63. Pg. 1. Caption: Ministry of Municipal Affairs Bill Vander Zalm cuts ribbon assisted by Whistler Mayor Pat Carletoj, officially opening Town Centre pumping station.
02-064-33, 65, 34, 67 . Pg. 3. Caption: Clockwise from upper left, Mayor Pat Carleton receives miniature shovel while happy bystander holds ups same; the Vander Zalms get a snowball fight underway; brushing off after some direct hits; viewing the town centre from 4800 ft., on Blackcomb, left to right: a smiling Mayor Carleton, Minister of Municipal Affairs, Bill Vander Zalm, Alderman Garry Watson.
02-064-46. Pg. 8. Caption: Alexander learns the fine art of rope-turning with skip assistance from audience member.
02-064-41, 50. Pg. 8. Caption: Fourth time around the tent on the unicycle.
02-064-43. Pg. 8. Caption: The children and giants help Officer O'Sneely to unlock a magically-joined pair of hands.
02-064-06, 05, 12. Pg. 18. Caption: Weekend traffic clogs up the works at Whistler before Monday's snowstorm. Note cars leaving driveway of closed Wosk lot, lower left.
02-064-03-04. Pg. 19. Caption: Olive Chair line-up at 7:45 a.m. December 2, Skiers who were interviewed stated waits of 1 1/2 hours were common ... all for the bliss of that special moment in new powder...
02-064-29. Pg. 19. Caption: [Skier]

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