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Whistler [2]

Photographs of Whistler Mountain, including chairlifts, Dag Aabye, other skiers, and ski runs.Each transparency is coded with "WZ" with a respective number.

WZ 20 (Int)

Photograph of [Dag Aabye] skiing on Whistler Mountain.Labelled on back as "WZ 20 (Int)" and has stamps of Fenner's address at the time: "1674 Peters Road North Vancouver, B.C.".


Photographs and ephemera from Dave Murray's ski racing and coaching career.

Ski racers in Night Duel

Photograph of two skiers in Night Duel in Flums, Switzerland.Caption on verso: "Night Duel Dec. 28, Flums Suisse"

Ski racer at the World Cup

Photograph of ski racer at the World Cup in Chamonix, France.Caption on verso: "Chamonix France '78", "0.16 off gold", and a A.I.G.L.E.S. stamp.

Canadian ski racer in Lake Placid

Photograph of a ski racer wearing a black helmet and a Molson Canadian suit in Lake Placid [possibly for the 1980 Winter Olympics].

Ski racer in the air at LAAX

Photograph of a ski racer wearing blue in the air at LAAX ski resort in Switzerland. Audience is in the background.

Dave Murray racing

Dave Murray ski racing with bib number 34 at LAAX ski resort in Switzerland.

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