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Week of March 15, 1984 [2]

Photographs including but not limited to ski racing; Molson World Cup of Downhill; acting and dancing at apres party; chairlift

Week of February 23, 1984

Photographs including but not limited to portraits; band playing; Martha Beaty; darts at the bar; film crew in front of the Liquor Store; ski racing; picnic in the snow; Ski Inn; snow machines and groomers; Whistler Mountain; eating at a restauran...

Week of November 29, 1984

Photographs including but not limited to shoveling snow; snowplowing; dancing; portraits; party; drinking; band playing; art; Blackcomb staff meeting; housing; skiers; chairlift; skiing; Rotary Club; bar; Christmas lights; ribbon cutting ceremony;...

Week of May 24, 1984

Photographs including but not limited to Great Earth Snow Water Race; portraits; speeches; chairlift; singing and dancing in costume; construction; children presenting school projects; band playing in Whistler Village; baseball; houses; Extraordin...


Personal photos belonging to Franz Wilhelmsen, comprising:Photos from Philip Wilhelmsen’s family album:Franz with Annette and various other people, [1980s-1990s]Franz and Stefan Ples. Caption on verso: “Dad/Stephan[sic] Ples”Franz and another man...

Wendy Morrison Fonds

  • WA_2014_005
  • Fonds
  • 1979-1982

Photographs of ski racing on Whistler Mountain in the 1970s and roller-skiing, with accompanying artefacts including ski badges, a Garibaldi Lifts summer camp pass, and a Shell Canadian Championship racer access pass. Many of the photographs are p...

Week of March 14, 1979

Photographs including but not limited to Podborski; 1979 World Cup; Team Canada; Weasel Workers; Ted Reynolds; CBC; Dave Murray; Skiing; podium; post-race party; drinking02-018-93 [Top] on pg. 1. Caption: The rough and the smooth-- the race course...

Week of February 26, 1980

Photographs including but not limited to construction; chairlift line-ups; lodges; dumpsters; drinking02-056-6. Pg. 1. Caption: University school break results in record mid-wee crowds.02-056-5. Pg. 1. Caption: This is not a Sunday! Just the Olive...

Week of August 1, 1979

02-088-70. Pg. 1. Caption: Some of the headlines recently appearing in the Vancouver newspapers about the Whistler Resort Association.02-088-62. Pg. 4. Caption: The first Town Centre complex package starts! Neil Roberts (on level) and Nello Busdon...

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