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Photographs depicting Red Chair, Whistler Village signs, Stephanie Sloan, Dave Murray, aerial views of Whistler Mountain, Blackcomb Mountain, Whistler Village, and Alta Lake.

Green 1

Photographs taken by Greg Griffith depicting people skiing, the T-bar, chairlifts (Red Chair, Orange Chair, Black Chair), the ski run sign at Whistler Mountain, the lift ticket booth, and the Roundhouse.

Griffith, Greg

Green 5

Photographs taken by Greg Griffith depicting children skiing and people sitting in Whistler Village.

Griffith, Greg


Photographs taken by Greg Griffith depicting Dave Murray skiing, the Lift Ticket Booth, a children's ski race, and a busy day at the Roundhouse.

Griffith, Greg

John Bartosik

Photographs of Whistler Village, skiing, and Whistler Mountain.

Bartosik, John

120mm Negatives and Prints

Photographs of hiking on Whistler Mountain T-Bar bowl beside large cornice chunk, Upper Franz ski run on Whistler Mountain, Red Chair, Roundhouse, Tokum Corners, Soo Valley, and the Gelandesprung ski jump contest.

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