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Blabcomb - Vol. IV, Issue 2 - Dec. 24, 1990

  • YANISIW-01-02-002
  • Dossiê/Processo
  • December 24, 1990
  • Parte de CJ Yanisiw

Issue of Blabcomb - Blackcomb Mountain's staff newsletter - from December 24, 1990. Articles include:

  • 7th Heaven
  • Christmas Cheer
  • Club Couloir
  • Ski Finders
  • Parawest Paragliding
  • Ski Esprit
  • Blackcomb X-mas Parties, 1990
  • Here's to our employees
  • Blackcomb Ski Club
  • It's not called the Living Centre for nothing
  • What's new in Real Estate?
  • Staff Housing Update
  • For Sale
  • Note from North Shore Credit Union

The Insiders' Guide to Whistler 07/08

The Insiders' Guide to Whistler from Winter 2007-2008. The booklet lists services and events happening in Whistler throughout the season.
Table of Contents:
Events 10
Enroute to 2010 16
On the Mountains 18
Activities 20
Beauty, Fitness and Spas 44
Shop 50
Galleries 64
Food & Drink 69
Party 90
Real Estate 94
Staying Overnight 97
Services 98
FAQs 100
Maps 106


  • GRI-01-30-046
  • Dossiê/Processo
  • [c. 1985-1992]
  • Parte de Greg Griffith

Photographs of children riding bikes on the Valley Trail, Alta Lake in summer, women sunbathing on a dock, Alta Lake as seen from a boat on the lake, a group of people enjoying the sun on a dock, and the base of Blackcomb Mountain, Upper Village, and the Chateau Whistler Resort as seen from Wizard Express chairlift on Blackcomb Mountain. Also includes photographs of people rock climbing in the Tantalus Range, a busy day in Village Square in summer, an aerial view of Whistler Village with Whistler Mountain in the background, Whistler Golf Course with Whistler Mountain in the background, a sunset over Howe Sound, Nancy Greene Raine skiing on Blackcomb Mountain in the summer, a group of people posed on a ski hill with ski equipment on, a person rock climbing up a steep cliff, and woman rowing a boat with a child in the summer on Alta Lake.

007: "Summer/Whistler Rock Climbing, Tantalus Range, B.C."
009: "Summer/Whistler Village Summer in Whistler Village"
012: "Summer/Whistler Whistler"
014: "Summer- British Columbia Howe Sound"


  • GRI-01-31-041
  • Dossiê/Processo
  • 1974-2007
  • Parte de Greg Griffith

Photographs of various skiers skiing powder on Whistler Mountain including the back bowls, Whistler Peak, heli-skiing on Spearhead Range, and skiing the Alpine Bowls on Blackcomb Mountain. Also includes aerial photographs of Blackcomb and Whistler Mountains in winter with Whistler Village in the foreground, and a night photo of Chateau Whistler Resort and the Upper Village.

001, 005-006: "Powder skiing Whistler [M.R.]"
002: "Whistler-Winter Skiing Whistler Back Bowls Skier:"
003: "Skiing Alpine Bowls Whistler [M.R.]"
004: "Skiing Whistler Back Bowls <M.R.>"
007: "Snowboarding Blackcomb M.R."
008, 010: "Powder skiing The Peak Whistler B.C. [M.R.]"
009: "Heli-skiing Spearhead Range Whistler B.C."
011: "Skiing Alpine Bowls Blackcomb B.C. [M.R.]"
012: "Tracks on Camel Backs Whistler."
013: "Aerial Blackcomb & Whistler B.C. Canada."
014: "Whistler Mtn : The Peak Skier: Chad Hendren"
015-017, 019: "Aerial Blackcomb/Whistler Winter"
018: "Whistler Village & Blackcomb Mt. at dusk"
020: "Winter- Whistler Village Chateau Whistler Resort"


  • GRI-01-33-010
  • Dossiê/Processo
  • Feb 1980 - Jan 1991
  • Parte de Greg Griffith

Photographs of a group of people sitting in L'Apres Restaurant, various photos of people skiing including: the Synchro Bunnies, two people sitting on a chairlift with snow-covered trees in the background, a portrait of a man with ski gear, mountain views of ski tracks in fresh powder, and a horse-drawn carriage in the Upper Village (with Chateau Whistler Resort, Le Chamois and Milestone's Grill + Bar in the background) and through the forest with passengers.

004: "Bob Dufour Gondola Run Whistler"
008: "POD"


  • GRI-01-35-023
  • Dossiê/Processo
  • [c. 1985-2007]
  • Parte de Greg Griffith

Photographs of the base of Blackcomb Mountain with Wizard Chair, the Upper Village, and Chateau Whistler Resort in the foreground; a cabin under snow; Alta Lake in the summer with Wedge Mountain and surrounding mountains; a misty view of a frozen creek as seen from a bridge with Whistler Mountain in the background; and a partially-frozen creek with surrounding snow and people skiing across a bridge [from Blackcomb to Skier's Plaza over Fitzsimmons Creek?].


  • GRI-01-36-004
  • Dossiê/Processo
  • [c. 1980-1999]
  • Parte de Greg Griffith

Photographs of various mountain views with fresh snow, Whistler Village with fresh snow, someone snowboarding the terrain park on Whistler Mountain, Whistler Village at sunset and dusk with Blackcomb Mountain in the background, Creekside Gondola, Greg Daniels snowboarding on Whistler Mountain, and Damian Cromwell skiing the Hourglass on Blackcomb Peak.

005: "Winter/Whistler Fresh snow in Whistler Village"
006, 007: "Terrain Park - Whistler"
008: "Whistler-Winter Fresh snow fall Whistler Village"
009: "Winter/Whistler Village Whistler Village Whistler, B.C."
010: "Whistler Village in Winter"
011, 020: "Whistler Village In Winter With Blackcomb Mt."
012: "Winter/Whistler Village Whistler Village with blackcomb Mountain at Dusk"
013: "Chateau Whistler Resort & Base of Blackcomb B.C."
018: "Snowboarding Whistler Rider: Greg Daniells"
019: "The Hour Glass Blackcomb Peak Skier: Damian Cromwell"


  • GRI-01-40-046
  • Dossiê/Processo
  • February 1990
  • Parte de Greg Griffith

Photographs of people skiing down Whistler Mountain with Whistler Village in the background, and Chateau Whistler Resort at the base of Blackcomb Mountain with Wizard Chair in the foreground in Upper Village.


  • GRI-01-40-047
  • Dossiê/Processo
  • February 1990
  • Parte de Greg Griffith

Photographs of the Chateau Whistler Resort, people gathered near Whistler Peak with Peak Chair in the background, falling snow, and Whistler Village as seen from a ski run on Whistler Mountain.


Photographs of chairlifts on Whistler Mountain and Blackcomb Mountain, Symphony on the Mountain on Blackcomb Mountain, hot air balloon launching, fishing, fly-fishing, hiking on Whistler Mountain and Blackcomb Mountain, swimming in the lakes, hang gliding, ice-fishing, whitewater kayaking, canoeing, mountain views, a concert on Blackcomb Mountain, Rendezvous Lodge, sunsets in the mountains, Brandywine Falls, windsurfing, aerial photographs of the valley, golf courses, Black Tusk, horseback riding, Chateau Whistler Resort, Whistler Village, Wedgemount Trail, whitewater rafting, skiing, helicopters, a clown, and alpine areas.

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