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Rodeo Flowers

Photographs of the Mount Currie Rodeo, including the wagon race, bare-back horseback-riding, and Linda Whitehead (3/2/110/49).


Photographs of a crowd of people watching Rob Boyd on the podium for the 1989 Molson World Cup Downhill, Whistler Village with Delta Mountain Inn/Hilton Whistler Resort and Clocktower Building in winter with Blackcomb Mountain in the background, crowds of people in front of Carleton Lodge with a Canadian flag, Whistler Village seen from Whistler Mountain with wildflowers in the foreground, skiers near a tent for a Molson-sponsored ski race, skiers near Harmony Bowl with Harmony Express Chair, Rob Boyd signing an autograph, a dog dressed in clothing, an interior view of the Meadow Park Sports Centre swimming pool, a scarecrow with a sign pointing to a farmer's market in Whistler, skiers loading onto the Fitzsimmons Chair (up to Blackcomb) where the Excalibur Gondola is today, a train heading through the Cheakamus Canyon with the Cheakamus River below, the Boot Pub with Blackcomb Mountain in the background, skiers on Whistler or Blackcomb Mountain, an aerial view of Whistler Village in winter, early construction of Whistler Village with Whistler Mountain in the background, a helicopter installing a chairlift tower, someone riding a horse in a rodeo [Mt. Currie rodeo?], and Whistler Village in winter including Clocktower Building, Sundial Hotel, and a man talking on an early cell phone.

001: "Rob Boyd on podium Whistler World Cup 1989"
007: "ROB BOYD"
009: "Meadow Park Aquatic Centre Whistler, B.C."
010: "Farmers Market, Whistler, BC"
015: "Winter/Whistler Whistler Village Whistler, B.C."

Note that there is a different copyright on item 005 labelled as: 'BRIAN SPROUT © '.

Speedie's Farm.

Photographs of Doug Gardiner (3/2/102/24), Pemberton gathering before the rodeo, and Mount Currie.

Trial -> Totums Merry Halloween

Photographs of Duncan Bell-Irving (3/2/22/39), Fran Humphrey (3/2/22/38), trial for Mount Currie Rodeo naked foot race (trial was for George Benjamin), and Rod MacLeod (3/2/22/50).

Week of May 24, 1982

Photographs including but not limited to skiing; Great Earth Snow Water Race; biking; canoeing on Alta Lake; bridge; cowboy-themed evening of gambling; musicians; baseball; trampolining; Lillooet Lake Rodeo; cars; tennis; eating at a restaurant; lasso; roads; Whistler Village; children; cows; horses; fire; potato sack race; gondola; ski gear; Dave Murray; A. L. M. A.; A. L. L. A. Lager Inn; helicopter; cycling; widening the base of Olympic run by controlled blaze
Appears in May 27, 1982 issue:
02-286-9. Pg. 1. Caption: The Agony and The Ecstasy
02-286-104. Pg. 1. Caption: [inset top] The Agony and The Ecstasy
02-286-29. Pg. 1. Caption: [inset bottom] The Agony and The Ecstasy
02-286-138. Pg. 3. Caption: Sweet, sweet victory! Winning members of Allen No. 1 hoist their trophies to the sky. (L to R) Brian Allen (canoeist), Stephanie Sloan (cyclist), Dave Murray (skier), Marilyn Olthuis (runner) and Ken Hardy (canoeist).
02-286--387. Pg. 4. Caption: Yuichiro Miura -- better known as the man who skied down Everest -- was one of the many visitors to Whistler over May Day weekend.
02-286-192. Pg. 6. Caption: [top] May Day Madness
02-286-125. Pg. 6. Caption: [middle] May Day Madness
02-286-30. Pg. 6. Caption: [bottom] May Day Madness
02-286-69. Pg. 7. Caption: [top left] May Day Madness
02-286-107. Pg. 7. Caption: [top middle] May Day Madness
02-286-215. Pg. 7. Caption: [top right] May Day Madness
02-286-251. Pg. 7. Caption: [middle left] May Day Madness
02-286-344. Pg. 7. Caption: [middle right] May Day Madness
02-286-379. Pg. 7. Caption: [bottom left] May Day Madness
02-286-301. Pg. 7. Caption: [bottom right] May Day Madness
02-286-281. Pg. 9. Caption: Brian Brown, who recently completed his B.C. Land Surveyors final exam and place first in his class. Brian now finally joins his father as a partner in the family surveying company.
02-286-147. Pg. 10. Caption: The Whistler Hobos finished near the back of the pack in Sunday's Great Race but Craig Barker, Mynon Pyroy, Bob Nodler, Diane Bishop and Alaisa Indo were up front in terms of fashion. Brian Pickering (front left) from Labatts presents team 65 with the best dressed team award.
02-286-298. Pg. 11. Caption: Bill Peterson, Kelly Maxwell and Al Raine try to keep up with the enormous thirst of crowds that packed the outdoor beer garden after Sunday's Great Snow, Earth, Water Race. Over 220 dozen beer were served during the day.
02-286-64. Pg. 14. Caption: Gerry Fosty deals 'em at the Casino Night put on at Myrtle Philip School May 23.
02-286-330. Pg. 16. Caption: Bruce Prentice of the Whistler Mountain Ski Corporation controls blaze set to burn brush cleared as part of the Widening of the base of the Olympic Run. The Olympic base will be 25 metres wider once clearing is completed.
02-286-64. Pg. 18. Caption: Everyone wanted a piece of the action during the opening day of the Lillooet Lake Rodeo May 22. This would-be cowboy tried to hang in there while his mount did all it could to dislodge the ridge and butt a canine antagonist.

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