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Marquise, Raven[crest], Joel, etc.

Photographs of the construction of The Marquise hotel in Upper Village, Ravencrest condominiums in Blueberry Hill, and Chez Joel restaurant. These photographs were likely taken for Whistler Real Estate Co.

The Province

A half page article from The Province newspaper published Sunday November 8, 1981 on page A4. The article is entitled "Peak in Sight for Whistler." The article is about whether or not Whistler has been oversold as a world class resort, unfinished resort developments, the dangers of Highway 99 and low real estate activity.

Sunday November 8, 1981, Page A4

A half page article from The Province newspaper published Sunday November 8, 1981 on page A4. The article is entitled "Peak in Sight for Whistler." The article is about whether or not Whistler has been oversold as a world class resort, unfinished resort developments, the dangers of Highway 99 and low real estate activity.

Blabcomb - Vol. IV, Issue 2 - Dec. 24, 1990

  • YANISIW-01-02-002
  • Dossiê/Processo
  • December 24, 1990
  • Parte de CJ Yanisiw

Issue of Blabcomb - Blackcomb Mountain's staff newsletter - from December 24, 1990. Articles include:

  • 7th Heaven
  • Christmas Cheer
  • Club Couloir
  • Ski Finders
  • Parawest Paragliding
  • Ski Esprit
  • Blackcomb X-mas Parties, 1990
  • Here's to our employees
  • Blackcomb Ski Club
  • It's not called the Living Centre for nothing
  • What's new in Real Estate?
  • Staff Housing Update
  • For Sale
  • Note from North Shore Credit Union

The Insiders' Guide to Whistler 07/08

The Insiders' Guide to Whistler from Winter 2007-2008. The booklet lists services and events happening in Whistler throughout the season.
Table of Contents:
Events 10
Enroute to 2010 16
On the Mountains 18
Activities 20
Beauty, Fitness and Spas 44
Shop 50
Galleries 64
Food & Drink 69
Party 90
Real Estate 94
Staying Overnight 97
Services 98
FAQs 100
Maps 106


Photographs of Blackcomb Mountain, Rendezvous Lodge, Whistler Village, awards, signs, portraits of Greg Griffith and John 'Rabbit' Hare, Nancy Green Raine behind the bar at a pub, construction of Whistler Village, skiing on Whistler Mountain, partying, wet T-shirt contest at the Christiana Inn, canoeing on Alta Lake, Creekside, Nita Lake, heli-skiing in the Brandywine Meadows area, hiking, cross-country skiing, shovelling after heavy snowfall, aerial shots of the Whistler Valley, skateboarding, logging trucks, dogs, the first liquor store in Whistler, Myrtle Philip School, Ipsoot Mountain heli-skiing, dining, chairlifts, Creekhouse restaurant, Roundhouse Lodge, the Gondola Barn, Creekside Gondola, fisheye photography, sunbathing, Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau and his son Alexandre 'Sacha' Trudeau skiing, freestyle skiing at the Labatts World Cup Freestyle Championships, Dave Murray Summer Ski Camp, Dave Murray, Stephanie Sloan, group portraits, the Molson Molstar ski races, Garibaldi Spring Slalom, Nigel Woods and Jo Schnetzler in the avalanche control cabin with an avalauncher, ski racing, shopping, fishing, the Snowgoose bus, parking lots, condominiums, musicians Doc Fingers and Gary Koliger, Village Chair, swimming at Mountainside Lodge's swimming pool, Ski Scamps, Willie Whistler, Whistler Golf Course, windsurfing in ski boots, telemark skiing, skiing on Gun Barrels run, Wedge Mountain, Blue Chair, Green Chair, Red Chair, Catskinner Chair, Ego Bowl, Jim McConkey skiing Symphony Bowl, Green Lake, Blackcomb Mountain's Grand Opening, and Glenn Ashton skiing moguls in Harmony Bowl.


  • GRI-01-46-038
  • Dossiê/Processo
  • [c. 1974-1989]
  • Parte de Greg Griffith

A commercial photograph of a living room/dining room space with a fireplace in a condominium.

Prints 023-025

Photographs of Creekside and Whiski Jack, a real estate trailer with two cars parked in front of it, and an unidentified construction site of a lodge in Whistler Village.

Whistler Economic Profile

The Whistler Economic Profile booklet produced by the Planning Department of the Resort Municipality of Whistler in 1986. The booklet gives a community profile, an overview of the businesses and services that affect the economy in the area, facilities and services maintained by the Resort Municipality of Whistler and opportunities for growth and development in the community.
Table of Contents:
The Community:
Introduction 1

  • Purpose of Economic Profile 1
  • Location 1
  • History 5
    Human Resources 7
  • Population and Characteristics 7
  • Employment 7
    Administrative Basis 11
  • Framework of Municipal Government 11
  • Destination Resort Community Planning 13
  • Chamber of Commerce 13
  • Whistler Resort Association (W.R.A) 13
  • WLC Developments Ltd. 14
  • Regional District 15
  • Provincial Emergency Program (P.E.P.) 15
  • Provincial Law Enforcement 16
    The Economy:
    Businesses and Hotels 17
  • Businesses 17
    Conference Centre 18
  • Meeting Facilities 18
  • Food Services 18
    Recreational and Cultural Services 23
  • Winter Recreation 23
  • Summer Recreation 24
  • Year-Round Activities 28
  • Year-Round Festivals and Recreational Events 29
    Business Services 31
    Construction and Development 37
  • Building Permits and Values 37
  • Housing and Accommodation 40
    The Facilities:
    Transportation Services 41
  • Local 41
  • Regional 42
  • National/International 44
    Utilities and Power 45
  • Telephone 45
  • Hydro 45
    Financial Institution 46
    Community Services 47
  • Newspapers 47
  • Radio and Cable Television Services 47
  • Dental and Medical Facilities 47
  • Daycare 48
  • Schools 48
  • Church 51
    The Opportunities:
    A Year-Round Tourist Resort 54
  • Whistler Tourism in Demand 54
  • Winter Tourism Increasing 54
  • Summer Tourism Expanding 55
    Community Growth and Diversification 56
    Real Estate Market 56
    Development Opportunities 59
  • Blackcomb Benchlands 59
  • Blueberry Trail Estates 59
  • Village North 60
  • Gondola Area 60
  • Whistler General 61
    Development Programs 61
  • Federal Programs 61
  • Joint Federal/Provincial Program 61
  • Provincial Programs 62
    Appendix 1 Climate 64
    Appendix 2 Chronology of Whistler's Development 65
    Appendix 3 The Relationship Between the Resort Municipality of Whistler Act and the Municipal Act 69
    Appendix 4 Contacts for Further Information 70
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