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Rainbow Mountain

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Rainbow Mountain

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Rainbow Mountain

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Photographs of skiing, condominiums, chairlifts, gondolas, aerial and panoramic shots of the Whistler Valley, creeks and landscapes in winter and autumn, Wedge Mountain and Mt. Weart, Whistler Mountain, Blackcomb Mountain, Whistler Village, hotels, Upper Village, Roundhouse Lodge, cabins, sunsets, Alta Lake, Rainbow Park, Rainbow Lodge, alpenglow, Whistler Peak, firefighters putting out a fire, snowboarding, 7th Heaven, Horstman Glacier, the Saudan Couloir Ski Race Extreme, Whistler Bowl, T-bars, Cheakamus Lake, avalanches, Green Lake, Fitzsimmons Creek, skiers in powder, the Spearhead Range, Stephanie Sloan's Women's Only Program at Whistler Mountain, heli-skiing, group portraits, grooming on the mountains, Burnt Stew Basin, fireworks, paraskiing, Horstman Hut, Alpha Lake, pubs, bridges, Rainbow Mountain, Tyax Lodge, Garibaldi Provincial Park, Glacier Creek Lodge, Jersey Cream, and Whistler Real Estate Company properties.


Photographs of mountain views, Whistler Mountain, Blackcomb Mountain, aerial views of the mountains and Whistler Village, snowy landscapes of creeks and trees, Whistler Village and Telemark Place construction, Wedge Mountain, Mt. Weart, Alta Lake, Green Lake, Cheakamus Lake, Alpha Lake, Nita Lake, the Saudan Couloir, Stephanie Sloan posing on Whistler Mountain, snowboarding, Christmas lights in Whistler Village, Upper Village, The Gables, Whistler Golf Course, Fitzsimmons Creek, heli-skiing, Rendezvous Lodge, skiing, sunsets, sunrises, alpenglow, chairlifts, Mt. Sproatt, Rainbow Mountain, cross-country skiing, Fitzsimmons Chair from the Village to Blackcomb Mountain, Solar Coaster, Wizard Chair, Magic Chair, Whistler Peak, Blueberry Hill, Village Square, River of Golden Dreams, cycling, Howe Sound, 1993 Molson World Cup Downhill, Labatts World Cup Freestyle Championship, Glacier Bowl, Blackcomb Glacier, Burnt Stew Basin, Crystal Chair, Crystal Hut, skating on Alta Lake, Creekside, Function Junction aerial shot, Glacier Express Chair, Village North, Secret Bowl, Horstman Glacier, Jersey Cream Chair, and Lost Lake.


Photographs primarily people skiing and snowboarding on Whistler Mountain and Blackcomb Mountain in various areas, also including ski racing at the Molson World Cup Downhill and Telemark World Championships, backcountry skiing, Whistler Express Gondola, glaciers, freestyle skiing, grooming, heli-skiing and boarding the Spearhead Range and Pemberton Icecap, Cheakamus Lake as seen from Whistler Mountain, Harmony Express Chair, Peak Chair, paragliding, skiers dressed as figures in the OJ Simpson trial, Labatts World Cup Freestyle Championship, cross-country skiing on the Valley Trail, Symphony Express Chair, Mt. Trorey, Whistler Village and Village North, The Gables, the covered bridge over Fitzsimmons Creek leading to Upper Village, aerial photography, fireworks, the Torchlight Parade, Wizard Chair, Solar Coaster, Whistler Golf Course and Blueberry Hill, Mt. Sproatt, Rainbow Mountain, Rendezvous Lodge, Roundhouse Lodge, Christmas lights, a bridge on Blackcomb Way, Village Stroll, Chateau Whistler Resort, Whiskey jack birds sitting on ski poles, the Marquise in Upper Village, Powder Mountain, alpenglow on Mt. Weart and Wedge Mountain, sunsets, ski runs, Lost Lake, cabins, Ski Scamps, staged group portraits of a family on Whistler Mountain, the Metzler family skiing, Eric Griffith standing next to a snowman, Ski Patrol revoking a skier's pass, paraskiing, Slush Cup on Blackcomb Mountain, an avalanche in Whistler Bowl, cougar tracks on Ipsoot Mountain, Pika's Restaurant, Green Chair, Black Tusk and Garibaldi Provincial Park, moguls on Overbite Run, and Piccolo run.


Photographs of Whistler Mountain, Blackcomb Mountain, Whistler Village, gondolas, chairlifts, mountain biking on Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains, various golf courses in the Sea to Sky area, Symphony condominium on Northlands Boulevard, Village North, Alta Lake, water skiing on Green Lake, canoeing, people windsurfing in Howe Sound, Singing Pass, Garibaldi Provincial Park, 7th Heaven, hiking, hang gliding, kayaking, the Wedge Mountain hike, whitewater rafting on the Elaho-Squamish River, freestyle skiing, skiing, Brandywine Falls, aerial photography, Cheakamus Lake, a cycling race in Whistler, whiskey jack birds, the Valley Trail, the Sea to Sky Highway, a train on the Pacific Great Eastern Railway, Symphony on the Mountain, snowboarding, the Inukshuk on Whistler Peak, Lillooet Lake, windsurfing in Hawaii and Nitinat Lake on Vancouver Island, hot tubs, bears, fishing, Mongolie Grill, Earl's Restaurant, a graffitied sign, Anderson Lake, Symphony Lake in Symphony Bowl, Harmony Lake in Harmony Bowl, mini putt at the base of Whistler Mountain in Creekside, weightlifting and exercising, rollerskating, sunrises and sunsets, Slush Cup near Glacier Creek Lodge on Blackcomb Mountain, the Telemark World Championships, the Labatts World Cup Freestyle Championships, Xhiggie's Meadow, Musical Bumps Trail, a beach on Howe Sound, heli-skiing on Powder Mountain, horseback riding, Zenith Lake and Zenith Peak, Chateau Whistler Resort and Golf Course, Mt Weart, Peak Chair, T-bars, climbing in the Tantalus Range, a vacation to Victoria and Mexico, Blackcomb Lake, and glacial ice in the Coast Range.


Aerial photographs including but not limited to Whistler Creekside, the Pacific Great Eastern railway, Green Lake, the River of Golden Dreams, Nesters, the Boot Motel (2/4/8/2), Tokum Corners (2/4/8/3), Alta Lake, Adventures West Lodge, Blueberry Hill, Whistler Village, the original Myrtle Philip school (2/4/8/13), the road to Base II (11), Rainbow Mountain, Roundhouse, and Alpha Lake.

Alta Lake Community Club Minutebook 1951-1983

Minutebook for meetings of the Alta Lake Community Club from 1951-1985. Subjects discussed include holiday parties and dances, the purchasing of a projector, hosting films, Girl Guides and Cubs, memorial benches, the purchasing of a snowplow, logging, moving the Alta Lake School flagpole, fire safety, postal service, roads, Robbie Burns Night, fishing derbies, art lessons, theatre, Myrtle Philip's birthday, the Squamish Youth Choral, Blackcomb Ski Club, Rainbow Mountain ski hill, the Pacific Great Eastern Railway, TV's coming to the Whistler valley, building the Whistler Mountain Ski Club building, the formation of a ski club, the Mountain Rescue Group, Mount Whistler Lodge, Alta Lake Ratepayers Association, building a new school, physical education classes on the mountain, Cypress Lodge, donation to the Garibaldi Olympic Development Association, Highland Lodge, the Logger's Sports Day Parade, seasons passes for children, square-dancing, and badminton.

August 17 Letter

Eric filling in gaps of the "Whistler Iron Mine" written by Sarah Drewery for the Whistler Question

Black Tusk - August 29, 1989 + Lions - September 8, 1989

Photographs taken by Robert Clark Kline on a mountaineering trip to Black Tusk on August 29, 1989 and to the Lions on September 8, 1989, including shots of Black Tusk, the Lions, Rainbow Mountain, Empetrum Ridge, Corrie Ridge, marmots basking on rocks, Mt. Harvey, Brunswick Mountain, Mt. Hanover, Goat Ridge, Mt. Garibaldi, David Peak, James Peak, Thomas Peak, Unnecessary Mountain, Hanging Lake, Enchantment Pass, Capilano River, Harvey Pass, Harvey Creek, and Horseshoe Bay.


001: "1 - Aug[ust] 29 [19]89 - N[orth] from Black Tusk"
002: "2 joins 1 - Rainbow M[oun]t[ai]n top left centre"
003: "3 - Telephoto of 2 - Car was just behind ridge of very centre"
004: "4 joins 3 - shows ridge followed - went over left knoll + behind right one"
005: "5 - S[outh] from W[est] base of Tusk"
006: "6 - B[lack] T[usk] from the W[est]"
007: "7 - 135 mm of 6"
008: "8 - E[ast]N[orth]E[ast] along flank of B[lack] T[usk] - Empetrum ridge on left - Corrie ridge centre"
009: "9 - B[lack] T[usk] from the N[orth]W[est]"
010: "10 - N[orth] from Microwave tower - Car at centre"
011: "11"
012: "12"
013: "13 - Sept[ember] 9 [19]89 - S[outh]S[outh]E[ast] to Van[couver] from base of W[est] Lion"
014: "14 - 135 mm of 13"
015: "15 - N[orth] from base of W[est] Lion - L[eft] to R[ight]: Mt. Harvey, Mt. Brunswick, Mt. Hanover, Black Tusk, Goat Ridge, part of Mt. Garibaldi, David P[ea]k centre right"
016: "16 - S[outh] from between Lions - base of W[est] Lion on right - Mt. Unnecessary on left"
017: "17 - N[orth]N[orth]E[ast] from ridge between Lions - L[eft] to R[ight] in foreground: David, James + Thomas Peaks"
018: "18 - Similar to 17 showing Hanging Lake just right of James P[ea]k that goes to the right of Thomas Peak, along ridge of James peak, then almost to lake then left into Harvey Cr[eek]"
019: "19 - S[outh]W[est] from near Enchantment Pass - W[est] Lion top left - Ferry wake visible through tree bottom right - Horseshoe Bay"
020: "20 - The Lions from James Peak"
021: "21 - E[ast]N[orth]E[ast] down valley from Hanging Lake to Capilano River"
022: "22 - S[outh] from Harvey Pass to the Lions"
023: "23 - E[ast] from Harvey Cr[eek] Pond - L[eft] to R[ight]: James P[ea]k, Thomas P[ea]k, W[est] Lion at edge"
024: "24 - joins 23 - David P[ea]k + part of James P[ea]k"
025: "25 (E[ast]) - W[est] Lion from Harvey Cr[eek] R[oa]d"

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