Rainbow Lodge



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Rainbow Lodge

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Rainbow Lodge

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Rainbow Lodge

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Frank and Bob the Horse

  • PHILIP-3-1986-0668
  • Item
  • [1924 or 1925]
  • Parte dePhilip Fonds

Frank Tapley with two Ritchie children on Bob the Horse. Rainbow Lodge in background. Frank is 26 years old. Annotation on verso : "Frank & Ritchie children / 1923 or 4 / & Bob the Horse"

Jean with Bob the horse

  • PHILIP-3-1986-0683
  • Item
  • [1917 or 1918]
  • Parte dePhilip Fonds

Jean Tapley, standing on the back veranda of Rainbow Lodge, with Bob the horse. Annotation on verso: "Jean Tapley"

Jean with foal

Jean Tapley standing with foal . Cabins and tennis court in background.

Doreen and her aunts

Doreen Tapley (on right) seemingly supporting her aunts Myrtle (left) and Jean (centre). Rainbow Lodge cabins in background. Inscription on verso: "Pull the Prop away and there would be an accident"

Stacking wood

Four people and a dog in front of a huge woodpile at Rainbow Lodge. (L-r): Elsie Clarke, Myrtle Philip, Jack Findlay, Alex Philip. Inscription on verso : "Alex Findlay Myrtle Elsie"

Guests in city clothes

Seven women dressed in city clothes and standing on the Rainbow Lodge boardwalk, with Myrtle Philip seated in front. Rainbow Lodge cabins in background.

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