Rainbow Lodge



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Rainbow Lodge

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Rainbow Lodge

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Rainbow Lodge

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Man with a catch of fish

Man standing on a bridge to railway tracks with string of nine fish. Rainbow Lodge in background.

Rainbow Lodge family home

Photograph and negative of Rainbow Lodge family home. It is uncertain whether the negative is the original or a copy negative, but it may be the original.

Building Rainbow Lodge

Photograph of Rainbow Lodge with scaffolding on the roof to finish the shingling.

Rainbow Lodge

Rainbow Lodge and Alta Lake post office and store. In the foreground is a sign advertising the lodge. Also a net, probably a tennis net is in the picture.

Rainbow Lodge

Photograph of the main lodge building and cabin, Bridge of Sighs and Rainbow Creek.

Rainbow Lodge

Rainbow Lodge and the Bridge of Sighs in mid-summer.

Rainbow Lodge

Photograph of rowing boats moored in front of Rainbow Lodge, Bridge of Sighs on the left of the picture.

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