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November 1st, 1982 Facts

  • WA_2018_021-04-002
  • Bestanddeel
  • November 1, 1982
  • Part of Sonya McCarthy

Paperclipped notes giving basic facts about Whistler's infrastructure, capacity, transportation, trails, community groups, and services.

Week of May 6, 1982

Photographs including but not limited to radio station; portraits
Appears in May 6, 1982 issue:
02-240-6. Pg. 8. Caption: [top left] Sigrid Moore, Bartender at Creperie Chez Moi, Alpine Meadows.
02-240-15. Pg. 8. Caption: [top middle] Jean-Luc Perron, L'Apres busboy, Alta Vista.
02-240-1. Pg. 8. Caption: [top right] Astrid Douglas, Front desk clerk at Mountainside Lodge, White Gold Estates.
02-240-10. Pg. 8. Caption: [bottom left] Rob Phillips, Longhorn manager, Whistler Cay.
02-240-7. Pg. 8. Caption: [bottom middle] Jim Kitteringham, Vehicle Maintenance Foreman for Whistler Mountain Ski Corp., Emerald Estates.
02-240-20. Pg. 8. Caption: [bottom right] Whistler's Answers, Ken Domries, Husky mechanic, Alpine Meadows.
02-240-34. Pg. 11. Caption: [top] They're switched on and tuned in at Mountain FM.
02-240-24. Pg. 11. Caption: [bottom] Louis and Carol Potvin, owners of Mountain FM.

Speeches, Interviews, and Pilot Information

This file contains:
Folder 1 - Radio Announcement Drafts
Folder 2 - Flight Lessons Log and Skills Checklists
Folder 3 - Speech Drafts
Essay on 'The Relationship Between Ski Design and Modern Skiing' (1974)
Aviation Safety and Regulations manuals