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Envelope 17

Photographs of a variety of subjects including a fire in a wooded area, the construction of the Coast Hotel (now the Aava Hotel), a raccoon in a tree, and landscape shots of Alta Lake, Blackcomb Mountain, Whistler Mountain and Wedge Mountain.


Photographs of mountains, wooded areas, and other natural occurrences in the Whistler area:

  1. A smoking pile of wood in a forested area.
    2-3. Construction in a wooded area.
    4-5. A smoking pile of wood in a forested area.
  2. Construction in a wooded area.
    7-8. Construction of the Aava Hotel with Whistler Mountain in the background.
    9-11. A raccoon in a tree.
  3. Mist over Alta Lake.
    13-14. A raccoon in a tree.
  4. Blackcomb Mountain.
  5. The Mountains north of Green Lake.
  6. Whistler Mountain.
  7. Blackcomb Mountain.
  8. Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains.
  9. Wedge Mountain.
  10. A road cyclist along a paved road.
  11. Landscape.

Slides 34

Photographs of a flicker, marmots, pelicans, racoons, cats, Hunlen Falls, mountain peak, and gardens.

FEN_02_02_034_001 labelled "Red Shafted Flicker"
FEN_02_02_034_002 labelled "WILDERNESS AIRLINE"
FEN_02_02_034_006 labelled "HYACINTH FLOWERED CANDYTUFT"
FEN_02_02_034_008 labelled "WILDERNESS HUNLEN FALLS"
FEN_02_02_034_010 labelled "C. A. FENNER 860 Evelyn Dr West Vancouver B.C."
FEN_02_02_034_015 is coded with "MINF 62" that corresponds with written document (FEN_04_03_03).

Week of January 10, 1979

Photographs including but not limited to outdoor ice hockey; car accident; small aircraft; raccoons; roads
02-26-01 on pg. 1. Caption: And a Happy New Year to you! Bags of holiday goodies stacked in, around and on top of the Function Junction bins after the Christmas/New Year's holiday.
02-26-18 on pg. 6. Caption: (Above) Rocky the Raccoon pays his nightly visit through the hole in the rock at the Whistler Vale bar.
02-26-22 on pg. 6. Caption: (Left) Bartender Rosarie Gauthier and manager Per Christiansen behind the bar in the Christiana's remodelled Bavarian Lounge.
02-26-30 on pg. 7. Caption: STOL Airplane takes off from the Mons' airstrip on Sunday.
02-26-28 on pg. 8. Caption: One for the road! -- Highways' gravel truck being rescued out of the ditch by the Wayside Park on Sunday, January 7.
02-26-11 on pg. [16]. Caption: Sign of the times! -- Burst pipes due to the freezing cold weather. This has been happening all over Whistler this winter. This particular instance is at Whistler Vale.