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Alta LK. Fall

Photographs of the RCMP building in Pemberton, a police car, the first front door of Tokum Corners, and Alta Lake with a view of Alta Vista and Wedge Mountain in background.

Week of August 3, 1981

Photographs including but not limited to Alta Lake Summer Regatta; windsurfing; Whistler Rotary Fun Run; Whistler Village; Logger Days Squamish; Miss Squamish; town planning; roads; wedding at Alta Lake; Pemberton; Bob Bishop; Sid Young; canoeing ...

Week of May 17, 1983

Photographs including but not limited to children's activities; driving; playground; Christine Rodgers; Whistler Children's Festival; Global OutreachAppears in May 19, 1983 issue:02-309-29. Pg. 29. Pg. 1. Caption: Clamouring for the star...

Week of July 4, 1979

Photographs including but not limited to skiing; roads; logging truck accident; Pemberton Princess; track competition; bus transport; snakes; school.02-02-28 appears on page 15. Caption: A freestyler shows his form off the jump under the watchful ...

Sea to Sky Mountain Bike Guide (Squamish/Whistler/Pemberton)

A Sea to Sky Mountain Bike Guide that shares information about mountain bike trails in Whistler from 1996. The Table of Contents includes trail etiquette, a map, Squamish bike trails, Whistler bike trails, Pemberton Bike trails, and Birkenhead bik...

Week of May 21, 1981

Photographs including but not limited to moving Muni Hall; dinner event; drinking; bike rodeo; cake walk; Great Snow Earth Water Race; trophies; cars; Al Raine; Pemberton Rodeo; windsurfing; boating; canoeing; cycling; Alta Lake; running; hopscotc...

Photo Envelopes

Photographs including but not limited to construction of Town Hall, squatters at Jordan's Lodge, kayaking, Ski Patrol, the Pemberton rodeo, flood damage, skiing on Whistler Mountain, hang-gliding, Gelandesprung ski jump contest, competitive d...

Whistler Real Estate Newspaper

Whistler Real Estate Newspaper advertising properties for sale in Whistler and Pemberton by MacGregor Pacific Realty and realtors Arv Pellegrin, Jan Simpson, Pat Kelly, Norm Trottier, Nanette Walton and Chris Moore. Listings include private homes ...

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