Pemberton Soaring Centre

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Pemberton Soaring Centre

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Pemberton Soaring Centre is a company based in Pemberton which offers glider flight tours, glider rentals, and glider lessons. The company was founded in 1993 by pilots Peter Timm and Rudolf (Rudy) Rozsypalek, a Czechoslovak-Canadian, and Rudy's girlfriend, Tracey Rozsypalek (nee McCutcheon). The couple lived in a mobile home at the airport for the next 11 years. For an office, they pitched a large tent, and the couple married at the airport in 1995, going on to have two children (Thomas and Troy). Timm and Rudy bought more gliders, more planes to tow them, and hired more pilots. In the off-season, they skied Whistler. In 2004, the family moved into a house in a nearby subdivision in Pemberton. By then, Rudy had taken over the business from Timm and built a large steel hanger, called the Pemberton Airport. On the morning of June 29 2013, Rudy took a tourist from India up for a glider flight. At 12:19 p.m., Rudy’s glider and a Cessna 150 carrying two people and a dog collided in mid-air. Debris rained down on the campsite below, and the crash had no survivors, with Rudy passing away at age 50. Since Rudy's death, his wife, Tracey, was owner and operator of Pemberton Soaring Centre - the company ceased operations in 2013.



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Glider tour operator
Glider rental company

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RAD, July 2008 version. Canadian Council of Archives.

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Catalogued September 2023.



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