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Blabcomb - Vol. V, Issue 1 - January 6, 1992

  • YANISIW-01-02-010
  • Dossiê
  • January 6, 1992
  • Parte deYanisiw Fonds

Issue of Blabcomb - Blackcomb Mountain's staff newsletter - from January 6, 1992. Articles include:

  • Staff Ski Lessons
  • Summer Roundup
  • Kids Kamp December 1991
  • Notes from Staff Housing
  • Staff Awards
  • Guest Comments
  • For Sale

Warsteiner World Downhill 1995 Official Program

Table of Contents:
5 A History of the Whistler World Cup
15 The Weasels - Whistler's Volunteer Army
18 The Home Team
26 The Away Team
33 The Warsteiner Legend
34 Festivities
36 Course Map
38 Boyd's Eye View
40 World's Fastest Kids
42 Murray's Memory
The official program for the 1995 Warsteiner World Downhill which includes a history of the Whistler World Cup, an article about The Weasels, a profile on the Canadian athletes competing, as well as selected foreign athletes to watch. A history of the Warsteiner sponsorship of the Whistler Mountain Ski Classic, an overview of the World Cup Week festivities, a map of the course and a guide to watching the races, an article by Rob Boyd describing the course, an article about the world's fastest kids, an article about how the memory of the Crazy Canucks lives on, as well as a number of local advertisements.

Duplicate donated by Mary Newman, accession number WA_2016_014

Fire Protection Report - Alta Lake - Whistler Mountain Area

Report by the Alta Lake Volunteer Fire Department regarding fire hazards in the area. The report notes that the current Volunteer Fire Department is not large or well-equipped enough to protect the entire area and urges all residents to be conscious of preventative fire safety measures. It contains a list of firefighting equipment (and lack thereof) in each of five zones of the Alta Lake area as of July 1970.

Alta Lake Volunteer Fire Department

Whistler's Finest Pensions Pamphlet

Pamphlet titled "Whistler's Finest Pensions" published by the British Columbia Registered Pensions (B&B) Association, advertising accommodation approved by Tourism British Columbia for the 1987-1987 season. The pamphlet includes advertisements and rates for Haus Heidi (in Nesters), Chalet Luise (in White Gold), Bridge House (in Alpine), Alpine Lodge (in Alpine), and Pension Edelweiss (in White Gold).


Aerial photographs including but not limited to Whistler Creekside, the Pacific Great Eastern railway, Green Lake, the River of Golden Dreams, Nesters, the Boot Motel (2/4/8/2), Tokum Corners (2/4/8/3), Alta Lake, Adventures West Lodge, Blueberry Hill, Whistler Village, the original Myrtle Philip school (2/4/8/13), the road to Base II (11), Rainbow Mountain, Roundhouse, and Alpha Lake.

Week of January 17, 1985

Photographs including but not limited to winter windsurfing; car accident; Councillor Terry Rodgers; RCMP Diving Team training session; portraits; scuba diving in winter; Drew Meredith; Stephanie Sloan
Appears in January 17, 1985 issue:
02-382-57. Pg. 1. Caption: An RCMP E-division diving trainee prepares to climb out of the frigid water of Nita Lake at last week's training session held in Whistler. The divers combed the lake bottom in pairs learning how to recover lost objects such as vehicles, weapons and bodies.
02-382-4. Pg. 3. Caption: [top] The shaken occupant of a van that was struck at the Lorimer and Nesters intersection last Thursday morning leaves the upturned vehicle. About $4,000 damage was done to the two vehicles, but there were no serious injuries. The accident occurred when a car turning off Nesters Road collided with a second vehicle, which was travelling on Lorimer Road. The driver of the first car was charged with driving without due care and attention.
02-382-42. Pg. 7. Caption: [top left] Ernie Hnatiuk, general manager WLC Developments.
02-382-48. Pg. 7. Caption: [top right] Tom York, United Church Minister, Novelist.
02-382-76. Pg. 7. Caption: [middle] Wayne Dickinson, director of planning, RMOW.
02-382-67. Pg. 7. Caption: [bottom] Stephanie Sloan, Women's Programs Co-ordinator, Whistler Mountain.
02-382-18. Pg. 10. Caption: "Ride fast, run free, sail the snow!" A new sport was unveiled last Sunday on Green Lake, wind skiing. The demonstration put on by Windrider, Canada, a subsidiary of the parent company located in Newport Beach, California was conducted to introduce the sport to the Whistler area during the first year of commercial production. Of interest, the rig has canted skis which makes it a snap to control and it is $695 Canadian.
02-382-27. Pg. 14. Caption:Divers prepare a plunge into Nita Lake.
02-382-53. Pg. 18. Caption: [middle] Bob Brenke, Engineer, Chicago.
02-382-54. Pg. 18. Caption: [right] Mark Horne, Waiter, Emerald Estate.
02-382-61. Pg. 18. Caption: [left] Dayton MacKenzie, Locked-out truck driver, Burnaby.

Alta Lake District Fire Department Member List

Photocopy of a list of members of the Alta Lake District Fire Department and their home and business phone numbers. Six separate areas are listed - Alta Lake West, Lift Base, Alta Vista, Whistler Cay/Nesters/White Gold, Mons/Alpine Meadows, and Emerald Estates - with two to five firemen for each one. The fire chief is Dick Fairhurst.

Resort Municipality of Whistler Heritage Plan

Resort Municipality of Whistler Heritage Plan Interim Draft Report prepared by the Planning & Development Department and the Parks & Recreation Department. First Draft: July 29, 1992. "Betty Clark" is written in blue pen on the top right. The report lists an inventory of heritage sites.

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