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Alpha Lake With digital objects
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Bob Jardine with a large felled tree

Photograph of Robert Jardine standing next to a large felled tree. The inscription on the verso reads "Bob Jardine at Horstman's, Alpha Lake, Hydro right of way log. 1940." The tree, which stood on Harry Horstman's property, was felled by Horstman on the request of the PGE Railway who felt it was in danger of falling on the tracks.

Neiland cabins on Alpha Lake

Photograph of the Neiland house at Alpha Lake. This was their house in their first logging operation at Alpha Lake (Mile 35 1/2) before they moved to the Function Junction area (Mile 34 1/2).

Original House on Point of Alpha Lake

This photograph shows a house on a point at Alpha Lake during wintertime. The house is almost certainly that of Dr. & Grace Naismith. Annotations in pen on the reverse of the image read: "Original house on point of Alpha Lake," "about 1930" and "Built by Dr. returned from war." A separate annotation in pencil reads, "possibly Dr. Naismith and Grace."

House on Alpha Lake

This photograph shows a house on Alpha Lake in the wintertime with two women standing in front of it. The annotation on the reverse of the photograph reads, "House on Alpha Lake." The house appears to be Dr & Grace Naismith's house, although this is unconfirmed.

The two women are possibly Myrtle Philip and Grace Naismith, as referred to in the card catalog for PHILIP-1986-0006 (stored as WMA P86.006 PHILIP).