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Jardine, Robert Laidlaw With digital objects
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Jardine / Neiland children

Photograph of the Jardine / Neiland children outside the Neiland ranch at 34 1/2 Mile [Function Junction area], in front of a large tree stump. From left to right: Thomas Neiland Jr., Bob Jardine, Jenny Jardine (with dog), and Jack Jardine.

Cattle at the Neiland ranch

Photograph of a field of cattle at the Neiland Ranch at 34 1/2 Mile [Function Junction area] with two small boys with their arms round the necks of two of the cows, almost certainly Bob Jardine (left) and Thomas Neiland Jr. (right).

Bob Jardine with a large felled tree in 1940

Photograph of Robert Jardine standing next to a large felled tree near Harry Horstman's cabin in 1940. The inscription on the verso reads "Bob Jardine at Horstman's, Alpha Lake, Hydro right of way log. 1940." The tree, which stood on Harry Horstman's property on Sproatt Mountain, was felled by Horstman on the request of the Pacific Great Eastern Railway who felt it was in danger of falling on the tracks.

Neiland / Jardine Family Portrait

Photograph of the Neiland / Jardine family in 1924. From left to right: Jack Jardine, Lizzie Neiland, Jenny Jardine (standing), Thomas Neiland Sr., Thomas Neiland Jr., and Bob Jardine. The handwriting on the verso reads "1924".

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