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Canoe on Alta Lake

Alex Philip paddling Rainbow Lodge guests around Alta Lake including Ivan Ackery and Sadie Underwood with George Donaldson.

Paddling toward the River of Golden Dreams.<sup>1</sup>

Myrtle Philip on second trip to Alta Lake

Myrtle Philip drying bloomers at their camp, on her and Alex's second trip to the valley in 1912. This photograph was probably taken at Green Lake. The annotation on the reverse reads "That was 1912 when we went up there (M.P.)."

Myrtle Philip and Francine Trouwborst

Myrtle Philip with a walker, back from hospital after she had broken her hip and Francine Trouwborst. Annotation on the back reads "Just walking (Both!)".

Alex Philip at Alta Lake station

Alex Philip at Alta Lake station with four women. The annotation on the reverse reads "Jun 15, 1930. Alta Lake Station. Mrs Morrison and Margaret."

Alex Philip in a meadow

  • PHILIP-3-1986-0970
  • Stuk
  • [1913 or 1914]
  • Part of Philip Fonds

Copy of the original photograph. Alex Philip stands in a meadow with tents in the background.

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