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Con objetos digitales WMSC Collection: Donated 1989
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Ski Boot Hotel

A view of the Ski Boot Hotel (aka Boot Hotel, Shoestring Lodge, Boot Pub etc).

Mrs. Bette Taylor, Scott and Jeanne of Bellevue, Washington

Two children are seen standing with a woman, presumably their mother, surrounded by skis and poles on a snowy day. They are all dressed in ski gear, and Garibaldi Lift Co. tickets are visible attached to the bottom edges of the children's sweaters.

A sticker on the back of the print reads, "Mrs. Bette Taylor, Scott and Jeanne, of 2200 78th N.E., Bellevue, Washington (Seattle)".

Canada's Most Modern Ski & Tourist Centre to be Constructed Here

Two women with ski gear and one man are seen standing in front of a sign that reads, "Canada's most modern ski & tourist centre to be constructed here."

Annotations on the reverse of the print state, "Annette Wilhelmsen on left?" and "Mr. Taylor on right, others unknown."

Skier with Service Sign

This photograph, taken at the top of Whistler Mountain, shows a skier passing a service sign listing lodges and places.

Wide Open Run with Peaks in Background

This photograph shows a wide run on Whistler Mountain, looking toward surrounding mountain peaks. The run itself has several ski tracks, but there is not a skier in sight.

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