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Cypress Lodge
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5714 Alta Lake Road

Notes relating to 5714 Alta Lake Road, lots 10 and 11. Includes notes from a chat with Roger Stacey, correspondence with Florence and Andy Petersen, correspondence with Roger Stacey, and handwritten note from Ray Dove, and a memoir from Ray Dove about Woodbine Cottage.

5602 Alta Lake Road

A form filled in by Bev and Ron Kitteringham at 5602 Alta Lake Road, Lot 39. They write about how they purchased the property from the Fairhursts and their family history in the area. Also included in a different package is one page of typed notes with extensive handwritten annotations and two double sided pages of handwritten notes. The notes are from Bev and Ron Kitteringham and include numerous small anecdotes about traveling to and from Alta Lake on the train, as well how they lived before the town became more accessible.

Two handwritten pages of notes about various lots

Two pages of handwritten notes about 5638 (Lot 30), 5710 (Lot 12) and 5642 (Lot 29) on Alta Lake Road. The notes are about the current and former owners of the properties and how the houses were built and purchased.

Alta Lake Community Club

An information sheet about the Alta Lake Community Club, its origins, and some of its popular social activities.

5730 Alta Lake Road

Four sheets of handwritten narrative about 5730 Alta Lake Road, also known as Whispering Leaves. The narrative talks about the successive owners of the property and how the owners came and went form the Whistler area.

5690 Alta Lake Road

Typed notes and anecdotes from J'Anne Greenwood, the owner of 5690 Alta Lake Road, Lots 17 and 18. The same stories are laid out several different times in slightly different formats, and cover stories about train travel and how the family came to buy a lot of Alta Lake Road and a general family history.

History of Alta Lake Road List of Dates

A printed list of dates and descriptions related to Alta Lake Road. The dates span between 1943 ad 1972 and focus on the houses and their inhabitants.

Resort Municipality of Whistler Heritage Plan

Resort Municipality of Whistler Heritage Plan Interim Draft Report prepared by the Planning & Development Department and the Parks & Recreation Department. First Draft: July 29, 1992. "Betty Clark" is written in blue pen on the top right. The report lists an inventory of heritage sites.

Don MacLaurin Personal Photographs

  • MACLAURIN_2017_011-002-013
  • Dossiê/Processo
  • 1961 - 1991
  • Parte de Don MacLaurin

File includes personal photographs belonging to Don MacLaurin. File also includes a Certificate of Qualification for "E. H. McLaurin", certifying that he attended "Provincial Civil Defence Rescue Course No. 8" with associated picture.

001: "1961 Izzie - at least 7 months pregnant."
002: "Whistler Mtn. Signs"
003: "1961 Don skiing behind Cypress Lodge: under Hydro lines. 400 ft rope tow. Forest 'lift' in Whistler. Don MacLaurin."
004: "MacLaurin kids on Alpha Lake 1963? 1964? Maybe 1965. Whistler Mtn. in background. Don MacLaurin."
006: "Old No. 40 resting as a 'Tea House' in our front garden from 1965 Garibaldi Lifts"
008: Collage has captions or comments associated with each picture.
009: "Wait'l I get older it's worse. and retire."
010: Collage has captions or comments associated with each picture.
012: Collage has captions or comments associated with each picture. Titled "Ski '54' Club".

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