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Myrtle Philip with a heather plant in a wheelchair on her 95th birthday. Behind her stand Terry Rodgers, Janet Baird & Andy Petersen. Inscription on verso : "Myrtle's 95th BIRTHDAY / MAR. 19, 1986 / at Hilltop House, Squamish. MAYOR TERRY RODGERS (WHISTLER) / JANET BAIRD (VANC) / ANDY PETERSON (ALTA LAKE, WHISTLER) / Janet baked Myrtle's famous rum cake that Andy is holding. Heather is from Petersens. Love from Florence Petersen"

Myrtle at the table

Myrtle Philip seated at a table with teacups. She is 94.

Myrtle Philip school children

Myrtle Philip, seated in a wheelchair, with 11 Grade 5 students from Myrtle Philip Community School. Inscription on verso (copy 1) : "Grade 5 - M P School - + Myrtle Philip - taken [illeg.] 14, 1984." Inscription on verso (copy 2) : "Class from Myrtle Philip / visiting Myrtle at her home - A. L."

Snowy Picnic on Opening Day

Despite driving snow, a large group of U.S. skiers are happily enjoying an outdoor picnic on opening day.

91 candles

Myrtle's birthday, with 91 candles lit. Pictured (l-r) are Margaret, Virginia, Harry, Cherie, Edith, Jean, Myrtle. Inscription on verso : "At the Beach Cottage / Edith Cherie Virginia / March 19 -- 91 candles -- Jean Margaret / I need help -- to blow / Myrtle --"

WMSC Commemorative Plaque

This photograph shows a brass commemorative plaque for chairlifts allowing access to the north side of Whistler Mountain.

Three Graces

Myrtle Philip, Margaret Esworthy & Jean Tapley sitting on a couch. Inscription on verso : "At the Cottage -- Three Graces -- 1982"

Myrtle with birthday cake

Myrtle Philip, seated at a kitchen table in front of a birthday cake. There are 91 candles on the cake, which have just been blown out. Virginia Tapley stands beside Myrtle. Inscription on verso : "Happy Birthday to Me -- March 19 -- 1982"

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