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Philip, Alex
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Alex on Blackcomb Mountain

Alex Philip on top of Blackcomb Mountain in snow. Inscription on verso: "Alex on top of Blackcomb Mt / 1940?"

Dad's first garden

A row of turnips at Alta Lake, BC with Sewall Tapley and Alex Philip at the far end. PGE Rail line in the background.

The Philips

Myrtle and Alex Philip standing on the bridge in front of Rainbow Lodge. Inscription on face in top left corner [red ink] : "The Philips" ; Inscription on verso : "Do you remember this snap taken in the summer. Wish we could see the country up there now. Wish Rye a Merry Xmas for us when and [if] you see her / Love / Mary."

Stacking wood

Four people and a dog in front of a huge woodpile at Rainbow Lodge. (L-r): Elsie Clarke, Myrtle Philip, Jack Findlay, Alex Philip. Inscription on verso : "Alex Findlay Myrtle Elsie"

David and Alex

Alex Philip with David Fairhurst when David was a young child, seated on a deck in fall.

Alex and Myrtle Philip

Alex Philip sitting on a chair with Myrtle on the arm beside him.

Alex Philip in his boat

Alex Philip in his boat on Alta Lake. Photograph printed on 3rd December 1958.

Alex Philip

Alex Philip as an elderly man.

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