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Com objeto digital Inglês WMSC Collection: Donated 1989
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Aerial View of Clear-cut Hill with Lake

Clear-cut patches are seen, with a lake visible down below. This photograph was taken from a helicopter or plane, with reflections off the window glass visible in the frame.

Aerial View of Clear-cutting

Clear-cut forest seen from the window of a plane or helicopter, with reflections in glass clearly visible in the frame.

Aerial View of Terrain and Runs

An aerial view in which both the alpine terrain and some of the runs that have been carved out of the forest are visible.

Aerial View of Valley Bottom

An aerial photograph looking down into the valley bottom, with the highway and development at Creekside visible.

Allen, George

Aerial View of Whistler Mountain

A view of clear cutting on Whistler Mountain taken in the spring or summer, when the only snow left is on the mountain peaks.

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