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Jardine, Robert Laidlaw Com objeto digital
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First students at Alta Lake School

Six young people on skates with hockey sticks on Alta Lake. The first students of Alta Lake School. Inscription on verso reads "Some of the kids at the first (original school down at Alta Lake / 1930s (after 1932) / On Lagoon at end of Lake opposite Rainbow LK"

L-R: unknown [possibly Kenny Woods?], Pat Woods; Bob Jardine, unknown, Tom Neiland Jr, Jack Woods."

Bob Jardine with a huge felled tree

Photograph of Robert Jardine standing next to a large felled tree. The inscription on the verso reads "Bob Jardine at Horstman's, Alpha Lake, Hydro right of way log. 1940." The tree, which stood on Harry Horstman's property was felled by Horstman on the request of the PGE Railway who felt it was in danger of falling on the tracks.

Jardine / Neiland family

Jardine Neiland family photograph, sitting in the forest. L-R: Jenny Jardine ; Bob Jardine; Thomas Neiland Jr; Thomas Neiland Sr; Jack Jardine; [unknown man, possibly Pat O'Neill who worked for the Neiland family around this time].

Jardine / Neiland children

Photograph of the Jardine / Neiland children in the garden at mile 34 1/2. L-R: Jenny Jardine; Thomas Neiland Jr (holding a rabbit); Jack Jardine.

Jardine / Neiland family on the river bank

Photograph of the Jardine Neiland family with another woman, who is possibly Lizzie Neiland's sister, Mary Jane Rutherford. The party are standing on the banks of a river, possibly Cheakamus River. L-R [Mary Jane Rutherford]; Lizzie Neiland; Robert Jardine; Thomas Neiland Jr (in Lizzie's arms); Jack Jardine; Jenny Jardine.

Jardine / Neiland children in Lizzie Neiland's garden

Two identical copies of the same photograph of L-R: Jenny Jardine, Flossie the dog, Jack Jardine, Tom Neiland Jr and Bob Jardine in Lissie Neiland's garden at 34 1/2 mile. The inscription on the back of the first photograph (a) reads "My mums garden, dog and kids, rly in background, 34 1/2 mile House."
The inscription on the back of the second photograph (b) reads "my mums garden 34 1/2 mile Ranch, about 1930, dog Flossy, railway track, J. Betts."

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