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Tapley, Jean Elizabeth
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Frank and Jean on horseback

Frank (about 8 yo) and Jean (about 6 yo) Tapley on a horse (bareback). Sewall Tapley is holding the reins. Large woodpile behind.

Jean and Kihi

  • PHILIP-3-1986-0678
  • Item
  • [191-?]-[192-?]
  • Parte de Philip Fonds

Jean Tapley sitting in front of cabin with dog Kihi. Annotation on verso: "Jean - Mrs Philips sister."

Jean & Sewall Tapley

Jean Tapley with backpack, arm in arm with her father Sewall. Horse grazing in the background.

Jean with foal

Jean Tapley standing with foal . Cabins and tennis court in background.

Jean Tapley riding with Myrtle

Jean Tapley and Myrtle Philip riding horses with Alta Lake in background, summer. Inscription on verso reads "Jean Tapley (sister to M) and Myrtle"

Jean and Bakie

Jean Tapley and Bakie (Mrs. Baker) standing on side lawn outside Rainbow Lodge in summer. Alex Philip is on veranda in background. An upturned canoe is on the lawn to the side. Inscription on verso : "Jean - Bakie / Alex in background"

Sailing on Alta Lake

Sailboat in full sail on Alta Lake. Sewall Tapley is at the tiller and Jean Tapley is in the bow. Inscription on verso: "Mr. Tapley / Sewell"

Skating on Rainbow Creek

Jean Tapley and Myrtle Philip skating on Rainbow Creek with the P.G.E. line visible in the background.

Myrtle, Rhi and Jean with others

Myrtle Philip, Rhi (Mariah) Philip and Jean Tapley seated in a row with large trees and several other people (summer).

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