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Alder, Trudy
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Alta Lake Community Club Minutebook 1951-1983

Minutebook for meetings of the Alta Lake Community Club from 1951-1985. Subjects discussed include holiday parties and dances, the purchasing of a projector, hosting films, Girl Guides and Cubs, memorial benches, the purchasing of a snowplow, logging, moving the Alta Lake School flagpole, fire safety, postal service, roads, Robbie Burns Night, fishing derbies, art lessons, theatre, Myrtle Philip's birthday, the Squamish Youth Choral, Blackcomb Ski Club, Rainbow Mountain ski hill, the Pacific Great Eastern Railway, TV's coming to the Whistler valley, building the Whistler Mountain Ski Club building, the formation of a ski club, the Mountain Rescue Group, Mount Whistler Lodge, Alta Lake Ratepayers Association, building a new school, physical education classes on the mountain, Cypress Lodge, donation to the Garibaldi Olympic Development Association, Highland Lodge, the Logger's Sports Day Parade, seasons passes for children, square-dancing, and badminton.

Peak 2 Peak Fonds

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  • Fonds
  • 2008-2009

Papers relating to opening day of the Peak 2 Peak gondola on December 12, 2008.

The donors, Andy and Florence Petersen were nominated by the community to be on the first Peak 2 Peak gondola ride from Blackcomb to Whistler along with twenty other citizens of Whistler.

The fonds includes:
Press release from Whistler Blackcomb announcing the names of the first riders, December 2, 2008
Press release from Whistler Blackcomb announcing details of the launch ceremony, December 4, 2008
Peak 2 Peak launch day itinerary
Information from Whistler Blackcomb's website relating to the launch, 9 December 9, 2008
One-day Whistler Blackcomb complimentary pass
Press cuttings
Peak 2 Peak fact sheet
International Ropeway Review Special on the Peak 2 Peak gondola, December, 2008
Brochure about the Peak 2 Peak entitled "Visonaries: Whistler Blackcomb and the Peak 2 Peak Gondola."

Also included is information on the first riders on the other gondola riding from Whistler to Blackcomb. The riders in this gondola earned their places by donating to local charities. The email includes a list of all the riders in this second gondola.

Prints 7-9

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  • [c. 1990]
  • Part of Wohlgemuth

Photographs of a musician playing a zither and people in traditional dress at the European Dinner Dance.

Val's notes for each photo:
"7 - Leo [Bochm] playing zither, Gordon Tomally"
"8 - Trudy + Leo singing"
"9 - Peter + Trudy Alde, Louise Zinsli + Molly Boyd"

Week of February 22, 1982

Photographs including but not limited to army helicopter; Squamish; Whistler Fire Hall; cross-country skiing; Dave Murray retirement party at Myrtle Philip School; Crazy Canuck; ski race; chairlift; Shell Cup; Search and Rescue Squadron 422 from Comrox; Krazy Kanucks presented with a 'superskier' cartoon after Shell Cup; Creekside Husky and tow truck
Appears in February 25, 1982 issue:
02-220-143 Pg. 3. Caption: [bottom] Diana Pooke -- Shell Cup Co-ordinator for Shell Canada.
02-220-20. Pg. 4. Caption: The first test run of the fire department's late addition proved it could be instrumental in putting out high level fires such as the one at Whistler Village Inn Jan. 13.
02-220-10. Pg. 9. Caption: Mayor Pat Carleton greets Federal Fitness Minister Gerald Regan and family when they visited Whistler on Feb. 19.
02-220-79. Pg. 11. Caption: Dave Murray (left) is congratulated by Canadian National Ski Team coach John Ritchie at a reception for the retiring nine-year veteran.
02-220-5. Pg. 12. Caption: Search and Rescue Squadron 422 from Comox dropped into Whistler last week for a mountain rescue training session.
02-220-120. Pg. 13. Caption: Dave Irwin
02-220-166. Pg. 13. Caption: Todd Brooker
02-220-179. Pg. 13. Caption: Bob Lahti
02-220-89. Pg. 15. Caption: Dave Murray displays his giant card made by Isobel McLaurin.
02-220-54. Pg. 16. Caption: A group of young beavers, dreams of downhill racing in their heads, in attendance at Dave Murray's reception.
02-220-148. Pg. 19. Caption: Mike Carney, winner of the 1981 Canadian Juvenile Championships, 15-year old Mike Carney of Squamish was one of the many young competitors hoping to get a chance at pitting themselves against the likes of Murray and Podborski.
02-220-137. Pg. 22. Caption: [top left] Mark Angus, Contractor, Gondoal Area resident
02-220-127. Pg. 22. Caption: [top middle] Shannon Wells, Secretary at McConkey's Ski Shop, White Gold resident
02-220-129. Pg. 22. Caption: [top right] Grant Balmer, Service Manager at Blackcombe Sports, Alpine Meadows resident
02-220-140. Pg. 22. Caption: [bottom left] Dave MacPhail, Plumbing Inspector, Alpine Meadows resident
02-220-125. Pg. 22. Caption: [bottom middle] Amy Shoup, Clerk at Whistler Creek Ski Shop
02-220-138. Pg. 22. Caption: [bottom right] Trudi Alder, Contractor, Nesters resident
02-220-58. Pg. 25. Caption: Andy Marynowski of Shell Canada presents the 'Crazy Kanucks' with a 'superstore' cartoon after the Shell Cup was cancelled on Feb. 22.
02-220-190. Pg. 28. Caption: A parking attendant's dream ... This giant tow truck pulled into town the other day -- and quickly pulled out again, much to the relief of nearby parking violators.
02-220-151. Pg. 30. Caption: Canada's answer to Leroy Neimann. Ken F. Wesman, formerly of West Vancouver and now of Calgary, had a little time on his hand and managed in two months to come up with eight dynamic oil paintings of the Canadian National Ski Team. Shell Canada purchased the entire collection and present two of the canvasses (complete with fresh, sticky surfaces) to Dave Murray and Dave Irwin. From Whistler Wesman will head back to Calgary and start work on a 3x8' montage for the 1988 Winter Olympics.

Week of March 8, 1984

Photographs including but not limited to Miss Whistler awards; portraits; putting up an event tent; Greg Lee; receiving a trophy; Image Makers; singing; band playing; acting in costume; dancing with balloons; clowns; skiing medal ceremonies; car accident; typewriters; Freestyle skiing; paragliding; Molson World Downhill Championship; Pepsi Challenge; Miss Winterfest contest
Appears in March 8, 1984 issue:
02-362-137. Pg. 11. Caption: A 1983 Datsun left Highway 99 Friday, landing on its roof and sending the driver to hospital. The car was northbound on a long straightaway north of White Gold. The driver, Wade Knutson of Vancouver, was passing a car when he was forced to drive off the road to avoid an oncoming car. The Datsun flipped twice, through Knutson clear. Nuts was taken to a local doctor and then to a Vancouver hospital. He is in stable but not serious condition. However, Knutson will be charged with passing while unsafe. The car received $4,000 damage.
02-362-140. Pg. 13. Caption: A typewriter graveyard? No, these are just a small part of the many tons of equipment, from pencils to lasers, being used for Molson World Downhill coordination.
02-362-248. Pg. 15. Caption: Despite a full cast on his right leg, local musician Jim Brindley continues turning out the tunes. Blindly and other Whistler virtuosos se the Mountain House a 'shaking' last Tuesday night.
02-362-182. Pg. 18. Caption: [bottom] About 8,000 skiers visited Blackcomb Mountain during the Volvo Ski Show Saturday and Sunday.
02-362-152. Pg. 19. Caption: The Silver Streak "I party whereof I go"
02-362-76. Pg. 20. Caption: It was a tough choice for judges at Saturday's air band contest. The contest, held at Stumps in conjunction with the Volvo Ski Show, featured four bands. The Energy Pals, a duo, eventually won and took home two pairs of Blizzard skis. In second place were The Superbs followed by the five-member "Culture Club" (above).
02-362-146. Pg. 21. Caption: Christina Platt, Nancy Ford and Gabriella Rozza took home Pepsi Challenge medals Saturday.
02-362-283. Pg. 24. Caption: Ms. Winterfest contestants modelled fashions and hairstyles at Stumps Friday Night in preparation for yesterday's decision and coronation. Barbara Chomos, above, models a pink ski suit from McConkey's.
02-362-031. [From left to right: Trudy Alder and Arv Pellegrin]

Week of October 19, 1981

Photographs including but not limited to hiking; construction of Whistler Tower Building; soccer; speeches; exposition; show; dancing; Whistler Village; Whistler Mountain; dinner event; children; policeman; car accident; Whistler Tea at Blackcomb Lodge
Appears in October 22, 1981 issue:
02-204-122. Pg. 3. Caption: Constable Brian Sowden examines the $1000 worth of damage that occurred when vandals there a rock through the large plate glass window at the Gulf Station on October 19. There was no sign of entry or theft.
02-204-28. Pg. 4. Caption: A view of parcel 26, Whistler Tower Building scheduled for completion in early 1982. Designed by architect Joe Yamauchi, work will continue on the structure throughout the winter.
02-204-37. Pg. 6. Caption: Dental hygienest Mary Ann Sommer examines the teeth of one of the school student's as part of a district-wide program.
02-204-72-73. Pg. 7. Caption: Whistler Rotary President Bob Brown (right) presents past-president's pin to Graeme O'Neill with former past president Bob Bishop and Doug Read.
02-204-63. Pg. 8. Caption: [top] Shoppers browse through the racks of skis and ski equipment at the annual Ski Swap.
02-204-43. Pg. 8. Caption: [middle] Dave Irwin cuts ribbon to open the show.
02-204-60. Pg. 8. Caption: [bottom] Models display the latest in ski fasions[sic].
02-204-56. Pg. 9. Caption: [top] Hopeful show-goers sign up at the Backcomb booth to win a "Mini SKi' holiday.
02-204-65. Pg. 9. Caption: [middle] One old softie sizes up another...
02-204-55. Pg. 9. Caption: [bottom] Impressive display by the Resort Association included a video presentation.
02-204-110. Pg. 12. Caption: Welcome to Whistler! Jenny Busdon of the Alta Lake Community Club welcomes some of the ladies to the First Annual Welcome to Whistler Tea held in the cheerfully sunny lobby of Blackcomb Lodge on Sunday, October 18.
02-204-82. Pg. 15. Caption: [top] Workers build cover of pine logs and snow fences over a ditch on the Whistler Olympic Run road.
02-204-80. Pg. 15. Caption: [bottom] Whistler Mountain lift maintenance personnel Harvey Fellowes and Doug Maxwell wind the new gondola cable to a giant reel prior to installing it.
02-204-116. Pg. 16. Caption: Ross Smith shows class how not to bring a glass of wine to a table at the waiter/waitress course at JB's.
02-204-118. Pg. 18. Caption: Richard Miller's Subaru after it took a roll in the ditch October 19 at the detour at the River of Golden Dreams. Miller only received a gash over his eye.
02-204-20. Pg. 20. Caption: Renovations are underway at the new Firehall No. 3. in the Gondola area, which the municipality recently acquired from B.C. Tel for the grand total of $1. The A-frame should be home for a pumper truck by next week.
02-204-74. Pg. 21. Caption: Whistler's Rotary Exchange student, Teresa Delgado from Mexico, says thank-you and farewell to the Rotary Club that met on October 16.
02-204-109. [Jenny Busdon is sitting at the table in the centre welcoming visitors to the Welcome to Whistler Tea at Blackcomb Lodge, and Evelyn Cullen is standing at the back left in all white]
02-204-112. [Jenny Busdon sat a the table welcoming visitors to the Welcome to Whistler Tea at Blackcomb Lodge. Evelyn Cullen is standing to the far right.]
02-204-113. [Welcome to Whistler Tea at Blackcomb Lodge - Pat Beauregard is standing to the left in all white, and Trudy Alder is to the far right holding a white flower.]

Whistler - The Magazine

Whistler - The Magazine editions spanning from 1982-1989. The magazines feature stories about Whistler locals and Whistler's history, shopping guides, accommodation guides, village maps, and ads from local businesses.

Whistler - The Magazine, Winter 1987

Whistler-themed magazine, published by Paul Burrows, containing the following articles:
"Shopping Around the Valley: A potpourri of gifts, treats, and activities available from the merchants of Whistler"
"A Skier's Guide to the Dual Mountains: For the uninitiated, an introduction to skiing opportunities on Whistler Mountain and Blackcomb Mountain"
"A Collection of Whistler Snowbirds: Artist Isobel MacLaurin prepared these works in watercolour and ink of the winged wildlife of winter"
"A Taste of Whistler: Six of Whistler's finest chefs and a selection of their dishes make us a composite Coast Mountain meal"
"For the Love of Nordic Skiing: The Lost Lake cross-country trail system will be longer and better groomed than ever this year"
"The Whistler Resort Guide: Twenty-four pages of everything you ever wanted to know about Whistler"
"Ecosign: Whistler's mountain design company: Sophisticated, comprehensive planning in a highly specialized field has established Ecosign as a world leader in ski area design."
"Backcountry Skiing: Heaven or Hell?: Peter Chrzanowski has had a few close calls while ski mountaineering. He has some wise advice for those with a desire to venture off the beaten track."
"Behind the Scenes: A few candid shots of some of the people who make Whistler work"
"101 Things To Do, or how I spent my Summer in Whistler: There's a lot more to this resort than just skiing, as this overview of summer activities reveals"
"A Summer Side of Life: A collection of photographs to warm the insides on a winter's evening"

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