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Rutherford, Mary Jane
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Burns' Statue Square, Ayr

Postcard labelled "Burns' Statue Square, Ayr," sent from Aunty Mary (Mary Rutherford?) in Ayr, Scotland to Bobby Jardine at 35 1/2 Mile. The front of the card has a tinted photograph of a square with buildings, horse-drawn carriages and a statue of Robert Burns.

On the back of the card is a handwritten message from Aunt Mary to Robert Jardine. There is a red one-cent British stamp in the top right corner. The card is postmarked 4.30 PM October 6 1923 in Ayr.

Jardine / Neiland family on the river bank

Photograph of the Jardine / Neiland family with another woman, who is possibly Lizzie Neiland's sister, Mary Jane Rutherford. The party are standing on the banks of [the Cheakamus River?].From left to right: [Mary Jane Rutherford], Lizzie Neiland, Robert Jardine, Thomas Neiland Jr. (in Lizzie's arms), Jack Jardine, and Jenny Jardine.

North Berwick from the Beach

Postcard labelled "North Berwick from the Beach," sent from Aunty M. (Mary Rutherford?) to Mr. Bobbie Jardine. On the front of the card is a tinted photograph of a sandy beach with multiple people atop large rocks in the foreground. In the background is a village, with a large hill rising in the far distance.

On the back of the card is a handwritten message from Aunty M. in North Berwick to Robert Jardine-Neiland at 35 1/2 Mile. A red one-penny British stamp is in the top right corner. The card is postmarked 9:45 AM, November 24 1923, in North Berwick.


Postcards sent to members of the Jardine-Neiland family from friends and relatives in Europe, the USA, and Canada, from roughly the early 1900s to 1946.

  • 001: "Easter Cheer" postcard from J.B. and M.B. A.B. (in Pembroke, Ontario) to Jenny Jardine, postmarked March 31 1926.
  • 002: Belgian postcard showing "Officers & Apprentices of British Barque 'Beechdale,'" from Bob Lloyd to Lizzie Neiland, no date.
  • 003: postcard showing Princes Street from Scott Monument in Edinburgh, Scotland, from cousin William (in North Berwick) to Jennie Jardine, postmarked May 31st and June 20 1921.
  • 004: "Greetings from Laverne, Okla." postcard from Joy Smith to J. W. Neiland, postmarked June 14 and June 19 1941.
  • 005: photo postcard of "Jess" and her husband, c. early 1900s.
  • 006: unlabelled photo postcard of 4 women c. early 1900s.
  • 007: Burns Statue Square postcard from Aunty [Mary?] (in Ayr, Scotland) to Bobby Jardine, postmarked October 6 1923.
  • 008: "Easter Greetings" postcard from Aunt [Margot?] (in Vicksburg, Michigan) to Bobby Neilan, postmarked March 29 192[6? 8?].
  • 009: "A 'Joy Ride' in Florida" postcard from Aunt [Margaret?] (in Leesburg, Florida) to Bobbie Neilan, postmarked February 27 1935.
  • 010: "Hippopotamus in Breckenridge Park, San Antonio, Texas" postcard to Bob Neilan, postmarked March 8 1934.
  • 011: "Murren, Grosshorn, Breithorn und Tschingelhorn" postcard from [Lizzie Jardine?] to Miss J. J. Neiland, August 17 1927.
  • 012: "North Berwick from the Beach" postcard from Aunty M. to Bobbie Jardine, postmarked November 24 1923.
  • 013: Horseshoe Bay, B.C. postcard from [Ins?] to Mrs. Wallace O. Betts, postmarked July 22 1938.
  • 014: High Street, Kinross postcard from [Sammy?] to parents, Mr. and Mrs. Neiland, postmarked February 23 1944.
  • 015: Summerland Road postcard from Jack (in Penticton) to Mrs. L. Neiland, postmarked August 15 1944.
  • 016: "The Breakwater, Bude" postcard from [Coreen?] (in Harrow, Middlesex) to Mrs. Neiland, postmarked September 9 1946.

WA_2018_039 - Postcards and Textual Documents

Series consists of letters, bankruptcy papers, receipts, cheque stubs, postcards, a booklet, and a letter bill relating to the life of the Jardine-Neiland family at Alta Lake, as well as travels abroad. The postcards have been designated as a separate file.

  • File 001 - 16 postcards to members of the Jardine-Neiland family from friends and relatives in Europe, the USA and Canada, c. early 1900s-1946.
  • 002: letter from Pat O'Neil (in Winnipeg, Manitoba) to Jack Jardine, March 10 1940.
  • 003: Function Junction Mill bankruptcy papers.
  • 004: receipt from Alex Philip general store, W.O. Betts, February 10 1938.
  • 005: receipt from Alex Philip general store, W.O. Betts, March 2 1938.
  • 006: letter to Lizzie Neiland from niece Ann (in New Westminster), postmarked February 1931.
  • 007: cheque stub, September 27 1938 to mid-1939.
  • 008: cheque stub, July 25 to October 26 1939.
  • 009: booklet, "Picture Taking with the No. 1A Kodak Junior," owned by Grace Archibald, 1914.
  • 010: letter bill, to W.O. Betts from Buckerfield's Ltd., December 24 1937.