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Blackcomb Interpretive Paintings

Two photographic reprints attached to pieces of white backing. One photograph shows Isobel MacLaurin painting a mural of black bears, and the other shows her painting a mural of deer. Caption reads: "Two of several interpretive Paintings on Blackcomb".

MacLaurin, Isobel

Slides of Isobel MacLaurin's Paintings

Slides depicting murals and paintings by Isobel MacLaurin. These may have been a submission to Millennium Place.

001: Still-life painting of vegetables. Caption reads: "Watercolours Menkes". Slide appears to be dated "July 2000".
002: Mural depicting a heron standing in the River of Golden Dreams with mountains in the background. Caption reads: "muni[cipal] sign". Slide dated "Jun[e 19]87."
003: Mural beside gondolas showing a grouse in a mountain setting. Caption reads: "Whistler M[oun]t[ai]n. Mural with local birds". Slide dated "Aug[ust] 28, 1989". Back of slide says "I[sobel] MacL[aurin]".
004: Mural depicting a Stellar's jay flying above Nita Lake with mountains in the background. Marked "On west side rd. above Nita Lk Isobel MacL." Slide dated Jun. 87.
005: Two men carrying a mural depicting tree stumps and trunks. Caption reads: "Forestry Mural B.C.I.T." Slide dated "Apr[il] 3, 1992".
006: Woman painting waves on a mural. Caption reads: "Mural in Cook Islands." Slide dated "Mar[ch 19]83".
007: Woman painting a mural of flowers and palm trees. Caption reads: "Mural in Fiji".
008: Mural of flowers. Caption reads: "1 of 4 North Shore Credit Union". Slide dated "Mar[ch] 9, 1993".
009: Mural of pond with birds and island in the centre. Caption reads: "BCIT. One of 6 Murals". Slide dated "Aug[ust] 23, 1993".
010: Painting of Whistler Mountain. Caption reads: "Whistler M[oun]t[ai]n Watercolour". Slide dated "Nov[ember 19]96".
011: Painting of a mountain goat. Marked "1st Western Canada Nat[ional] Hon[ourary] mention. Chrysler Competition". Slide appears to be dated "Jul[y] 88T03".
012: Painting of a stream with snowy banks. Caption reads "Reflections. River of Golden Dreams. H2O colo[u]r. I[sobel] MacLaurin Whistler". Slide appears to be dated "May 23, 1990".
013: Oval drawing or painting of a woman and child looking at the legs of a passing woman. Caption reads: "Eve-olution? Col. - Brackendale A.G.".
014: Painting of a young boy. Caption reads: "Cook Island lad". Dated "Apr[il] 30, 1990".
015: Painting of an elderly Myrtle Philip. Caption reads: "Myrtle Philip at 95. Pastel". Appears to be dated "Nov[ember 19]86".
016: Painting of an elderly woman. Marked "Mountain woman "Thai" Oct[ober 19]85. Royyylic". Slide dated "Jan[uary 19]86".
017: Painting of flowers. Caption reads: "Watercolour. Menu Chateau. Wildflower scene watercolour for mural".

MacLaurin, Isobel