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Garibaldi Provincial Park Floatplanes
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Rene and Clifford

Photograph of Clifford Fenner and Rene Widmer in front of a floatplane at Snowcap Lake.
Photograph was previously in wooden frame.

Caption on back: "Snowcap Lake, Rene + self, Sept 1999/20 [20 is scratched out] ?"

G. 20

Photograph of a floatplane at a dock on a lake in Garibaldi Park.

Floatplane on Garibaldi Lake

Photograph of a floatplane on Garibaldi Lake with a glacier in the background. Glass slide framed with blue tape.

Slides 9

Photographs of Garibaldi Lake, Black Tusk meadows covered in snow, chopping wood, snowcap lakes, a floatplane and tents at snowcap lakes, a sunset at Garibaldi Lake, mountain climbers near glacier and on ridge, hikers near Tantalus, two people melting snow on a rock and putting the water in cups, hikers in snow on mountain, Dr. Brink on a slope at Black Tusk, and fishing.

Caption on FEN_02_02_009_003: "GAR August 62".
Caption on FEN_02_02_009_019: "Dr. Brink BT slopes".

Slides 10

Photographs of a tent and seaplane at Snowcap Lakes, hikers on trail, Wedge Mountain with climbers on Mt Weart, mountain reflections in lake, a hiker near side of mountain, climbers on a glacier, fishing on a lake, a tent on fresh snow covered ground in Garibaldi Park, chopping wood in Black Tusk Meadows, an aerial view of Black Tusk, the moon above mountains reflecting in a lake, kayaking on Garibaldi Lake, a boat on shore partially in water, people and a boat in front of cabin, dirty snow, and a helicopter in a field with trees in the background.

FEN_02_02_010_002 labelled "Wedge from Weart 1959".
FEN_02_02_010_003 labelled "C. A. Fenner | Lake reflections".
FEN_02_02_010_007 labelled "GARIBALDI AUGUST 62".

Slides 17

Photographs of wildflowers, boating on Garibaldi Lake, hiking, a toad, hikers sitting in a field of wildflowers, a floatplane on a lake, mountains reflected in Garibaldi Lake, basalt rocks and formations, and a view of Black Tusk and surrounding area.

Written on FEN_02_02_017_008 is "C. A. FENNER 860 Evelyn Dr West Vancouver BC".

Garibaldi Park

Photographs mostly of mountaineering, camping, trail-building, construction, and ski touring in Garibaldi Park, but also in Maple Ridge and Golden Ears.

Prints 39

Photographs of a lake, a shed on a shoreline, a wooden bridge over a river, and a floatplane on the water with three people on a dock.

Slides 18

Photographs of wildflowers, summer and winter hiking, boating on Garibaldi Lake, a seaplane on a lake, Table Mountain, meadows, a helicopter on dirt land surrounded by dust, a helicopter in the air, snowy Castle Towers, Black Tusk, hikers on the main trail of Black Tusk Meadows, and a dark view of mountains and clouds.

FEN_02_02_009 labelled "GAR AUG 62".
FEN_02_02_017 labelled "C. A. FENNER 860 Evelyn Dr West Vancouver BC"

G. 19

Photograph of a floatplane near a dock on a lake in Garibaldi Park.

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