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Whistler Village Chairlifts
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Week of August 30, 1984

Photographs including but not limited to summer operation Whistler Mountain; Tower 18; chairlift; drinking at a party; construction; canoeing; smoking; firefighters; Michellson's spoon; portraits; Dennis Hanson; windsurfing; cars; Autocross; car accident; pub; Porsche; Vancouver Fire Institute course; election campaign
Appears in August 30, 1984 issue:
02-419-F-2. Pg. 1. Caption: Peter Andrews makes a last minute check to his Porsche Saturday in the concours d'elegance in Whistler Village. Porsches from all over the Pacific Northwest visited Whistler for the 4th annual Porsche Weekend. More on page 16.
02-419-A-12. Pg. 3. Caption: Dorothy Sabey in front of her home with her dogs Mike and Jake.
02-419-F-28. Pg. 7. Caption: Incumbent Conservative MP Lorne Greenaway passed through Whistler, and Tapley's pub, Friday. Greenaway spent part of the morning and afternoon campaigning for Tuesday's election.
02-419-C-11. Pg. 8. Caption: [top] The Whistler Canoe Club hosted a brigade race on Alta Lake during the weekend with the women's squad (Connie Kutyn, Trudy Alder, Margo Mathews, Sue Davidson, Bev Downie and Tracy Morben) beating the Richmond Fire Department Women's Brigade Team by six minutes. The Whistler Men's team (Ken Hardy, Mike Jakobson, Tim Malone, Frank Bartik, Preston Fritz and Brian Allen) came second to a Vancouver team.
02-419-B-17. Pg. 10. Caption: Mayor Mark Angus was busy campaigning last Tuesday at an informal open house at Jan Holberg and Ted Nebbeling's home on Alta Lake. D-Day for Angus and all the candidates is next Tuesday.
02-419-C-2. Pg. 11. Caption: District firemen sharpened their skills over the weekend in a course given by the Vancouver Fire Institute.
02-419-F-11. Pg. 15. Caption:This car has been peering into the Soo Valley stream for a few years now.
02-419-F-5. Pg. 16. Caption: [left] Porsche fanciers wheeled their cars around a Blackcomb parking lot course set to test the cars to their limit. 109 cars and about 300 people participated in the weekend events which also include a concours d'elegance Saturday.
02-419-E-5. Pg. 16. Caption: [right] See caption above.
02-419-C-23. Pg. 16. Caption: [bottom] Friday's Chamber of Commerce dinner dance at Dusty's attracted just about every business person in Whistler for a night of socializing and dancing, to the tunes of Peter Carson Trio.
02-419-A-2. Pg. 18. Caption: [left] Steve Bird, Ski Technician, Tamarisk.
02-419-A-5. Pg. 18. Caption: [middle] Terry Power, Bartender, Slopeside.
02-419-A-6. Pg. 18. Caption: [right] Raj Anand, Lawyer, Toronto.
02-419-B-5. Pg. 21. Caption: And you thought kids only carry ghetto blasters on their shoulders these days? This racoon was spotted roaming the village Saturday.
02-419-A-26. [WRA party in Blackcomb Lodge above Moguls, from left to right: Kathy Hicks, Kathy MacAlister (nee Goodall), Debbie Omara, June Paley, Don Armour, Shelley [?], and Jim Budge]
02-419-B-001. [From left to right: Mark Angus and Art den Duyf
02-419-B-009. [From left to right: unknown, Glenda Bartosh, unknown, unknown, Barbara Terian]
02-419-B-014. [From left to right: Ted Nebbeling and unknown]
02-419-B-016. [From left to right from the WRA: Brian Moran, Barbara Terian, Kathy Hicks, and unknown]

Week of May 24, 1984

Photographs including but not limited to Great Earth Snow Water Race; portraits; speeches; chairlift; singing and dancing in costume; construction; children presenting school projects; band playing in Whistler Village; baseball; houses; Extraordinary Clown Band; Whistler Mountain's Media Appreciation Day
Appears in May 24, 1984 issue:
02-404-I-20. Pg. 1. Caption: [top] The long weekend was highlighted by dozens of events including a gruelling mountain bike race Monday (Top)
02-404-I-11. Pg. 1. Caption: [bottom left] Three days of serenading by a group of wondering minstrels, The Extraordinary Clown Band (above left)
02-404-F-23. Pg. 1. Caption: [bottom right] and the existing, ninth annual Great Snow, Earth, Water Race (above right). Although the weather was great Sunday and Monday, Saturday was a damp one and its actually snowed on Tuesday.
02-404-B-10. Pg. 3. Caption: Team X (above) won the Great Snow, Earth, Water Race for the second year in a row Sunday. Left to right are Brent Muddy, Matt White, Cindy Hamilton, Lee Vogel and in front is Lynda Hicks. The five are from Vancouver, but close on their heels were a number of local teams that made equally outstanding showings in the four-event (skiing/running/cycling, canoeing, running) are that attracted 170 five person-teams. Team X plans to defend its title next year, so expect to see people practicing all years long'!
02-404-B-14. Pg. 6. Caption: [left] Jack Roberston, Recuperating bartender, Whistler Cay.
02-404-B-16. Pg. 6. Caption: [middle] Jean-Jacques Aaron, Nightclub owner, Whistler Village.
02-404-B-17. Pg. 6 . Caption: [right] Larry Broadway, Mechanical Contractor, White Gold.
02-404-G-20. Pg. 6. Caption: [bottom] How do different colors absorb heat? and What does a barometre measure? were some of the questions students from Myrtle Philip School had to answer in the third annual Science Fair Wednesday, May 16 in the school. All children, including kindergarten students took part in the fair which was designed to give students a chance to use research skills, art talent and writing and speaking abilities together on one area of science in which they show interest. First place winners for each gard include:Grade Seven, "Lasers" by Lisa Morten and Karen Wylie; Grade Six, "Colors and Heat Absorption" by Michelle Rennie and Andrea Wuolle; Grade Five, "Weather Reporting" by Stephanie Fosty,; Grade Four, "Guinea Pigs" by Jennifer Croghan and Melanie Busdo; Grade Three, "Eclipses" by Madeline Domries; Grade Two: "Volcanoes" by Briton Liakakos; Grade One, "Monkeys" by Justine Adams, Davey Blaylock, Marco Feller, Casey Greenwood, Aaron Gross, Cory Gudmundson, Yosuke Hamazaki, Jake Humphrey, Mark Jennings and Heather Paul and "Pulleys" by Christopher Systad; Kindergarten, "The Seashore" by James Balfour, Armen Evrensel, Sarah Fennell, Noah Fordham, Christopher Forrest, Moriah Johnston and Tyler Manson.
02-404-D-25. Pg. 13. Caption: [top left advertisement] We've go your number ... and a lot of other winning shots, too!
02-404-D-21. Pg. 13. Caption: [top middle advertisement] Stop by the Whistler Question Office to see if we've put you in the picture.
02-404-D-29. Pg. 13. Caption: [top right advertisement] See captions above Whistler Question
02-404-D-28. Pg. 13. Caption: [bottom left advertisement] See Captions above Whistler Question
02-404-E-3. PG. 13. Caption: [bottom middle advertisement] See Captions above Whistler Question
02-404-B-6. Pg. 13. Caption: [bottom right advertisement] See Captions above Whistler Question

Week of June 21, 1984

Photographs including but not limited to painting storefront; reading the newspaper on a chairlift; portraits; BMX competition; children; woman on stilts; clown performance; stairs; relay races; Rotary Club; swings
Appears in June 21, 1984 issue:
02-400-D-16. Pg. 1. Caption: The Extraordinary Clown Band was one of the highlights of this year's Children's Art Festival held Saturday and Sunday. While the band entranced youngsters with feats of juggling and slapstick, 65 workshops featuring pottery, break dancing and writing as well as many other artistic pursuits took place in Myrtle Philip School.
02-400-A-17. Pg. 3. Caption: [top] Staff of The Whistler Question, who recently received word that the newspaper has won a first-place national award for the second year in a row, are, on the bottom row left to right: Janis Roitenberg (office manager), Shannon Halkett (typesetting and graphics) and Pauline Wiebe (typesetting and graphics). Top row left to right: Stew Muir (reporter), Glenda Bartosh (publisher) and Kevin C. Griffin (editor).
02-400-E-8. Pg. 3. Caption: [bottom] Harley Paul and Bryan Hidi were just a 'hanging' around Friday in between events at the Myrtle Philip School sports day. Sports day events included a three-legged race for parents, nail-banging contest, long jumping and, of course, balloon sitting.
02-400-D-18. Pg. 7. Caption: The bubbles never burst during the weekend's Children's Art Festival. They just kept on floating.
02-400-A-27. Pg. 8. Caption: [left] Chris Simpson, Student, Alta Vista.
02-400-A-23. Pg. 8. Caption: [middle] Brigette Richters, Domestic Engineer, Alpine Meadows.
02-400-A-26. Pg. 8. Caption: [right] Jan MacKenzie, Post Office Employee, Whistler Cay.
02-400-D-3. Pg. 9. Caption: Auctioneer Gary Raymond convinced Dandelion Daycare parents to pitch in nearly $1,000 at Sunday's fundraiser. Raymond's regular occupation is municipal treasurer, but to the parents setting about improving daycare facilities here, his performance guarantees he definitely has a second career option. See Notes From All Over.
02-400-B-10. Pg. 12. Caption: A team of BMX freestylers cyclists added to the weekend's festivities and gave Whistler just a taste of what things will be like here next summer when the BMX World Championships come to town. Two young performers on BMX bikes travelled from Pitt Meadows to represent the Lynx factory team.
02-400-D-1. Pg. 18. Caption: Tuesday's fingerprinting program at Myrtle Philip School recorded the definitive marks of 148 kids by the early afternoon, a number that parent organizers were pleased with Cst. Rocky Fortin helped establish the one-day, and trained parent volunteers to do the actual work. Here, Fortin and little Sabreena Goode look on as Mac Wilson practices here techniques.

Week of July 5, 1984

Photographs including but not limited to portraits; Willie Whistler; Canada Day in Whistler Village; Blackcomb Summer Operations; highland dancing; chairlift; barbecue; bike race; children bobbing for apples; award ceremony and children at Myrtle Philip School; aerobics; man playing bagpipes; Canada Day parade; people in costumes; logging; rafting the river
Appears in July 5, 1984 issue:
02-398-D-27. Pg. 1. Caption: [left] The B.C. Lions football club rolled into town Friday for its annual fan and player golf tournament, which could not have been wetter -- although that didn't dampen the spirits of Lions quarterback Roy Dewalt and offensive tackle John Blaine, who tried the squeeze play on Val Lang of the resort association.
02-398-E-17. Pg. 1. Caption: [right] Better weather prevailed at Sunday's chili cook-off (right), where the Grills Brothers were among seven teams of aspiring chili chefs.
02-398-A-4. Pg. 3. Caption: [top] Tony Tyler and Linda Stefan, along with the invaluable help of Willie Whistler, drew the names of two lucky North Shore Community Credit Union customers Tuesday morning. Winners of the credit union's opening draw are Fred Lockwood and Heather McInnis, both of Whistler. Lockwood receives a dual mountain ski pass and McInnis a summer's windsurfing.
02-398-D-8. Pg. 3. Caption: [bottom] Awards night at Myrtle Philip School last Thursday night netted a prize for everyone. Teacher Sue Christopher presents Jake Humphries' award for his performance during the year.
02-398-G-10. Pg. 6. Caption: The Medics chili team won the prize Sunday for best showmanship in the village chili cook-off. Their secret was surgical gear and one puppeteer.
02-398-E-7. Pg. 7. Caption: [top] Showmanship is half the battle in winning a chili contest, as Dave Eastham (above right) proved, while Gass company teammate Gary Raymond ponders his next move.
02-398-G-15. Pg. 7. Caption: [middle] Winner of showmanship laurels for the cook-off went to the Medics, whose chili didn't go down well with the judges, but at least stayed down. Their puppet show (left) was judged better than the Dos Senoritas and Gass Company's acts, whited placed second and third.
02-398-C-6. Pg. 7. Caption: [bottom left] Below left, Judges Gary Raible and Phil Reimer put their taste buds to the test in the final round of judging.
02-398-E-26. Pg. 7. Caption: [bottom right] Winning team (The Gambling Gourmet, below) consisting of, left to right, Ted Nebbeling, judge Dean Hill, Wendy Meredith, Sue Howard, judge Phil Reimer, Val Lang.
02-398-C-23. Pg. 8. Caption: Mountain bike racers competed Sunday and Monday in a pair of contests around the valley.
02-398-B-17. Pg. 9. Caption: Canada's birthday didn't go by unnoticed in Whistler, where a Maple Leaf cake baked by The Chef & Baker was distributed after birthday celebrations. RCMP Constable Rocky Fortin managed to take a moment away from posing for tourists' snapshots in his full dress uniform, and cut the cake.
02-398-A-7. Pg. 14. Caption: [left] Barry Gordon, High Tech HIppie, Vancouver.
02-398-B-5. Pg. 14. Caption: [middle] Joan Giannelli, Mother, Burnaby.
02-398-B-28. Pg. 14. Caption: [right] Jim Corlett, Notary Public, Vancouver.
02-398-B-10. Pg. 14. Caption: [bottom] Highland dancers entertained crowds in Whistler Village before Canada Day celebrations. Sunday afternoon. Whistler celebrated the nation's birthday with a showing by RCMP Constables Russ Grabb and Rocky Fortin, who cut the birthday cake, as well as rendering of the national anthem. Nearly everyone, it seemed, sang along as they waved the Maple Leaf.
02-398-C-31. Pg. 16. Caption: Kelly Hamilton got his apple, but not without a dunking, at Monday's kids' carnival at Mountain Square.
02-398-B-33. Pg. 17. Caption: Whistler Mountain's Village Chair is now open for rides aloft for picnics and sightseeing. The chair opened Saturday, and will be running Thursday to Monday, 11 a.m. until 3 p.m. all summer.

Week of December 20, 1984

Photographs including but not limited to crowds in Whistler Village in winter; car accident; portraits; group photo; skiers; icicles; chairlift; drinking; restaurant interior; children sitting on Santa's lap; man reading 'Sea to Sky Country'; buffet dinner; Whistler Mountain Ski Club group photos; choir singing; North Shore Community Credit Union; Orphan's Monday Benefit at Club 10; Alta Lake Community Club; Sunshine Jim; Pika's Restaurant official opening; Vox Humana Choir
Appears in December 20, 1984 issue:
02-385-130. Pg. 3. Caption: [top] People might have complained about long line-ups at the credit union, but until Sunday heat was never a problem. But Sunday, the day the North Shore Community Credit Union moved across the square to its new, 1,300 sq. ft. premises, John Hunan of Whistler (right) found himself in a chilly line-up behind Danny Meier and David Monteith (left) of North Vancouver. Actually, it's a bogus lone-up: the bureau shown, as well as an 8,500 fund safe and other banking equipment had to be moved by truck from the old location to the new. Carpenters and electricians worked nearly around the clock Sunday and Monday to be ready for business as usual Tuesday. They made deadline.
02-385-138. Pg. 3. Caption: [bottom] Ross Smith from Nasty Jack's carves up a turkey at Club 10's benefit for Orphans Monday. More than 40 people turned out for the event featuring a buffet dinner catered by Nasty Jack's with all proceeds going to the Vancouver Fire Department's Orphans Fund.
02-385-13. Pg. 6. Caption: Drew Meredith
02-385-29. Pg. 6. Caption: Norm Trottier
02-385-18. Pg. 6. Caption: Arv Pellegrin
02-385-25. Pg. 6. Caption: Colleen Wuolle
02-385-17. Pg. 6. Caption: Michelle Harris
02-385-27. Pg. 6. Caption: Jan Simpson
02-385-15. Pg. 6. Caption: Don Wensley
02-385-21 Pg. 6. Caption: Chris Moore
02-385-20. Pg. 6. Caption: Pat Kelly
02-385-91. Pg. 7. Caption: Five-year-old Paul Vance shares Santa's knee with his brother, six-month-old John.
02-385-122. Pg. 14. Caption: John Bartosik, publisher/photographer of Sea to Sky Country.
02-385-97. Pg. 15. Caption: Sunshine Jim entertained about more than 100 Whistler youngsters Saturday afternoon before the kids were visited by Santa Claus. Sunshine Jim sang a series of songs including Scooter the Car and Porky the Raccoon who, even though traditional enemies, became friends. The event was sponsored by the Alta Lake Community Club and was held in the Myrtle Philip School lunchroom.
02-385-104. Pg. 19. Caption: Michele Bertholet is the head chef at Pika's (pronounced Peeka's), Whistler Mountain's new restaurant adjacent the Roundhouse. The facility, which is licensed to seat 400 persons, had its official opening Friday. The 8,300 sq. ft. restaurant, designed by architect Lee Bruch and engineer Jon Paine, cost about $600,000 to construct including more than $150,000 in kitchen equipment. Bertholet and his staff will now be able to provide freshly baked pastries, rolls and buns daily as well as hearty meals such as Baron of Beef and chili. As well, the new restaurant features a custom sandwich bar. Whistler Mountain Ski Corporation named the restaurant Pika's, a small rock rabbit commonly found through the high alpine regions of North America, after a contest that drew 300 entries. Whistler residents Ms. Lori Mitchell and Mr. Peter Pritt were the winners and will split the grand prize so that each will receive $100 as well as a $50 gift certificate from Dusty's Cantina. Coincidentally, the name also fits a former mountain resident of a slightly larger form: Jessica Hare. Jessica lived in Whistler Mountain's alpine residence for four of her five years and gained the nickname Pika.
02-385-120. Pg. 24. Caption: [left] Wendy von der Porten, Physician, Vancouver/Whistler.
02-385-118. Pg. 24. Caption: [middle] John Matthews, Businessman, Hawaii
02-385-117. Pg. 24. Caption: [right] Tom Handford, Carpenter, Sooke, B.C.
02-385-99. Pg. 27. Caption: Pika's (pronounced Peeka's) was officially opened Friday as Whistler Mountain unveiled its newest mountaintop restaurant. The two-level facility, which will feature light entertainment in the afternoon, is licensed to seat 400 skiers. Dressed in white in the centre are some of PIka's kitchen staff.
02-385-67. Pg. 28. Caption: A winter scene at Jordan Creek in Alpha Lake Park.
02-385-9. Pg. 29. Caption: Blackcomb Mountain Staff
02-385-155. Pg. 31. Caption: Vox Humana, an a capella choir group from Vancouver, entertained only 33 people Saturday evening at the Delta an event organized by Whistler Community Arts Council. Whistler Visitors and residents missed out on a stellar performance by the group as they performed Spanish, Latin, and traditional Christmas carols. One of the highlights of the evening included the touching rendition of a carol written by a Vancouver woman who's child died on Christmas.

Week of September 29, 1983

Photographs including but not limited to hockey; portraits; golf; art; chairlift on Whistler Mountain; helicopter; aerobics; biking; hot tub; meeting; wedding; flowers and gardening; roads and bridges; Club Cabin development
Appears in October 13, 1983 issue:
02-354-174. Pg. 9. Caption: [top] Tom Barratt inspects one of the specimens from the municipal nursery.
02-354-181. Pg. 9. Caption: [bottom] Karen Edwards perches in front of miniature salal.
Appears in October 6, 1983 issue:
02-354-35. Pg. 6. Caption: [middle] Doug Barr, Carpenter, Emerald Estates.
02-354-49. Pg. 8. Caption: Giles Dufort, fresh from the Piedmont Golf Club north of Montreal, takes a few practice shots on the Whistler golf course. Dufort is join Paul Dellanzo, club professional in the position of assistant gold professional. Dufort says that when he heard about the course, he was interested immediately. "It's a very professional course. It's unique and beautiful with the mountains around." Dufort has played extensively in Florida and will be spending this winter there before returning in May to begin his duties.
02-354-58. Pg. 9. Caption: Germaine Degenhardt's Dawn Breaking over the Snowcamp on Singing Pass is but one of 62 paintings on display at the Sundial Restaurant. Degenhardt, 51, was born in Vancouver and attend the Vancouver School of Art. The Pemberton artist, who lived in Whistler for 12 years, also studied in Paris before returning to the West Coast where she learned silk screen printing. What are her favourite subjects? "Whatever turns me on," she says.
02-354-33. Pg. 10. Caption: John Hunter Trucking goalie Steve Brunn misses a shot that grazes the post in Saturday's Howe Sound Hockey League game opener against Tapley's Winterhawks. Brunn was pestered with shots from Winterhawk forwards and defencemen all game long. A porous John Hunter defence coupled with fast skating Winterhawk players proved too much for the Squamish team as they went down to defeat 6-3.
Appears in September 29, 1983 issue:
02-354-225. Pg. 1. Caption: [left] Greg Lee, new head skiing coach at Blackcomb, gets a head start working out with local girls and boys Sunday morning. Lee, a former World Pro Skiing Circuit skier, also does colour commentary for CBC Sports. Before Sunday's soccer game Lee showed kids how to take their heart rate for better fitness.
02-354-145. Pg. 1. Caption: [right] Roy Ferris, head of new indoor tennis court development.
02-354-129. Pg. 3. Caption: [top] Jackson Davies, one of the stalwarts of the long-running Kitsilano spoof Talking Dirty and well-known Vancouver comedic actor, take his eyes of Chris Myles during taping of a Whistler Resort Association promotional film in Delta Mountain Inn Monday. The film being produced by Chris Petersen and Michael Robison of Petersen Productions, should be completed by the end of October.
02-354-190. Pg. 3. Caption: [bottom] Brownies Karen Kogler, Sonja RIckli, Madeleine Domries, Sara Jennings, Marika Richoz, Jessica Wilson, Adrienne Richters, Joanne Denduyf, Jessica Humphrey, Melanie Busdon, Leah Wuolle, and Heather Paul listend attentively to leader Brown Owl (alias Bettina Weidemann) at the first meeting of the season at Myrtle Philip School, Wednesday, September 21. Brown Owl say that Brownies meet once a week, from 6:30 to 8p.m. at the school, and are open to girls aged six through nine.
02-354-162. Pg. 5. Caption: Two long-time Whistler residents, Pauline and Ray Wiebe, enjoy their sunny wedding day Sept. 24 in Vancouver. After a splendid ceremony, Mr. and Mrs. Wiebe headed off on their honeymoon for even more sun in Southern California.
02-354-226. Pg. 6. Caption: [middle] Brenda Davison, Village Store employee, White Gold.
02-354-105. Pg. 6. Caption: [right] Jeff Wuolle, Owner/Manager Twin Peaks Property Management, Whistler Village.
02-354-89. Pg. 6. Caption: [bottom] Travel agency managers enjoy the view from the Whistler Mountain Roundhouse. Here to experience Whistler before promoting it, the managers spent their five days at the Whistler Village Inn.
02-354-151. Pg. 7. Caption: [top] Out for a postprandial training ride, cyclist Todd McPhalen coasts down Village Gate Boulevard. Not seen are Dave MacPhail, Don Barr and Murray Sudden, nuclei of the soon-to-be Team Whistler.
02-354-123. Pg. 7. Caption: [bottom] Getting' down is the way to get in shape at Bodyworks. Workouts will be moving to Myrtle Philip School starting Monday.
02-354-192. Pg. 9. Caption: [right] Alpine Paving workmen roll along Mountain Lane and put the finishing touches to the route. With Village Stroll paving now complete all that remains is completing Whistler Way from Tantalus Lodge to the underground parking entrance.
02-354-98. Pg. 12. Caption: The skiing never stops for Philippe Lavoie and Brentt Wood, seen here atop Whistler Mountain Sunday before boot-skiing on remaining snow.
02-354-220. Pg. 14. Caption: "Dorfmusik" players entertain village crowds Sundays. Group carries on Swiss tradition of a village band.

Week of October 20, 1983

Photographs including but not limited to portraits; Whistler Village town planning; band playing at Brackendale; chairlift; Vancouver Art Gallery; children outside; childreb cross-country running at Myrtle Philip School; protest in Vancouver; building a stage in Whistler Village; construction of a lodge; cars; Whistler Convention Centre; B.C. Ski Team;
Appears in October 27, 1983 issue:
02-351-142. Pg. 3. Caption: [bottom] Connie Kutyn, dismantles the stage in Village Square that helped feature entertainers all summer long. She and Al Bosse built it earlier this spring.
02-351-36. Pg. 10. Caption: Winners of the Fire Prevention Week poster contest are, left to right, Madeleine Domries (gr. 3), Nicola Dedeluk (gr. 6), Jocelyn Willoughby (kindergarten) and Rachel Roberts (gr. 5), all students at Myrtle Philip Elementary School.
02-351-160. Pg. 11. Caption: [top] Building a log cab is traditional work using a minimum number of modern conveniences. David Stary, left, chisels a section to fit precisely the log beneath. Above and below builders prepare the log house destined for Whistler Cay Heights.
02-351-156. Pg. 11. Caption: [middle] Caption: See above.
02-351-252. Pg. 11. Caption: [bottom] Caption: See above.
Appears in October 20, 1983 issue:
02-351-114. Pg.1. Caption: [top] Whistler residents were delighted Wednesday to hear of $7.8 million worth of completion plans for the long empty convention centre. Plans for the building (left) include a completely refurbished roof, atrium, theatre and tall, bright banners to orient visitors to its location.
02-351-32. Pg. 1. Caption: [bottom] Planner Mike Vance.
02-351-228. Pg. 2. Caption: Tim Bendle cleans his Datsun 510 only an hour before the car flipped end over end, destroying any chances of the Western Regional finals.
02-351-107. Pg. 3. Caption: [bottom left] as their classmates get started in the meet.
02-351-101. Pg. 3. Caption: [bottom right] Two friends watch from the stands...
02-351-177. Pg. 5. Caption: [advertisement] Coastal Mountain Excavations.
02-351-16. Pg. 6. Caption: [left] Doug Greenwood, Hotel Manager, Whistler Cay.
02-351-42. Pg. 6. Caption: [middle] Ron McReady, Restaurant Manager, Whistler.
02-351-8. Pg. 6. Caption: [right] Laurie Vance, Hotel employee, Alpine Meadows.
02-351-19. Pg. 8. Caption: [top] Convention Centre
02-351-17. Pg. 8. Caption: [bottom] Convention Centre

Week of August 11, 1983

Photographs including but not limited to portraits; town planning; windsurfing on Alta Lake; cars; speaking over a microphone in Whistler Village; office; meeting; film crew; construction and surveying; logging; railway tracks; chairlift in summer
Appears in August 11, 1983 issue:
02-337-1. Pg. 3. Caption: [top] Bill Hooson (left) WMSC consultant and David Zelmer, vice president of International Land Corp. answer questions from the public on the Blueberry Trail Estates development at the public hearing Aug. 8.
02-337-183. Pg. 3. Caption: [bottom] Not quite the last spike but David Lane of Vancouver gives it all he's got Aug. 4 as BCR crews work on gauging the tracks at the Green River crossing 10km north of Whistler.
02-337-102. Pg. 5. Caption: Kevin C. Griffin, newest staff member at The Question limbers up his fingers for the flurry of reporting that awaits him. Griffin, a native of Vancouver, is a recent graduate of Langara's accelerated journalism program and has a B.A. in political science from UBC.
02-337-88. Pg. 6. Caption: [left] Karl Baumann, Professor of History, St. Moritz, Switzerland.
02-337-93. Pg. 6. Caption: [right] Vera-Lee Wren, Housewife, Seattle.
02-337-93. Pg. 6. Caption: [middle] Trudy Gruetzke, Hotel Manager, Whistler.
02-337-135. Pg. 8. Caption: [top right] (Above) Frederick Buxbaum leans into the wind during the triangular race on Saturday.
02-337-158. Pg. 8. Caption: [middle right] One of the competitors vies for position in the triangular race.
02-337-38. Pg. 8. Caption: [top left] (Above left) Heather Stewart shows her winning form in the slalom event.
02-337-155. Pg. 8. Caption: [bottom right] Rob Baarbe gets his sailboard in shape.
02-337-142. Pg. 9. Caption: Whistler Resort Association's newest member is Sharon Reid who started July 1 as a full-time reservation clerk. Reid previously worked at the Delta Mountain Inn as front office manager and replaces Greg Harrison.
02-337-107. Pg. 12. Caption: Reporters attending Monday's press conference announcing $138 million to improve Highway 99 seized upon the opportunity to poll the reaction of Mayor Mark Angus. Whistler's mayor later commented that although he doesn't like to bite the hand that feeds him, he does feel that highways dept. has taken too long with past construction projects, interfering with tourist traffic to the area.
02-337-69. Pg. 13. Caption: Bill Damm of the Alpha Romeo Club stands beside his $20,000 Guilietta Sprint Speciale. The Vancouver-based club was in Whistler on the weekend displaying the versatile Alpha Romeo.

Week of February 1, 1983

Photographs including but not limited to Budget rental cars; Armchair Books; dinner event with band; cross-country skiing race; portraits; CKVU film crew; eating at a restaurant; The Keg re-opening; driving; Blackcomb; S. F. U. Clansmen Invitational ski racing; chairlift; Bartosik; National Collegiate Ski Association Division Meet; "Whistler 200" dinner at Delta Mountain Inn; Whistler Hay and Sleigh Rides; Tacoy Ride band playing
Appears in February 3, 1983 issue:
02-328-69. Pg. 1. Caption: CKVU talk show host Laurier LaPierre rolled into Whistler Friday, Jan. 28 with his T.V. crew to compile and updated report on the crown corporation takeover at Whistler. At Beau's Restaurant, LaPierre interviewed (l to r) Roy Ferris (hidden), Mike Widger, Geoff Power and Glenda Bartosh for the opinions on Whistler and its future. The segment will be aired on the Vancouver Show Friday, Feb. 4.
02-328-111. Pg. 2. Caption: Judy Fosty ... "Even if we make a little bit of money, it's a start."
02-328-106. Pg. 3. Caption: [top] Like a bridge over troubled waters the Culliton Creek span begins to edge its way towards the southbank. Scheduled for completion this spring, the bridge will take a big kink out of Highway 99 when it is finished.
02-328-49. Pg. 3. Caption: [bottom] Tom Blake .. Snowmass Resort Association president.
02-328-125. Pg. 6. Caption: Overall winners in the National Collegiate Ski Association Division Meet, UBC ski club accept awards after the competition Sunday, Jan. 30. John Bartosik photo.
02-328-14. Pg. 8. Caption: Every drum roll means a winner at Whistler Mountain Ski Club's "Whistler 200" dinner Saturday, Jan. 29 in Delta Mountain Inn.
02-328-116. Pg. 9. Caption: Whistler's first piece of fire fighting equipment a 1962 International complete with 1,200 gallon tank, at its new home in the Village of Pemberton. Pemberton Fire Chief Milt Fernandez said the thank truck will round out fire services in the area, where water delivery is a problem.
02-328-163. Pg. 10. Caption: Whistler Hay and Sleigh Rides trundle through Whister Village most afternoons. Pick up a lift from The Stables behind the Public Safety Building. John Bartosik photo.
02-328-28. Pg. 11. Caption: Tacoy RIde lured listeners to the dance floor with their original reggae numbers at the Longhorn Pub Jan. 25-29.
02-328-36. Pg. 12. Caption: Paula Brown of Pacific Lutheran University, first place finisher in women's 7.5km cross-country race in the inter-collegiate competition held at Whistler Jan. 28, 29 and 30. Brown dashed around the course in 31:49.
02-328-87. Pg. 13. Caption: Brian Moran, Ken Till, Bob Elliott and John Grills outside the soon-to-be-opened Whistler Keg.
02-328-64. Pg. 16. Caption: [left] Warren Borden, Shipwright, North Vancouver.
02-328-63. Pg. 16. Caption: [middle] Keith Dalley, Lift Maintenance Supervisor, Whistler Mountain, White Gold.
02-328-53. Pg. 16. Caption: [right] Frank Thiessen, Professional Pilot, Alpine Meadows.
02-328-95. Pg. 18. Caption: Getting into the swing of things, this youngster shows style and stamina during an outing on Whistler's Lost Lake trail system.

Week of February 14, 1983

Photographs including but not limited to helicopter; chairlift; skiing on Whistler Mountain; portraits; band playing; shoveling snow in front of the Liquor Store; bathroom; collapsed house; John Paine; planning meeting; dinner event; The Delta Mountain Inn; car accidents; ski race; firemen; Doug & the Slugs
Appears in February 17, 1983 issue:
02-325-111. Pg. 1. Caption: [top] Buildings collapsed like houses of cards, and cars were thrown like toys about the streets when the village of lIons Bay was battered by a wall of water surging down the normally tiny Alberta Creek. After the wave had passed, two people were left dead, five were injured and dozens were forced to leave their homes.
02-325-162. Pg. 1. Caption: [bottom] See Caption above.
02-325-140. Pg. 3. Caption: [top] Dr. Kindree (right) points out some of the options at Friday's transportation meeting.
02-325-15. Pg. 3. Caption: [bottom] Canada's Governor-General Ed Schreyer (second from right) hit the slopes of Whistler Mountain Tuesday, Feb. 17. Both he and Mrs. Schreyer received some tips from Bob Dufour (left) and Dave Murray (right) while enjoying their five-day vacation.
02-325-152. Pg. 6. Caption: After serving 65 pancake breakfasts at Stoney's Saturday, Feb. 12 these hungry Rotarians sat down to a feast of their own. (Left to right) Richard Heine, Brian Brown, Floyd Elmer Friesen, Paul Burrows, Jeff Wuolle and John Paine help raise hundreds of dollars for Rotary.
02-325-97. Pg. 7. Caption: A sound "like someone dropping a huge sheet of metal" turned out to be an explosion which destroyed cubicle number three in the women's washroom of the Longhorn Pub Thursday, Feb. 10. A similar explosive device was used to blow up a garbage can in the Longhorn Saturday, Feb. 12 and a 31-year-old New Westminster man, Clifford Michael Balkwilll, has been charged with use of a dangerous explosive in connection with the second incident. The explosives, known as "fish salutes" are manufactured for anglers to scare seals away from their prey.
02-325-64. Pg. 8. Caption: Happy to accept the first reservation at Crystal Lodge, manager Sjaan Dilalla books in two families for opening night Friday, Feb. 18. Twenty-nine of the lodge's 46 rooms will open this weekend.
02-325-48. Pg. 9. Caption: The Japanese version of Johnny Carson was being filmed at Blackcomb Mountain Monday, Feb. 14. Akio Kobayashi, a T.V. personality and Sachiko Sakulay, an actress, are on Willie Whistler's right and Miss Ski Japan, Yukali Yamada and host Tommy Yakota stand on his left.
02-325-81. Pg. 10. Caption: Visiting the Wet Coast from Ottawa these skiers gave in to the weather Friday, Feb. 11 just before Whistler Mountain closed. (Left to right) Scott and Jessie Marshall and Linda & Doug Saunder went looking for dryer pasttimes.
02-325-141. Pg. 12. Caption: [left] Jon Paine, Structural Engineer, Emerald Estates.
02-325-146. Pg. 12. Caption: [middle] Mike Cleven, Musician, Emerald Estates.
02-325-103. Pg. 12. Caption: [right] Art Reid, Professional Engineer, North Vancouver.
02-325-161. Pg. 13. Caption: Jim and Marilyn Mead ... communication is the answer.
02-325-42. Pg. 15. Caption: Let's get Springfit! Adult Education classes in fitness continue with instructors (left to right) Debi Mitchell, Jan Alsop and Shelley Cerasaro. These ladies will take you through a vigorous program of warm-ups, aerobic workouts, calisthenics and stretching. See adult ed news for times.

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