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Cliff Fenner Fonds Hiking
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Hanging out close to mountains and lake

Photograph of 3 men on rocks with lake and mountains in front of them. Glass slide framed with blue and yellow tape labelled S 9 [other label is faded, but a 4 can be made out].

Slides 11

Photographs of a helicopter in a meadow and in a construction site, a pitched tent, a hiking trail, people melting snow on a rock into cups, Garibaldi Lake in the winter, discoloured snow, an aerial view of Brohm Ridge, a provincial park restrictions sign including 'no picking wildflowers' and 'no cutting trees', a train station, a house in a forested area, a meadow and trees with forest fire smoke in the background, hikers on a mountain with Table Mountain in the background, a helicopter taking off in a meadow, 3 people sitting in a meadow that is covered with wildflowers, a hiker above a lake, a hiker on a slope, and 2 people collecting samples.

FEN_02_02_008 and 014 labelled "[Brohm?] Ridge".

Slides 15

Photographs of hikers and Black Tusk, a hiker in Black Tusk Meadows, climbers on a glacier with Table Mountain in the background, Garibaldi Mountain in the clouds, outside and inside of Diamond Head Chalet, 2 people at Diamond Head, and portraits including John [Stolt?], Harold [?], and Jack Edwards.

FEN_02_02_015_004 labelled "John [Stolt?]".
FEN_02_02_015_008 labelled "Harold [?]".
FEN_02_02_015_009 labelled "DIAMOND HEAD CHALET - GARIBALDI".
FEN_02_02_015_004 labelled "Jack Edwards".
FEN_02_02_015_017 labelled "L + S DIAMOND HEAD".

# BGR 28

Photograph of 3 hikers on a trail in Garibaldi Park.

Print labelled on back as "# BGR 28" and has 2 stamps of Fenner's address at the time: "1010 Keith Road West Vancouver, B.C.".

G. 2

Photograph of a man [Rene Widmer] standing in a field of wildflowers looking out at Garibaldi Lake.

G. 3

Photograph of a man [Rene Widmer] sitting in a field looking out at Garibaldi Lake.

G. 6 (INT)

Photograph of [Rene Widmer and Anna Urhahn] looking out on [Helm Lake].

G. 14

Photograph of [Rene Widmer] standing in a meadow looking at a peak in Garibaldi Park.

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